Tuesday 17 December 2013


Malaysian Bloggers, assemble!

Join the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia ever! We're calling all geeks, fashionistas, blogoholics,
hipsters and avid blog readers to join us.

My friend, Selina has beeped me that there is a Malaysia Blogrrr organization by the government agency will be held at the MIECC, MINES on 14th December 2013. She has asked me to think what is the new theme for the blog award for the disabled people as I was in such so busy at work. In a quick decision and our discussion, we came to have this as 'The Best of Disability Blog'!


I was curious what and who is MYNIC? Here is the details of MYNIC.

An agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia and is regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commissions (MCMC).

They do admin the name space for the .my top level domaiin (TLD). This involves the registration of domain names as well as the maintencance and operation of a domain name registry (a central database for .my domain names). 

There are eight (8) domain name categories, namely: -
 .my - for Malaysian individuals and organizations - for commercial organisation/ activities - for network-related organisation/ activites - for organisations/ activites which do not qualify for other catogeries - for Malaysian educational organisations only - for Malaysian government organisations only - for Malaysian military organisations only - for Malaysian individual's personal use only. 

 The internet registry & registrar for .my domain names. MYNIC Berhad promotes the coolest web address in the world.

Log on this url website for more details


I never think that I would have it by now which I only have just created my own blog in this year earlier. Thanks to my wonderful journey of experience where I can write/ share and tell my time over here. 
Thank you, my friend Selina again for the good chance to take the part. Thumbs up!

METRO HARIAN, 13 Dec 2013 has published out!
Big congrats to Ms. Selina!

Ambassador MYNIC, Ms. Selina Ooi

When I was having my own leisure time, there this my friend, Selina has popped up a surprise mesaage to my FaceBook and I was so hardly to believe that I was ONE of the Top 5 Nominees Blogrrr Awards in the Disability Blog category!

I keep following up with the news on Blogrrr event and here is the schedule that you audience won't miss it the FIRST Largest Blogger Gathering 2013 in Malaysia!

And I got the SUPER FREE Blogrrr T-Shirt by registered up!

I was late to get to there. Traffic-jam has went all crazy at the MINES. Here is the fun-time of my own moment taking up the picture with the big advertising  that I was the one among them :)

Congratulations to 1st Runner Best Disability Blog, Mr. Amir Hamidi!

Congratulations to 2nd Runner Best Disability Blog, Mr. Mohd Azahar!
Congratulations to 3rd Runner Best Disability Blog, Ms. Qistina Low!

My gratitude congrats to other bloggers as well. To keep this a big success in the new coming up in next year I hope. 


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