Monday, 8 July 2019

My experience stay at 
Hospital Putrajaya

There you will get a headache on which hospital to go for your birth delivery.

I came to this many lists to check and in quite confusion which has took me longer weeks to decide. I have to say it is not an easy decision and tired.

My husband and I have been discussed on which hospitals is nearer to our place. It saves the timing and place of distance. 

The lists we have been checked so far.

(Private Hospitals)
1. Columbia Hospital Puchong
2. KMPC Hospital Puchong
3. Salam Hospital Shah Alam

They are expensive and not worth for getting to admit to hospital. Though they are well-provided in facilities.

(Goverment Hospitals)
1. Hospital Shah Alam
2. Hospital Putrajaya

They are inexpensive but they are not so good as the professional doctors you may have consulted for. 

So it was a hard to decide.


we finally think its good and bad aspects all of those hospitals. I did many reviews and get some responses in some mommy groups I could know at least.


We came to choose Hospital Putrajaya after checking with some nurses there. For more inquiry before we could know what to do next.

We even told that we should be prepared if there is any transfer when I get process in admitting to the ward. It was rather a bit shock knowing such case. However I hope it wont be the worse one.  So there is no much requirement in processing to admit to ward. Walk-In only.


I have written my short experience on admitted to hospital here.

The confinement food and hospitality were so good and I did enjoy having had them. Since my baby Mira has to stay in with me together in the room ward and I learnt how to look after her myself as well. Thanked to the doctors and nurses who have well done with their jobs. I appreciated their good care during my stay there 3 days 2 nights.  It is true that they rate their government hospital to the 1st class for everyone. Not a very crowd hospital like others. Though the car park is so lousy.

It may be not the best government hospital I have ever had but the best of all I had experienced for the first time ever. 

Thanked to our right decision that spent our time and money too. 

Having a child is not that cheap nowadays. 

Many would go for the reasonable price at government hospital. As today we are in the modern time, everything is much better than our grandparents' old time. Right?

I came to enjoy the true of both private and government hospitals.
Year 2017 and 2019

My child baby Mira has been in good hand by them. Thanks for the complimentary gifts too.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Momma's Journey With You Lil 

You have been so amazed with momma all the way of being 9 months together! Even your big brother and papa are always with you and momma by showering much care and love you all time. Momma has been so tirelessly to look after your big brother and carrying you both at the same time is tough but momma has always stay strong and patient for you dear lil child knowing you will be strong too.

Now momma has swelling legs while waiting for admission to bedroom ward sooner this 3 days by later. Hopefully this swelling legs will be gone away. So momma feels amaze again to give you tons of love.

The day of your birth.

^I was advised to admit to ward earlier due to my BP in the morning at around 10am. But I'm told that I could wait for the bedroom ward until I'm called up. So my husband and I won't be wasting time by waiting end up in the hospital all day. Thus, we went to see our Benjamin while waiting is better. We had good time with Benjamin sleeping together in the afternoon and brought him to Curry Boss House Indian Cafe - late lunch time. Suddenly, there was a call to my phone we looked to each other and we quickly to get home to ask our amma's help. Luckily, amma has picked up my call which I left at the house. She has informed us that we shall go to hospital immediately as we are told we have 3 hours to get my bedroom ward in the between 5.30pm - 7.00pm. Such a limited hours is given. Oh well, doesn't matter how we managed to get it anyway. It's better than sorry. There was a bit traffic during after the office hours, we were there on time - went to the registration counter to get my bedroom admission with my name tag along by 6.30pm. So we went to Level 2 (maternity ward) and I was in the 2B / bed number 16. It is 4 bedded ward room. I was in good hands until I'm told to do induction by next morning after checked with nurses/doctor for update^

