Tuesday, 22 December 2015

This festive and holiday season is a time to remember those less fortunate and one simple way to spread the love is through giving.

We are happy to partner with Reach Out Malaysia to distribute hot meals to the homeless and the urban poor through a week-long charity campaign.

From 21-25 December, with every meal pre-booked this week on ,we pledge a hot meal to the homeless.

Guests travelling on AirAsia flights (flight code AK) will be tantalized by a wide selection of hot meals at discounted prices when they pre-book from the new in-flight gourmet menu concept, Santan, which includes a limited-time offering; Shepherd's Pie - a lusciously moist dish, baked with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese; a great addition to this holiday season travel!

We hope you could join us to spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by sharing the attached visual to encourafe those travelling to pre-book their meals within this week and to do good at the same time.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and here is to an amazing year ahead!


Ambassadors Search Malaysia

Bouncy .  Brighten . Baby Skin

Total price of more than RM 6000.00 worth of 3Bskin products are giving out for 3Bskin Ambassadors Search,

10th December 2015
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -

A national selection of 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (3Bskin BA) have reached the final stage. 100 selected participants will be given samples for their feedback. After having gone through months of selection. The final selection is scheduled to kick off from 15th December 2015 to 31st December 2015. 3 out of 7 types of 3Bskin samples will be given out for testing. There are Detox Mask, Hydrating Mask and Scrub Mask.

The result of this selection will be announced in early of January 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2015 (XBAS Malaysia 2016). 20 selected 3Bskin BAs will be invited to the XBAS Malaysia Press Conference (PC) and 3Bskin Soft Launch PC (End of January or February 2016).

What is the definition of 3Bskin BA search?
"This is a selection of candidates who can talk favorably about 3Bskin Brand or Products and by word of mouth, pass on the positive message about the brand to other people"

XBAS Malaysia 2016 (X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2016)
"An X Brand Ambassadors is known as a positive spokesperson, opinion leader or a community influencer, appointed as an internal or external personnel to boost product/ service sales and to create brand awareness"
The selected participants of 3Bskin BA will be given the opportunity to showcase their abilities and talents which includes advertising & promoting in social media & events building up until the XBAS Malaysia 2016 grand finale which will be held sometimes June. The venue for the aforesaid event will be further updated.  

3Bskin BA Selection is done through FaceBook.
More than 200 participants join and 100 will be selected in the final selection. There's delay in selection is expected due to postponement in 3Bskin's production as high level of product quality assurance and checking are conducted before they are introduced to the market.

The selection is organized by MMK, Miss Malaysia Kebaya Organizer. With the full support of a team of dedicated sponsors and partners, it is trusted that the 3Bskin BA Search & XBAS Malaysia 2016 will be able to run successfuly.

3Bskin BA Search are open to all Malaysians from different races, unisex and aged between 21-40.

Conditionally, new participants must select the LIKE button on the FaceBook pages of 3Bskin and XBAS Malaysia 2016. All information will only be updated on the following two FB Urls as the following below;

Samples and instructions will be given out before 15th December 2015
14 days are given to:-
1. Try 3Bskin Signature Products sample
2. Take photo with product application
3. Give testimonial (short and simple)
4. Participants may take 1 minute short video (Not Compulsory)

From the photos and comments/ testimonials or videos we will select 25 2BSAs, one or more will be our official 3BSAs. All information are required to be sent back to the organizer before 31st of December 2015. Result will be announced in early of January 2016 @ 3Bskin FB and XBAS Malaysia's FB.
Attention : Jason Hee
PM or WhatsApp 012 - 921 1486
Email :

The scores in Judging are based on their photos with product, testimonial and some with video

* 3BSkin owner will have the final say of their ambassadors*

We will open to the public for the judging of participant with the most Likes, Most Creative Photo, Best Selfies, Best Testimonial and Best Video.
25 out of 100 will be selected as 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (each selected 3Bskin BA will be getting Products Worth More Than RM150)
Best 5 selected 3BSAs will get the full range of 3Bskin products worth more than RM 500.00 each.
1. Most Likes
2. Most Creative Photo
3. Best Selfie
4. Best Testimonial
5. Best Video (Those who send short video)

3Bskin Selected BA will not only be Getting Free Products, Advertise, Feature Photos with 3Bskin Product on Paid Social Media but will also be rewarded a Paid Job, Business Partnership Opportunies and Job Offer *T&C Apply.

