Sunday, 29 November 2020

How I was being raised in the Hearing family? 

Everyone would think how and where I was raised in the Hearing family.

Let me share my story to yours.

I was born Deaf since baby. None of my both parents could aware about my condition. Either my relatives too. So I was well take care by my grandparents until there was an incident in a room where I was accidentally locked up the room door. My ee ee (aunt) was afraid and anxiety to get me out from room. Luckily, she went to our house side to get a stick through netting window to shout out and show/ wave towards me and I looked at her to tell me what to do. So I opened the door finally. From on that very moment, my ee ee has noticed something is wrong with me. So she has spoken to my mom. My mom brought me to see a doctor and explained to her that I was Deaf. I was around 2-3 years old. Then she helped my mom to find me a pre-school. My mom could figure out about me.

My mom found out It was hard to accept me as a Deaf child. None of any parents would want that, right?

In the school where I enrolled to early pre-school at Federation School for the Deaf, known as FSD in Penang by the age of 5 in 1989. I would be given an oralism class in every day before my other classes would began. During the oralism class, I would practiced to speak with my hearing aids and looked at the mirror with a teacher. This oralism defines where a theory would be done through lipreading, training in speech production and training of residual hearing. It was not that easy process to go through.

How a Deaf person know what the Hearing person to say?

This picture shows that how this method lip-reading works out for a Deaf person with a Hearing person.

1. I can't hear. Please do not cover your mouth with hand/ mask.

(A transparent mask would be a better one to enable to read lip-reading)

2. I can't hear you if you mumble fast.

3. Face me. 

4. Speak one at a time slowly.

5. A Deaf person can catch up the 
movement of lip-reading using eyes.

Not at all Deaf persons can do that. Only gifted persons can have this skill. Understanding this method can be tired and eyesore to the Deaf person.

How I picked up this lip-reading method?

As I have said in the much earlier below. I spoke very good and clear for not needing to turn back to see the Hearing person to talk to me. It was like how two Hearing persons talk to each other by doing many things at the same time. There is no necessary by looking at the person to talk to you. I hope you get what I mean.

Okay, when my speaking and hearing has became little worse and I could not pick up in front when the Hearing person to say to me at the back. So I was much struggled back then how to solve this problem. So one day I was starred at the Hearing persons to talk in desperately. And there I was noticing at their conversations to pay attention seriously. This is how I have picked up some words which I knew what they talked all about. I tested and I asked them whether it corrects or not. It comes out that I was corrected! From that moment, I knew I should use this method in another option all the way. 

I would speak to my family and everyone who is hearing. Only my mom learnt sign language simple as ABCs. In school, I would use sign language to communicate with Deaf friends and teachers. But I would sometimes use Total Communication, known as TC with my teachers. Total communication is where a person would sign and speak at the same time. 

What does Total Communication look like?

You may see it in the picture drawing above explaining that two persons would talk to each other but one of them is speaking and signing at the same time, the other person would look and listen.

It is how this tool of Total Communication works.

But I am much luckier as I have fewer Deaf friends who are in the same condition as me who are able to speak too. I spoke very clear and good back then.

I was treated good and fair by my family, cousins and relatives. I was not that much different from them. Everything was normal. I would played and revised books with cousins. My neighbors were even invited me to join their good fun to play around. To party, how to play on matches etc. It was good experiences.

Most of my childhood life involved in the Hearing family and friends surroundings. 

I would have had awesome experiences where I could feel the real fun with my family who love karaoke in the house or clubhouse, my grandparents would take me to visit their friends house for a chat, my parents would take me to join their friends' house for dinner party and I would join the other kids around to play and some trips went together as well. I was also teaching my cousins who are curious to learn simple ABCs in sign language. Some of them found its easy to communicate with me.

One of my cousins who is good at sign language especially in finger-spellings fast where I can understand and read especially in family issue talks and many topics. An another cousin of mine who can sign in good visual gestures I understand well. My grandparents learnt few simple sign language words to communicate with me too. My grandmother is also very good in making conversation with me in ways on how she would explains things or pictures using simple ABCs finger-spellings and also good visual gestures to make me to understand better.

I was so much fortunate to have such an open-minded family surrounding who would treat me no much difference in ways. 

My cousins would share with me in many topics such as who are their friends, what they are doing and much more during my teen life. My cousins even brought me to meet their friends. I was like I was welcomed to their world. In other than that, my young aunt was more like a 'bestie' to me, she could bring me to watch movies with her and even went to workout and club to join her and friends. It was pretty cool to have good enjoyable and fun with her back then. We mostly use speaking and she would tries her best to sign with me.

