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The second in a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpieces, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. This film continues the adventures of the title character Bilbo Baggins as he journeys with the Wizard Gandalf and thirteen Dwarfs, led by Thorin Oakenshield on a epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.


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to the movie, The Hobbit we cannot wait watch!
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After a quite sometimes I have watched the first of the all 3 films. I have not forgotten how great fantasy of this film movie has been made. The beautiful, adventure, graphical and much more than you can ever imagine at. 

Thanks to the Academy Award@winning filmmaker, Peter Jackson comes of this The HOBBIT!
The best art director!

The best characters to its the best actors/ actresses who are cast in the movie as well. They looked great and amaze when they embraced themselves to the wonderful epic of journey!

I can be the one of them in the character especially when you yourself in this 3D graphical movie that wonders you so much!

Let me begin the story of review;

At Bree in an old ancient bar, good-looking Thorin Oakenshield sit for a drink and he senses that someone wants him to be killed. Luckily, Grandalf, the tall wizard has warns him and persuades him to get the Arkenstone to unite the Dwarfs and ask him to have a stealthy burglar to be needed to steal the jewel back from Smaug. Smaug is so greedy, strong, devil and wick dragon! Thorin has leave the bar. 

Thorin Oakenshield, son of the King Erebor.

Thorin and his mates are following by the Azog and his Orc people. They are known as humanoid creatures who would brutish, aggressive and repulsive who are against them. They look so ugly on their greenish skins. After that, cute Bilbo infrom the group a bear is tracking them, and Gandalf leads them along to the home of a skin-changer. Upon their arrival, they are attacked by the same bear. Gandalf reveals that it is the home Beorn during the journey, he may aids them. Beorn is immense size and strength for a man. He lives with animals. Later that night, Azog is summoned to Dol Guldur by the Necromancer, and instructs his son, Bolg to hunt Thorin. When Bilbo sleeps, he vivids that a bear transforms to a man. 

Bilbo, a comfortable middle aged at 50 years old. He, who is a burglar is hired by the wizard Gandalf and 13 dwarfs together with their king, Thorin Oakenshield to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and its treasure from the dragon Smaug.

Lonely Mountain (Sindarin Erebor), a mountain in the north of Rhovanion. It is the source of the Celduin River. Erebor became the home of the Folk of Durin, a clan of Dwarfs known as the Longbeards. They were then driven from their ancestral home of Khazad-dum. In the latter days of the Third Age, this Kingdom under the Mountain held one of the largest dwarfs treasure hoards in Middle-earth.

the Hobbit who breathes the beautiful air out from there

The next day, Beorn loans his horses to the mates to reach Mirkwood and hinder the pursuing Orcs. Gandalf advises the mates to follow the Elven path through Mirkwood and to wait for him before entering the Lonely Mountain. But upon losing their way in the forest, the Dwarfs are captured by giant spiders. Bilbo with the help of the One Ring manages to free from the webs and names his sword Sting. While fighting the attacking, the Dwarfs are captured again by the Wood-elves including Legolas and Tauriel, a captian of the guard. During the captivity, a romantic is developing into between Tauriel and Kili.

Tauriel, a Woodland Elf whose name means, "Daughter of the Forest".
Legolas, the son of Elf-King Thranduil of Mirkwood, a prince of Woodland

While the others are imprisoned, Thorin meets the elf-king, Thranduil and he refuses Thranduil's aid and he himself is imprisoned as well. Bilbo finds a way to help the Dwarfs to escape by using empty wine barrels, which are sent floating down the river under the cloak of the ring. Along the way, they are chased by Bolg and his Orc party meanwhile the elves pursue the Dwarfs to cease their escape! During the chaos, Kili is wounded by a Morgul arrow, Legolas and Tauriel are forced to halt their pursuit of the Dwarfs in order to end the Orc onslaught. And the elves captured one of the Orc and questioned by Thranduil. Thranduil learns that 'The One' has returned, he decides to seal off his kingdom to protect it from the impending evil. However, Tauriel saves Kili, who she learns has been poisoned by the orc's arrow and Legolas accompanies her. 

the Azog

The mates

Then the mates meets a man named a very loving man, Bard and bride him to smuggle them to get into Esgaroth, the lake town where the descendants of Dale made their home and where the Master of the Town rules with an iron fist. The group attempt to steal weapons before being caught up and learn that Bard is a descendant of Dale's ruler. Girion, who died attempting to kill Smaug with Black Arrows. After that, Thorin convinces the townfolk and Master that they will share the riches of the recaptured mountain, the town people send a grand off to them. The injured Kii is ordered to remain behind while Oin, Fili and Bofur remain to tend him in Bard's house. 

During the Thorin's mates occur, Gandalf reaches the remote tomb of the Nazgul and found they have been revived. He is joined by Radagast and revealed that the Necromacer cannot be a mere human as the Nazgul answer only to one master. Returning to Mirkwood while sending Radagast to warn Galadriel of their discovery. Gandalf enters the orc-infested Dol Guldur and is attacked by Azog. While trying to escape off, the Necromancer appears and following a duel between the two, Gandalf is captured. With  his worst fears realized, the Necromancer is indeed Sauron as Gandalf watches in horror as the orc army marches towards the Lonely Mountain.