Introduction of 3Bskin company

~ WHO is 3BSKIN?
A skincare product online store found and owned by June Hee. A 25 years young girl who pursues her passion and lives her dream in health and beauty industry. The products are distributed and marketed by Three Bskin Enterprise.

After years of experience selling and promoting others beauty products online, The founder realises the important to satisfy customers is to secure the best brand loyalty, custom tailored, controlled, competitively priced and product exclusivity. The Only Way is to Create Her Own Brand Products and Trade Mark 3Bskin in September 2015.

3Bskin Products are expected to soft launch in January 2016

You can visit us
Our Office:

Penthouse (Level 27)
Centerpoint South, The Boulevard
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
(By Appointment)
(website is still under construction)
FB : 3Bskin
INSTA : 3Bkin

The brand name was derived from 3 Magic Words Bouncy, Brighten, Baby Skin to Form 3Bskin. Our product concept is to produce products with effective solutions to skin problems, quality but inexpensive, feature unique, eye catching packaging yet simpler and easier to use. Our vision is to offer our customers experience our innovative products with surprising and effective results.

Product formulated in France and go through years of research, development and manufacture by one of top OEM (Originial Equipmenr Manufacturer) in Malaysia with certified GMP (Good Manaufacturing Practice) and Approved by Ministry of Health.

Introduction of 3Bskin Products:
1. Detox Mask
2. Hydrating Jelly Mask
3. Diamond UV SPF35+++
4. Cleansing Milk
5. Toner
6. Enzyme Scrub
7. Serum

More information will be release in the 3Bskin Press Release and Soft Launch in early January 2016.

Monday, 14 December 2015


What is BAKSO

I am sure you know Bakso. Bakso comes from Indonesia.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go for this food review. So my man has went to join the FoodInker for my behalf. Thank you, FoodInker.

My man loves beef. He is so fond of their Grill Lamb which is so juicy chew in tasty to eat in so deliciously. 

Join me here to read the following as below;

RAKSHEE, I never knew that it is has been operating close to a year by young entrepreneurs of different background including Oil & Gas and F&B. One of the founders, the uncle owns a Bakso factory in Penang for more than 13 years. He then decided to bring this Indonesia street food to another level. He strategized to boost up the production of the factory with Rakshee. 

Rakshee has come with the two meanings. It is derived from an infiormal Arabic language that means joyful and relaxation. Bakso is a kind of meatball made from beef that commonly found in Indonesia street food. 

What makes Bakso to be dfferent than a typical meatball? Bakso uses more lean meat than fats. Rakshee's menu is fully created by their in-house chef. Before creating the menu, there is only a requirement from the owner that is all savory menu items must to be infused with Bakso. Other than serving Bakso with beef soup, they even have Pasta with Bakso instead of using normal Italian meatball. All their Bakso is sourced from the uncle's factory. 

Rakshee is modernized and hipster-like based design. Interior ideas came from a few parties including interior designer friend who helped to give a lot of suggestions.

Bakso Soup RM 1.90

Classic Aglio Olio (new menu) RM 7.90
available for Breakfast from 9am to 12pm

Rakshee Grill Lamb (new menu) RM 30.90

Rakshee Frittata (new menu) RM 9.90
available for Breakfast from 9am to 12pm

Rakshee Lagsana (new menu) RM 15.90

Rakshee Soto Bakso (new menu) RM 11.90
available for Breakfast from 9am to 12pm 
Baked Beefball Marinara RM 9.90

Baked Pasta Marinara RM 9.90

Bakso Nugget (new menu) RM 9.90

Mini Burger RM 9.90

Spicy Thai Linguine RM 9.90

Swedish Beefball RM 9.90

This cafe has been attracting different kind of patrons from the west Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Rakshee has ready-investors for expanding another outlet at Setiawangsa probably in a year's time. Rakshee's mission is to educate people about the new way of eating Bakso. 

More exciting menu will be added along the way with promotion, do follow their instagram for more Bakso greatness.

More details going to this link,

Group photo with the owner
No. 13G, Jalan 5/20A, The Strand Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, 46350 Selangor.
Tue - Sun 9.00am until 11.30pm
Monday closed


Printcious has come to me all the way. I was quite overjoyed yet to receive the parcel from them. My partner has notify me that there was something wrong with our shirts.