`An early morning 7am, I was on my 1st induction. I felt nothing at all, taking up breakfast and doing all normal things. If there was no any contractions within 6 hours, I will be having another induce again. By 3pm in the afternoon, I was given 2nd induction then I felt a slightly contraction but not that so much hurt. Amma, Priscilla and 3 nephews included my Benjamin have visited me but my youngest nephew and Benjamin couldn't make it because they are under 10 years old. Oh well, I had a pleasant visit when I was about to feel the longer of contractions like 5 to 10 minutes. So they went back home in shortly after that. Suddenly, I felt my contractions frequently, the pain on thighs area I couldn't stand when the nurse to check my measuring contractions time. I'm told I will be delivering soon. Sooner I felt the pain so hurt, I kept asking where my hubby is. Luckily he came in to ward when I need and I was asked to go to dilation checkup room, in halfway walking to there I couldn't barely stand the pain by holding to my hubby's arm tightly and a nurse helped me too. When I was in the room, my dilated has opened to 5cm which was already so soon. I even told to wait as the labour rooms were fully-booked! *WHAT!* I was given liquid like lactulose pill in shape to my anus for pooing before delivery baby. Everything could get so mess up in such hurry up to do many things at once. 💥 I knew I was not in much control, thus getting my hubby to the loo together - it may sound so silly. I shall had it before not after I got contractions pain! 😐 Then after that, I returned to my bedroom ward for resting but it was not. It was a big unexepected to everyone included nurses! I told hubby I was in quite pain so he helped to massage my thighs and I asked him to tell the nurses that our baby head was about to come out. He checked and said no baby head is out yet...I said yes sooner! He then immediately to inform the nurses, they checked my dilation and left fast. My hubby and I were in the puzzle still. In my mind, I did not care where I wanted to give birth, be it in my bedroom ward or anywhere it could be. So I pushed hard and felt the passed motion almost coming out because I felt quite pain and screamed. The nurses came back and rushed me to get out from the ward to the labour room by getting to lift like in the ER situation. it was in such rush. i could felt the cool air all over my face and endured the pain in scream. Upon reaching to the labour room, i was surrounded by many nurses' help around. Suddenly, I screamed loud softly and pushed my baby and my pass motion were out already. Then I felt pain and screamed again for the 3rd push, there was a water bag has burst out splashed everybody! Oops!😖
Then this baby Mira was born by 7.35pm finally! After being in 2 hours pain of contractions. I had a spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD) and also episiotomy (sitches up some of tears) which left me in pain ouch. Unlike my 1st experience at private hospital GMC, Penang.`

Image result for episiotomy
this is how episiotomy be done
(Medio-Lateral episiotomy is ideal to do)

Thankfully, I had a normal delivery so I could take good care of Benjamin and Mira easier.
My first pregnancy with Benjamin (normal delivery)
My second pregnancy with Mira (normal delivery)

We all cannot wait to meet you lil child. 
A gifted child from God.

A little precious beautiful miracle that has brought to us specially.

You are born
3rd July 2019, Wednesday
Hospital Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur

You look so sweet.

We have given you
a special name that has been blessed
by our Lord.

Mira Xin Yi
Henry Jeyaraj

always our daughter

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

on the way!

Momma is now in the 3rd trimester (9 months) carrying you my little tiny child.
(now in wks.37)

Finding a beautiful name for you.

We have been almost preparing all baby stuffs to welcome you.

Papa cannot wait to welcome you to this beautiful world.

Big brother also cannot wait to kiss and hug you a new baby sister.

6 days are left now to await for you!

by God's blessing towards you lil.





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The Best Thing
In Life Unexpected!
Related image
Sometimes we cannot deny when things are coming to us. Life is always unexpected. Well, I have never ever thought of this best thing to happen to me. 

The plan is always unpredictable. Then when I have found out, it is a tiny child! I came to surprise that I do conceived on 23rd November 2018. I informed my hubs and he is surprised too. 

Our eldest son, Benjamin Jun Jie will be having a new baby to play with. We even are trying to tell him we do have another sibling for him.

By the time has been passing by, I have been unwell during my 1st trimester. Been on bad nausea for almost 4 months, so exhausted and bad. I couldn't even stand this. This experience is not the same I had with Ben's time. And my 2nd trimester, I had a good feeling all time, can do anything much more happily by looking after Ben myself. Later on, now is my 3rd trimester, things are getting tougher...I have a hardly to walk, carry, stand-up, sleep and whole body so aches. 

During my pregnancy, I have been checkup with doctor at a private clinic. It's a Klinik Aurora which locates at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. The friendly Malay doctor is Dr. Husna Abdullah whom I have been seeking for. A good doctor would explains things clearly in details. And it's also a good location with no so many crowd place. Reasonable prices on consultation fee, medications, ultrasound, scan etc. It is a 24hours clinic where you can go there in anytime for your own convenience. Easy, right?

Then I was admitted to Hospital Putrajaya after I see at govt clinic at Shah Alam because I had a very bad diarrhea which took me to loo in 20 times within 3 days! No energy at all. Pale out! No appetite at all. From at the govt clinic Shah Alam, I was tested albumin protein 2+ t high blood pressure! Which that is why I'm told to Hospital Putrajaya fast.

When I reached at Hospital Putrajaya on the 20th June 2019 with my hubs, we presented my pink record book with OKU card for registration. And I was checking up with Dr.Azmi and nurses to monitor my BP reading and everything before I was decided then to admitted to ward. 

Surprisingly, the room ward are seem so good in condition as like the private hospital one. There are 4 bedrooms in the ward I feel comfortable to sleep on. I was treated well by good helpful and friendly nurses around. Doctors are good too. I was even provided good diet menu to eat well. 

No wonder why Hospital Putrajaya is a 1st class among government hospitals all over in Malaysia. When I have discharged from hospital, the procedure is FREE with my OKU card. Thanks for their good hospitality stay.

Saturday, 8 June 2019


It has been a year off for me from doing my blogging time to give my fully attention to my son, Benjamin. I was hardly to spend a single time on laptop though I even wanted to.