Often I would find out that it would be sometimes left me blank when I meet my new cousins in law. 👀 They are accepting me who I am and they are so friendly and easy to get along well. I am much luckier to have them as my part of family. 

My relatives are also getting along well with me, there is no difficulty in communication as there are good technology to be used such as email, whatsapp, FaceBook and video call. As I can read though is much easier for all of us. If I do not understand a thing or two, they will explain to me more in specific by providing or showing information from Google or pictures to see. Easy and fair, right?

They are supportive and awesome. I have been so grateful for having them people in my life. Without them, I wont be as I am today. This is how I am adapting well to my Hearing family.

I am proud of being Deaf.

We are humans after all.

God created us all special people.

We use His gifted to live our lives to the fullest.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Instagram Giveaway by GreenBugsFarm
discovery the journey of Hydroponics.

I was surprised to receive a direct message by Greenbugsfarm of their first Instagram giveaway for winning 2 fresh lettuce plants + 20% discount voucher. 

And one more thing, I was also excited that my friend, Selina has also won the same giveaway contest. Cool! So I dropped her a message asking her whether she would like to collect to redeem the prize with me together. So we made it.

It was a rainy on last Thursday in the afternoon, Selina would picked me up and went to the Greenbugsfarm shop at SS2 in Petaling Jaya.

Once we have reached there, we have located the shop by the help of our Google/ Waze Map. The Greenbugsfarm is new opening shop so the location in the map is not so clear. Luckily, there is this Xing Fu Tang shop where we can notice the Greenbugsfarm billboard outside easily. 😁

Our giveaway prizes 💗

I am glad that Greenbugsfarm is offering us a worry-free eating and healthy where they do have their own INDOOR VERTICAL FARMING TECHNOLOGY. 

The farm does look like hydroponics in a way but they use it in the indoor one. This indoor farm is a controlled ecosystem with the prefect amount of light, air and nutrients. An optimal set of conditions that enables their plants to express their natural tastiness to the fullest. By keeping the roots on, their plants keep all of their flavour and goodness. 100% free of chemical pesticides, so you have the freshest and healthiest produce.

They do sell butterhead lettuce, young kale and green coral lettuce.
 You may order it in their store online here at

We were also told on how to keep our vegetable fresh and it lasts longer. Now we both know how to look after our salads fresh and good. Thanks for the tips from Greenbugsfarm.

It was interesting day for me and I was being able to know what is indoor vertical farming technology. Since I am into gardening where I do plant some veggies at my little balcony.

I immediately retrieve my lettuces from the paper bag and place inside the plastic containers so my family can eat fresh vegetable and stay healthy.

 This is how I store this lettuce to keep in a container tight and place inside my fridge.
Next day, I would wet some water on the roots. So it will be good to be kept for last longer to look fresh and good. Wet the roots again if it feels dry. Remember always to keep the roots in good moist.

I made this good breakfast.
Chicken with fresh lettuce sandwich and a hot tea.
Really a good bite for my day.

This is my lunch box.
I cooked this lettuce with oyster sauce and others one is stir-fry chicken to place on top of lettuce.
My family loved eating this fresh lettuce as well.
The overall is amazing taste and fresh.

Thank you again Greenbugsfarm for making us all to eat your freshest and healthiest produce.

Visit their shop for more information below.

Greenbugs Agtech Pte. Ltd.
Add.: 9-1 Jalan SS 2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Operating Hours
Mon - Fri  0930 - 1900
Sat  0930 - 1400
Sun & Public Holiday Closed



Thursday, 11 June 2020

The Year, 2020

It has been 9 months I have been away from writing my blog.

I feel so bad about not sharing my moments or any special I could have highlight.

My babies are keeping me so busy till I could not carry out my writing. Oops!

It has been so tough and tiring journey to keep me as a strong mother and woman to spend time with my two babies.

So I am kinda missing out to update everything on social media I could not do so.

Well, during the past of 9 months ago - my husband and I have been tiring with our kids especially our eldest son Benjamin who is so tough, rough and strong toddler. He wont be able to do focusing on surrounding him unless he attracts to something he likes. Moreover he would screams, cries out loud and vomit. He is also has not speaking up yet.

I as a mother feels confuse - people would ask or is there something wrong with Ben? Shall he seeks a Psychologist doctor to figure out whether he is ADHD ?

Oh well, things are tougher for us and we wont want to feel awkward with Ben's condition. It is not an easy thing to do - especially when you have a child with such problem. Look at us, we are Deaf parents to our hearing child. Such case increases a little trouble - how we could help our boy!