Oh wait a moment! I took a deep close at those, aww...

Same name & design

which is not according to my requirement

and immediately I was seeking for their solution on the slight error technical problem. They replied me with a quick reply for the inconvenience cause and I will receive a replacement then. 

The solution has ended in the effective way.

A few days later, I have received it last Saturday fast. The correction is I have required this which is shown in the picture below.

I am so happy to wear this with my love in the pair of shirt. 

The shirt is so good in quality yet so comfortable wearing them.

Printcious is the one SOLUTION where you will be always get the great satisfaction upon their work!

Get you yourself a cute thing now only at

Friday, 11 December 2015


AirAsia Blogger Community (AABC) 

Last 2 weeks ago, I was invited by AirAsia Blogger Community to a special party. AirAsia Blogger Community is known as AABC. They (AirAsia and PHAR) have organized a great blast party to launch their magazine 100th Issue of Travel 3Sixty on 20th November 2015 (Friday) from 7.30pm until 10.30pm where they got us the good food, drinks, music and gifts.

Thanks to my man who has planned a good night to spend with me by taking us to LRT Kelana Jaya to reach KLCC within only 30 minutes fast despite of the heavy raining throughout the day. I would say taking LRT is much better than stuck in jam for 2 hours. Thanks to Malaysia transportation for saving my time + cost.

It took us 3 times to take the lift up, up to the very top. Firstly, I would be checked in as the security is kind of strict (at the 1st step at ground floor) where the security guard took a torch light to see my bag inside before we got the next proceed to another floor.The 2nd step is to reach at 56th floor - I thought it is the place but I was wrong. I was in a group where AirAsia Crews guided us all the way. Finally, the 3rd step - from 56th floor to bring me and my man take another one more to MARINI on 57th floor - Malaysia's Highest Rooftop Italian Bar, Restaurant and Lounge

The AirAsia crews and organizers have welcomed us to get me registered and I received freebies.  I was in so amazed when I am entering on the famous top bar, Marini’57 in Malaysia. It was also my very first time to feel the stunning view of the beautiful starry night through the glassy windowed in each wall. I was like a little super-celebrity where I got to be treated with delicious dessert and drinks for cocktail of the evening before moving into a luxury dining cuisine. It was not that cheap bar for I know it is expensive.

One of the blogger I was gladly to meet up, Mr. MahaMahu
AirAsia Inflight Malaysia Travel 3Sixty has finally reached its 100th edition magazine, many thanks to Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes and Dato’ Kamaruddin Meranun on the achievement  as AirAsia continues its epic journey as the world’s best low-cost carrier.

The event was so good with gorgeous band performance – three beautiful girls have sung few songs that will beat your heart to dance on every floor you get. Thanks to the good dude emcee, for bringing us all spice up giving the Inflight Magazine Travel 3Sixty a great show. A big congratulation to AirAsia for the good work up!

The gorgeous band performance

I was so fascinated by the awesome extraordinary of the architecture building of Tower 3 is where Marini’57 located at which is intimately close to the Petronas Twin Towers, and offers the best 360’ panoramic views of the Kuala Lumpur Skyline. Perched on the 57th floor of Petronas Tower 3, the venue comprises of three distinct spaces-each encapsulating different moods designed to enthrall all five senses. The building is in a great shape where I could feel the high sky far above without its solid foundation that featuring floor to ceiling glass in the monumental height.

Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas,
Persiaran KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur,

It has left me and my man an unforgettable memories night.


Over last two weeks ago, I was so much good to attend the nutrition management program and moreover it is a Chinese language session. I could not understand any Chinese. Thankfully, I got English brochures to read and understand better by doing some experiments and catch up very little Chinese words that could translated to English. The Chinese PowerPoint is shown in language but I could understand some pictorials in visual. I brought a friend of mine to accompany me and at the same time she is exposing to blogging world. Thanks to the director and managers for agreeing to have us in the session together.

Throughout the session, I would be put in the OBG Test where I am verified in as the Apple Shape category, what has shocked me despite though I have work hard to get the best shape I wanted to be. Nevertheless, I have learned all the evening session to know that I have to be in food control and stay healthy.