Because my Benjamin needs me all time to ensure he feels better. He has worried us parents and everybody on his health. I have been helplessly, clueless and no experience at all. I have been asking everyone around includes friends and family members to collect information on how I can help Benjamin.

Every parent wants a normal child I believe. I myself as a new parent and mom to my firstborn child do not much expected that I would go through many trials and works to understand what’s going on. So, I have given my full time mom to understand Benjamin’s health condition to get a better understanding in helping him.

Benjamin has been on breastfeed for 4 months only. My breast milk has become less and lessens, due to stressful and almost hung on. I was in much torn in between on all things myself.

Okay, to short form on his condition. He has been vomiting since when he was born. My confinement care staffs have been noticing me on his condition. I have had no idea, even my mother also. So we brought him to see Paediatrician, Dr. Jessica Tan (GMC Hosp Penang). I am told that Benjamin has acid reflux. So I Google online to find info on babies acid reflux. Trying to understand bit by bit, I still haven’t got it at all. Well, Ben was given relieve medicines, Motilium and Zantac. Baby takes medicines as the paediatrician said they are safe to be taken. Actually I did not want to do but I leave with no choice. So fine, I kept going to feed him on medicines and same time he has been vomited frequently especially on when he has done his milk drank or screaming/shouting/laughing. For formula milk, he took Frisco as the paediatrician’s recommended. Still he vomited after drinking the FM Frisco. I was so tired doing his chores by wiping off his body, changing clothes, cleaning up floor and even brought many towels when doing some shopping or travelling. I was almost give up and even asked myself why I could experience such as this for a first timer mom...

So the condition has been going on almost in everyday and I have been cautious on when his meal time like milk and food. My husband who was not on by my side, I was all alone to watch him myself. Quite hard however there is patience in me. Lucky. As the time goes by, my husband has worried much on Benjamin’s health has not been much improved. So he decided to take us home with him so we both could see the solution for our child. Okay. We even brought Benjamin to see another paediatrician, Dr. Yong (Columbia Asia Hosp Selangor) at our place. For our 2nd opinion. Well, things went smoothly when we visited Dr. Yong. After a good explanation, I even asked Dr.Yong for FM recommended. Enfragrow (Gentlease) one of FMs she mentioned. And Ben has eczema on skin. Headache addition to my brain. Sighs. So we tried, and slowly things have shown Ben’s condition is getting much better and good. Not only about the FM or eczema products, it is about Benjamin’s’ reactions to this way of taking food and what type to accept for his skin. Something like I say I have to understand a baby’s physiology where I often understand adults’ physiology. Then I understand this and that, monitoring what does Benjamin needs most.

I end up trying what it may works for him. And it works well. Eg. Let him rests for 3 hours by taking up 5oz. Normally for his age at about 16months, he supposed to be okay in taking more than 5oz (less hours). I have no idea at all first. It happened when I noticed he is okay taking that amount and duration hours. He drinks by sit and stand in the cot (when he is not laying down on bed). To my surprise, so i keep trying it fewer times. It works yes. And also trying to comfort his chest slowly while drinking up. As for his eczema skin, he has given cream medicines to sort out, on which matches him. The lotion cream has not quite good for him and brand QV Gentle Wash for hair and body suits him yes. So still there were eczema spots on his body part. I have been tirelessly to find more products for him to stop from eczema itching. I found Baby Balms by Ronella to try. The Baby Balms contain coconut oil where I research coconut oil does help for treating eczema. Benjamins eczema has not slightly improved that much though. Little thing I know he needs lotion as I do not want his skin to dry up. By naturally, I use pure coconut oil by RassRosh to apply on his whole body as same time I applied Baby Balm Rashes. By within fewer 2 weeks, his eczema all has been cured and gone so neatly without leaving any scars on. Thanked to Baby Balms by Ronella and Coconut Oil by RassRosh. They are amazing products. My boy now is free from eczema. I am so grateful. However, he has still watch out on his skin all time.

As for his food, he is quite far behind than among of the other kids for his age. Though he catches up on his food slowly and getting to process up but he is good in eating up well. Understandable, most babies or toddlers can eat rice at young stage but he was not. Even though people keep on asking me why. I couldn’t say much BUT what I know is not to push too hard on a child to go for every stage he should take. Eventually, I see the result he is able to eat all when he is ready.

Of course, every child is different. Always remember to nurture your child to your own best whenever you can be.

Learning everyday as a new mother is a great thing. Nobody can teach you how but only can give some tips to share with. Decision you have to do on your own, follow your own instinct.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Be Right Back on Track Soon

Hi everyone!

I will be right back on track soon. Looking forward to writing my blog after being so long for not so active. I'm missing my blog. Of course, I'm still following up some of social media news. :)

Thanks for this small notice and your time :)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

baby wipes 

I come to love this brand, Uniqwipes so much! It brings my baby the best comfort, soft and yet nice to feel all time. 

This amazing baby tissue wipes are safe to use.  

Recommended to buy for your baby.

I am assure you will love it real soon.