A lot of hospitals, centers or doctors are recommended to us to help Ben. The fees are not that so cheap though! It shook us. However, my cousin has figured out to help Ben to know what is his diagnosis problem - but still they cant do this for Ben coz it wont be so fair since he actions normal like everybody else. Okay, it is cleared that he was 2 years old but his way is definitely like 1 year old child behavior! So he is a little far behind from every kid.

Ah, we got him at last and we knew what to do next. He should attends to Speech Therapy class to learn how to speak and talk.

Since the MCO (Movement Control Order) started on 18th March  2002, everybody couldn't go anywhere! Oh no, everything has stopped for a while. So Ben would miss out his class to attend. Hence we have to stop it. So during the 3 months - Ben has been staying home with us most of the time. We even spend time with Ben and Mira to help him too.

He is now 3 years old since he has celebrated his birthday in March.

 Of course it is hard for us to understand what Ben wants. We are trying to say something to him. He does understand my words a few that which makes me glad at least he got it.
1 or 2 words he understands well yes! So I'm keeping myself to push a little more to talk to him. I even do some actions with him - like patting the chair saying to him, let's sit down. He sits down yes. I would call him for food to be feed, please come here. He comes here yes. So from there, I noticed he DOES UNDERSTAND but lazy to turn up or shake head when I call him. He does HEAR but not really into my attention. I have to speak it out a little louder - oh my throat pains.

Though he is not so good at focusing around but his brain aint that stupid. He is smart boy. He is also so cheeky. He loves in getting closer with everybody. He has no fear - play, bath and eat.

He would have his toy plays all in order - tidy. He would places his water bottle and his sister's water bottle on the cabinet nicely. How good he is! He would helps me to shut rooms' doors well. A very organizing toddler.

Btw, recently he is now feeling more calmer and even walk in easy without any difficulty and there is no screams nor cries anymore. I would teach him to take off his diaper by himself , he does.

Now I know that everything you spend with your special child NEED TIME. Patience is the key.
Love is the best medicine. Trust your child to give you the best he/she can be.

Place your utmost love and trustworthy towards your child in every need.

Do not feel upset. Keep on going to try everything what it comes.

REMEMBER > DO NOT PUSH your child too hard.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Biogaia, a clinically proven probiotics from Sweden. 

I received this parcel close to 3 weeks ago. Surprisingly it was delivered in good condition. It was delivered in Styrofoam with reusable ice packs inside.

Okay, I am going to introduce this product.

Hope this video will help you to understand better.

Biogaia Baby Drops
(for gut comfort)

The only probiotic with scientific evidence infantile colic.
Biogaia is special. It is derived from human mother's milk.
Safe for 0-3 years old infants.

My baby daughter is feeling good after taking BioGaia drops. Initially, she was crying a lot throughout the night. I started giving her BioGaia drops and observe that her crying time has reduced. She is getting better and I manage to get my sleeps during the night. She looks so happy and so do I. No more worries.

This BioGaia drops do help my baby and words cannot describe my thankfulness to BioGaia. 

I ate BioGaia Drops, yeah! 💗

Biogaia Probiotics Chewable Tablets
30 lemon flavoured tablets


The probiotic for pregnant and lactating moms.
A prenatal supplementation.
Suppports a healthy maternal microflora.
Transfers to breast milk.
Contributes to a heallthy breast milk composition.

A source for colonization of the breastfed infant's developing gut.
Provides microbial stimulation for the breastfed infant's developing immune system.
For 4 - 18 years old and above.

I took this chewable tablet during breastfeeding period. Believing that it will help me and it did. Usually, a lactating mother will experience lack of sleeps, tiredness and falling sick easily. Fortunately by taking this it improves my immune system which keeps me good in good health all the time. So I can breastfeed my baby without any worries. BioGaia chewables support healthy maternal microflora on the mother which is then transfer to the baby through breastfeeding. I feel much better and amazed, a healthy mother of 2 kids.

These products can be store in room temperature (below 25 degree celcius). As for the drops, it is advisable to store in the fridge once open.

Highly recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers and babies too.

Your baby will feel much better healthier and good in taking them when you get them the right probiotic.

I am grateful for having them for me myself and my baby daughter.

Thanks so much BioGaia!

Monday, 7 October 2019


I won this IG contest, many thanks to Ms. JiaShinLee and Melvory team.
I've received this parcel worths RM 189 safely last 3 months ago. 

What I've got?

Let me unopened this gift.

Dry & Itchy Skin Rescue Pack

 This pack is a great starter kit for families wanting to try natural products to help with your child's dry and itchy skin. Non-medicated Organic bath and moisturizers, no harsh chemicals and zero preservatives.

They are awesome gift I have ever had! 💗

It is kinda a bit late I am doing this review since I have been busy giving birth to my second daughter, Mira.