Make Your Life Better

Totalife International Group has collaborated with Dr. Clarie Lin, Director of the Anti-Aging Stem ; Gene Research Centre; and her team to successfully develop the patented Roselle Polyphenol iFG Yeast after years of research to stimulate the longevity gene and regulate body weight. Intensive research has proven its amazing effects on weight management programmes, resulting in fit and slim body silhouettes in test participants.

Dr. Winston Sun has over the years been at the forefront of international pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, he was a director for the Chinese Taipei Association for the Study of Obesity, Chairman of LEARN Weight Management Foundation as well as the Honorary Director for the Down Syndrome Foundation. His over 40 years of industry experience has been the driving force behind Totalife’s success in helping millions regain healthy life and transformed his massive experience into his many best-selling books such as ‘Genetic Weight Management”.

What is TDS? (Fat Burning)
TDS, a nutritious beverage mix soy protein with soy fiber (effective body shaping with whey protein)
= It has Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple to satisfy your taste buds.
= 58 types of balanced nutrition
= Whey amino acids
= Low GI
= Fat suppression polyphenols
= Fat elimination factors
= Metabolism factor

The left is Apple I took, the center is my friend took the Mocha.

Tasty & Healthy Easy Weight Loss.
Replace your breakfast and dinner with 4 sachets of TDS daily, take your low-GI lunch with high fiber, high protein, less salt and less oil. Fat-burning process will be initiated in 7 days, for a lighter and slender body.

Mix sachet contents with 227ml lukewarm water, shake vigorously and leave idle for 3-5 minutes before drink.

See, how many people have lose their weighs - not only having those healthy management program but also maintain their regular exercise too.

What is GeneUp? (Regulation)
GeneUp has 2 kinds of type. (personalized genetic slimming success)
= GeneUp iFG-1 & GeneUp iFG-2

GeneUp iFG-1, a botanical beverage mix Roselle & Yeast Pepton
(fat-dissolving regulator to dissolve the fat)
GeneUp iFG-2, a botanical beverage mix Berry & Yeast Pepton
(carbohydrate elimination regulator to eliminate carbohydrate)

Roselle  polyphenols  - contain anthocyanin, catechin, flavonoids and other polyphenols with antioxidant properties.
Plantbased peptides – plant-based growth factors to stimulate key genes, boost metabolism and energise the body.

Consume 1 sachet before breakfast and dinner.

What is Fittache? (Detoxification)
(absorbs, binds & eliminates dietary fats)

Fittache helps in slimming, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat and enhances fat elimination. Awarded with 4 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
= High in fiber
= Reduce 35% calorie absorption from food sources
= Neutralise and eliminate excessive fat

Take 2 capsules with 250ml of water before meals. For better result, take together with Total Biozyme.

*Look at this how it experiments in that way it works out as the following below.

What is Lipokleen A? (Metabolism)
Lipokleen A, advanced blister packaging to prevent oxidation.

Lipokleen A contain salmon fish oil, rich in Omeha-3 essential fatty acids ; DHA and EPA.
= Vitamin E acts as a fat soluble antioxidant
= Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy and boost body metabolism

Provide deep sea fish oil, lecithin, CoQ 10 and olive polyphenols as strong antioxidant properties to promote healthy blood circulation.

Take 1-2 capsules daily , after breakfast and dinner.

It is Redx Collagen Drink - 15 mini bottles/ box

Obese people tried hard to restrain from eating but how to do if they just can’t? Stimulate the longevity gene to effectively regulate 5 obesity types, advanced 4-step bio-technology health management system.
Now you can remain youthful, slim and energetic always!

DIET 20% goes for
-      Low calorie and balanced diet
-      Whey amino acids
-      Choose low-glycaemic diet
-      Consume plant polyphenols
-      Replenish essential fatty acids

GENE 20% goes for
-      Roselle polyphenol yeast
-      iFG-1 Fat-Dissolving Regulator
-      iFG-2 Carbohydrate Elimination Regulator

Detoxification 20% goes for
-      Digestive enzymes
-      Probiotics
-      Dietary fibre

Exercise 20% goes for
-      Fat-burning aerobic exercises

-      Muscle-enhancing anaerobic exercises 

Read at Totalife Website for more details.

Especially for you READERS to know TOTALIFE,
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