Once reaching the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo deciphers the map's cryptic clue and uses moonlight to find the hidden keyhole that opens the secret door into the mountain. Balin explains Bilbo's real purpose and send him down to the treasury to locate the Arkenstone. Unfortunately, Bilbo's searching qucikly awakens Smaug who initially finds the hobbit amusing but swiftly tires of him and intends to kill him. Bilbo can be greed but he does think of the group and himself own safety. Thorin wants more power and greedy but at last it changes his mind to save his long lost Lonely Mountain where he once belongs to. He has team up with the group to fight with the Smaug! At Laketown, Bard hears the rumbling caused by Smaug's awakening and attempts to affix the last Black Arrow to the town;s launcher but it arrested.  Oin, Fili, Bofur and Bard's daughters are attacked by Bolg's hunting party before Legolas and Tauriel drive them off, with the latter remaining behind to tend to Kili. Then in a dream after his medication Kili admits his love for Tauriel. After convincing Thorin that they must help Bilbo, the Dwarfs enter the mountain and find themselves and the Hobbit being hunted by Smaug. Tricking the fire-breathing Smaug into rekindling the forges, they attempt to kill the dragon by trapping him under a flood of molten gold. However, Smaug survives and stumbles out of the mountain determinded to make the people of Laketown suffer for giving aid to the Dwarfs, leaving Bilbo horrified at the turn of events.

The wicked and evil Smaug

The unfinished part to be continue...

- A Must Watch -

Sunday, 29 December 2013


                          SetiaWalk Retail
3D rendered picture by the SP Setia Bhd Group Property
A newly shopping mall that locates in the heart people of Puchong. It is SetiaWalk is under SP Setia Bhd Group Development Property. SetiaWalk, an innovative all in one development, where you can live, learn, work & play all under the same roof. Comprising retail outlets, offices, apartments, SOHOs, hotel and entertainment centres. Unique retail and office spaces that overlook waterways and fountains from a relaxing place to work, shop and dine. SetiaWalk offers the entire spectrum of lifestyle living, working and entertainment - comfortable and friendly environment. 

I have always passing by this mall, SetiaWalk where my church is nearby. Puchong now grows into fast-pace life from urban small city. The SetiaWalk is still under in progress, as the other outlets has been opened since. Though Puchong is not my favourite place somehow I gave it a try to explore out. I wanna to watch a movie, actually. Despite of my busy schedule, I find a place nearby home. There I have decided to come - SETIAWALK!

After entered the SetiaWalk, my guy and I went to look for a car park at a bay area, not the basement car park. It was nice parking bay area. And we have to walk far, far.... and found that SetiaWalk is a quite big place to EXPLORE yeah!

Good to explore for dine!

Wah, a lot of good restaurants/ bistros and cafes to offer for DINE in. To name a few of them, they are;
Sushi Tei
Tokyo Kitchen
San Nae Deul
The Journey Cafe
& much more...

Look this for more details

The beautiful  waterways flowing in
 The place can be view outside from Fitness Center, CELEBRITY!

Unique interior design
Fitness & Games to have good exercise and fun for!

Still some shops are opening up along the way

you may view this the shops' lists

Creative design on escalator 
A very cozy cinema
Nice view inside the cinema...
I like the TGV Cinema very much!

To see SetiaWalk website;

For getting to there,
here you may go to:

Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Chinese Drama Pianissimo


Pianissimo is aired on every Mon - Thur at 11.00pm (NTV7)

The Synopsis : PIANISSIMO

"WHILE many live by the saying, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade".

Such a life for Ke Min (played by Jojo Goh) in the NVT7 drama Chinese series, Pianissimo. When her mother dies, the Deaf and Mute Ke Min is abused by her stepfather. She relies on her own strength to overcome life's hurdles. 

When Goh was offered to do the role of Ke Min, she is immediately accepted the offer to expand her acting skills. To prepare for her role, Goh took a 2 months course in sign language. During the 2 months course, she herself has immersed in the world of Deaf and Mute.

 Sign language is based on the Amercian Sign Language, we had to translate some of the script which was in Chinese Mandarin to English or Bahasa Malaysia and later on to Mandarin again," she said during in a Press Conference in Kuala Lumpur. 

Although the script and sign language were given a local flavour, Goh admits that it was not easy. A lot of time, the signs did not captured the meaning in Mandarin. We had to be careful with every word so that the meaning was exactly how it was written in the script, she says. 

For her co-stars who had to wait for her cue before continuing their dialogues, the experience was at times, confusing. "There were times when I accidentally made a gesture that was not part of what we had rehearsed and this made it difficult for the other actors," she says.

In the story, Ke Min is involved in a love triangle. She has a feeling for An Dong Zhe (played by Seah Song Fan) and is in love with Zheng Nan ( played by Huang Qi Ming), who is also the subject of affection of Fang Ru Yan (played by Wayne Chua).