Though I have heard bit of company, Melvory before as I could not afford them. Because they all are organic products made in Australia which is quite expensive. 

So I must get my family to use them to feel how amazing Melvory products is onto their skins.

To my little surprise, my daughter Mira loves to enjoy having had this Baby Milk Bath in her bathtub. She can be fallen asleep during her bath session, haha! 👶 💓

Soothing Calendula Baby Milk Bath

This is a gently soap substitute that turns the water a rich golden colour and is naturally soothing on dry itchy skin. Made from natural Calendula essence, finely powdered oatmeal mixed with the purest goat's milk, it is creamy and gently cleanse for the delicate skin of my most precious babe! Packaged in an easy to use stand-up pouch with a cute little bamboo spoon included.

I love how they have designed this pack good, easy and quick. Especially I have to handle a baby to bath.

(Calendula Golden Milk Bath)

Fill your baby's bath tub with lukewarm water and add 2 spoonfuls of the Calendula Golden Milk Bath powder into the water.

Stir the water with your hands until everything is dissolved and have baby soak in for 5-10 minutes.

Carefully take baby out and pat dry with a towel.

How lovely my Mira is!

 I cleaned and dressed Mira up, look at how fresh she is enjoying to be a baby model for Melvory product!😍😉

Ok, let me introduce this lovely product.
Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter 

This bold of round black wooden to be open easily and I am loving this so much.
Beautiful, rich and luxuriously thick. It is a fantastic head to toe moisturizer designed especially to help with dry, flaky and irritated skin. Adults can also use this on cracked painful heels. Watch as your skin transforms under the nourishment of all the goodness that mother nature has to offer.

There this is an another good product to offer me.
Lavender Chocolate Whipped Butter

The healing benefits of Lavender not only soothes any itchiness, but it's calming scent also helps relax your little darling and promotes better sleep for you. The thickness of the butter forms a protective barrier over skin to allow for intense hydration which will leave skin feeling soft and supple.

Moisturize baby's skin immediately using either the Lavender Whipped Butter or Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter.

Adult may use it too.I love using them as well, it does in helping my cracking heels to soothe softly after I wear socking. The fragrance is amazing and I love the smell.

Melvory products are all amazing natural and organic.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

is coming soon!!!

Image result for mid autumn festival

I am sure you all are looking forward to this special celebration with your loved ones.

Love to play beautiful colourful of lanterns around?
Love to eat delicious mooncake?

I also love this festival as it is only to be done once in a year round. My family would go buy mooncakes as we all are mooncake lovers.
To nowadays, mooncakes are not quite that cheap though. It is getting expensive.

I tasted old traditional mooncakes yet they are original homemade and delicious too. I even tried modern mooncakes, be it jelly mooncakes, dessert mooncakes and much more they can be into much creativity but still they are not people no.1 favourite. They might go to those youth people who would love sweet to their tasty.

I am sure you all are waiting to find and buy homemade mooncakes. Here is what I have got you all this now. is a social enterprise, they empower the low income group to make a living with their food-making skills. They help those to market the products, package, deliver, while ensuring the quality of products, so that these underprivileged families get to make a living and be self sustainable. is having this #GIVEAWAY  Insta-worthy Homemade Mooncake Giftbox (worth RM49)


To my audience, you may support them by buying a small gift to your dear family, your friends and everybody to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival together.

YES, it's free!
-Original price RM49 (now FREE)
- 4 hand-made Classic Teriyaki Mooncakes
-including the most classic pure lotus and Red Bean Flavors
- aunty has sold mooncakes for more than 15 years
- recieved a lot of customer praise
- a wonderful gift box with modern
- a gift box full with sincerity from Kravve to know their brand
- we send directly to your home, within all over Malaysia.


As at the 20th August 2019 or after delivery, there is no much left of homemade gift boxes to be done.

Let's do now to CLAIM your gift box here!

#2019中秋 #中秋节2019 #特制精美礼盒 #中秋送礼佳品 #无数好评

Monday, 5 August 2019


We would like to share our moment with you fans out there.

There is this 
our daughter
to celebrate her 1 month old
happy FULLMOON birthday.

What a concidence, my cousins with their partners were able to make their time to visit
their nephew Benjamin and niece Mira together.

I am so glad this family time is all the worth it.

For all of us.
Benjamin + Mira

Benjamin was gladly to join her sister Chinese fullmoon birthday for the first time.

It is also my first time to be able to gather a family time since we cousins had our last childhood crazy moment. And now in turn my children bring their much affections of love 💗 💗 towards their aunt and uncle. 

Thanks to aunt @ ee Xinci for the good shot photo.

Happy Fullmoon Mira !

Family Time.