Sunday, 10 September 2017

baby wipes 

I come to love this brand, Uniqwipes so much! It brings my baby the best comfort, soft and yet nice to feel all time. 

This amazing baby tissue wipes are safe to use.  

Recommended to buy for your baby.

I am assure you will love it real soon. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

baby wipes

I got this sample baby wipes pack.

Even though I know Pigeon is a famous brand throughout in Malaysia. I am so excited to use it. 

After using this, I found this that the cloth of texture is so soft to wipe my baby's body but yet it has some good smell in it which I am afraid not allowing myself to use it on my baby's face. For safety. The best is to do on body's part. 
 Baby Wipes

Looking for this 'fragrance free' and 'paraben free'?

 This orange packaging colour is the one for your baby to use. 

 For body. For mouth. For travelling. Easy. 
Recommended as it's refill pack if you have a big box to keep in hygienic.

 But one thing I do not feel satisfied about this tissue wipe texture... which I do for my baby, I could feel the rough of tissue in wiping. 

It could hurt my baby's skin which baby body is still so soft and sensitive. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

This Royal Baby World 
has got my baby Ben
Super Compact Folding Baby Travel Bath Tub!

I have won this prize from the Royal Baby World!

I thought of getting a baby travel bath tub where I could have it easily for travelling. I have seek something such as this but I could not find the perfect one. 
A lot of shop do provide baby bath tub but they do not HAVE like this that enable it to folding up close. Till I came to this Royal Baby World contest where I could try my luck.

I know this will be the one for my baby Ben. 

Royal Baby World has messaged me that I won the Super Compact Folding Baby Travel Bath Tub!
I was rather surprised I did not expect I will get it one.
This is mine, says little Ben
Thank you, small mama for getting me from them, said Ben

What is Super Compact Folding Baby Travel Bath Tub?

Practical, Elegant & Super Save Space
(Introducing their new design)
>Light weight and very easy to travel with
>Super compact size when closing
>3 positions of bath tub
>With shower gel bottle section
>Super save space
>Comes in 3 colours
>High quality and sturdy
>Very easy to store
>With water drainage outlet

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This tub can support up to 10 kg. 
It is manufactured in China.

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The stand is 6 inches.
It has many reclines in position.

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So you can see the pictures above in details why this super compact folding baby travel bath tub is so effective and good.

Price. RM 199

True enough, this tub is very accessible whenever and wherever I need it for my Ben. It is not that so hard. I even bathed Ben, and he has enjoying his bath in the tub so much. He is so active and a happy child.

Thank you again Royal Baby World to bring the dream comes true for Ben.

Instagram, follow

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Displaying 20170404_154418.jpg

Thank you so much to
Orca Innovation Sdn Bhd
to get such a lovely nifty toothbrush cover with a unique patented design for my baby!

Displaying 20170404_154612.jpg

Flipper is a cleverly-designed mechanism where they store your toothbrush in an enclosed compartment and yet opens/ closes automatically and conveniently. It is also help you to keep your toothbrush easily and hygienically. With a properly-enclosed storage, it protects your toothbrush from contamination by airborne bacteria, dust and other foreign particles that may cause oral diseases. Besides, it's simple, adorable and fun to use!

Displaying 20170404_154707.jpg

When I open this toothbrush cover, I find how cute and adorable it is! And amazingly, it is just 1 minute sand timer! Which you can see the sand turns down from up. This toothbrush cover can rotate eyes and time your brushing too! It can be placed on the glass or mirror. It is the best thing is to take it for travelling.

Displaying 20170417_102812.jpg

My baby got this OWL SMARTY toothbrush cover! Blue color will be his always liking. 

There are 3 different colors. Green - Earthy, Orange - Hearty and Blue - Smarty.

This toothbrush cover is ideally for babies and kids those are into make brushing fun to educate them on how to clean up their teeth. 

I believe that my baby Ben will love it because he always wanted to have one of his own to belong to. 
I know kids who cannot stay quiet often, thus having this toothbrush cover will help kids to love on turning over their sand timer until all their teeth are clean and their brushing is done. It is also help them to know having the OWL to keep them in a friendly environment. It is also teaches them to be independent too.

How much is this toothbrush cover?
RM 23.90

For ordering. Do check them out online.

A Japanese Diaper Brand

The meaning of "GOO.N"
The name GOO.N comes from ぐんぐん (gun-gun). This Japanese phrase refers to a baby's steady growth. The GOO.N brand name reflects our desire for all babies to keep growing.

GOO.N won "The Best Mother Awards 2012" in Japan.

Thank you
 for sponsoring my baby this
> a pack Goo.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition (M Size) RM 36
> Baby Wipe RM 8
> Goo.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box RM50

Displaying 20170415_213003.jpg

It is the first time I hear about this newly brand that imports from Japan. Well, I am now happily to introduce this brand to my child that he will be able to use it well.

My baby has liked the cute Goo.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box though he is still a baby. The tissue wipe is good in containing 99% purified water.
Paraben Free. Alcohol Free. Wave embossed sheet for effective, easy wiping. Eco friendly design. Easy use refill dispenser. Airtight container, to keep wipes moist. Safety lock.

But I would like to say that there got a bit of alcohol in it. However I do not use it on baby's mouth and face but use it on the body will do. 

What is the Safety Lock?
The Safety Lock is locked upon purchase. Please unlock before use. To unlock, pull the upper part of the bill towards you, until you hear a click. To lock, push in the upper of the bill, until you hear a click.

The Refill Dispenser Interior
Handy markings make refills easy!
Line up the guide marks on the feet to secure the bottom tray in place.
There are marks on both sides.
Line up the mark.
The mark is on the reserve side.

Yes. It is a refill dispenser interior which enables me to use in anytime anywhere easily getting a new tissue wipe. Without hard to find where is my tissue wipe, there this cute penguin baby wipe box helps me much to get in quick when my baby has poops and pees without any troubles.

Displaying 20170415_213031(0).jpg

This is Goo.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition which I just found that this is edition one. Oh, my baby then is so lucky to try this in Size M but unfortunately, I have to wait until my baby is bigger bit then he will try this.

This diaper is M size pants with 58pcs for 7-12kgs. It is for unisex baby. It is also stretching size, more flexible and suitable for every movement. Its technology of magical gel, allows for better and quicker absorbency. Besides that, its soft tender like fluffy cotton, gives your baby the superior comfort. Breathable sheet helps ventilate the air through the surrounding, no need to worry about moisture. Moreover, take out easily, just tear off the side seal, and then the diaper can be changed. 
How good and cool is it...

For more info on Goo.N Diaper
click here


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Special season, Special Cookies

Ramadan Raya is coming around the corner. Everyone is very exciting to celebrate this special Eid Mubarak with loves one. 

RC Deaf Missions are having their Raya Cookies to sell to whom are seeking for these TWO yummilicious cookies, Mixed Fruits Honey Cornflakes and Pineapple Tarts to enjoy the festive. 

Small (25pcs) RM 20
Large (35pcs) RM 28

Small (24pcs) RM 20
Large (40pcs) RM 28

These special cookies are made by two of their Deaf staffs Bani and Ida. Ms.Bani is a vegetarian and Ms.Ida is a Muslim. Therefore, it is 100% HALAL.

Those who are interested to buy their special cookies, please place your orders by calling   +03-7931 8958 / email them at

The last order would be before or on 15th June 2017.

Please do support their good cause in empowering the Deaf community by ordering from them.
RC Deaf Missions FaceBook