An orphan, Zheng Nan was raised by a gang and trained to be an assassin. While trying to escape from the gang members, he is injured and seeks shelter in a nearby village where he meets Ke Min and her mother. Ke Min's stepfather finds out about Zheng Nan's past and a quarrel ensues between him and Ke Min's mother, which results in the latter's death.

Zheng Nan runs away, but returns moment later to rescue Ke Min from her stepfather. Unfortunately, the gangsters catch up with Zheng Nan and he has no choice but to leave Ke Min behind. Ke Min then runs into Ah Dong Zhe who decides to bring her home. He teaches her sign language and vows to take care of her.

After 12 years later on, when Ke Min is now a special education teacher and has grown closer to An. 

To prepare himself for his role as Zheng Nan, Huang who has been missing from Malaysian television for some time took up boxing and martial arts training. Based in Singapore, he admits to feeling awkward when he has to initially communicate with Goh using sign language. "We were not allowed to speak to one another and  it felt really awkward. But it was an unforgettable experience, nonetheless", he says. 

Huang, who share kissing scenes with Goh in the show, praises the latter for her professionalism. "She told me it was okay to kiss her for real as this would capture the essence of the story," he says.

Also starring in the 25-episode series are Jordon Voon, Seck Fu Ru and Candy Lin.

You may catch it on

Big credits and thank you to Ms. Anne Loula, Ms. Ho Koon Wei and Ms. Daphne Eng for teaching Malaysia Sign Language and Deaf culture to the artists involved, Sign Language coach and monitoring by Mr. Jonah Ong throughout the whole series.

Ms.Anne Loula, Ms.Ho and Ms.Daphne with the artists

A presentation show by Seah and Jojo during the conference press

Jojo Goh, Miss Chinese Astro International  Pageant 2006

Song-fan Seah, a artiste, singer and actor

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It is an awesomemix of technology and personal touch for the online marketing nowadays. It is to shape a future of marketing relies heavily on digital presence and content marketing.

It is the right place to have the BEST social media!

be among the social media user!

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DiGi Thank You Sale and It's Amazing Offer!

Sale, Smartphone, Tablet & Year End Sale

Foo Siew Choo

me with Mdm. Foo Siew Choo

The person that I most grateful in life is my grandmother, Madam Foo Siew Choo
She is in her late 70s. She is 78 years old lady with the beautiful smile she has. Many of my friends are hardly to believe that she is my grandma. It is because she looks young for her age. 

She was born to a poor middle-class family where she has another 3 siblings and parents. Her grandparents came from China and her father does look like a China man when she showed me the photo of her family portrait. She is the 3rd daughter in the family. 

She has even experienced the Japanese war during in the year of 1940-1945.

She has had the bitter and sweet memories of her young childhood until she has married to my great wonderful grandfather, Mr. Chung Yeng Cheng at the age of seventeen! They are match-made in heaven.  She is so beautiful in her 17 years old when she has had her elegance Cheongsam costume. She looks like a young beautiful Japanese Chinese lady. She has 4 beautiful children who now are all married couples and have 8 great wonderful grand-children. She is now a happy wife, mother, aunt, grand-aunt, grandmother to the all of us in a big family. 

I am the first young grand-child who was born and being the only Deaf person in the family. When I was a baby, my grandfather and her have been taking care of me that since. My parents were away to work and they came to visit me home every 2 weeks. So the most of the time, I was under my grandparents' care!

Despite of me being a Deaf grand-child, my grandmother did not know a single word or Bahasa Malaysia language. It is ME, she has learnt the language to speak to me. I went to a Deaf school where I learn all the oral-speaking and sign language too. I communicate with my family by oral-speaking. 

I was kind of a very spoiled child, my grandmother has taught me the manners and raises me to a good young brainy woman.  I was so lucky to be well educated where she even cannot have her completion of secondary school.  Whenever I need, she is always there. She has many wonderful stories to be told of. It is good and knowing that she has her great epic of journey in her life! There are no boundaries between us but we are a-like sisters/best friends I could ever had in my life. 

We share everything in bitter, sorrow, pain, laughter & happiness. She has always lend me her shoulder to share with. 

She is a very lovely grandmother and best friend whom I have ever had the best in life!
`I love you my grandmother`

I WANT to have HTC One smartphone for her to share the beautiful Christmas with me!
HTC One smartphone is the best quality and design equally as the Samsung smartphone but yet I still want HTC One. It does have the 4G Lite. I want to show how good of functions in HTC One use to her! HTC One is the BEST of all!

Sale, Smartphone, Tablet & Year End Sale


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FREE 2 tix to

I won an another 4th time & 5th time! From the KLIPS. Team

A BIG and GREAT little gift for my beautiful Christmas coming along the way up now! Thanks so much to the KLIPS Team by sending me a big surprise in my mail drop! It is sooo awesome I have won the TIX for 2 at the Cinema to watch my favourite movie, THE HOBBIT : THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG yeah!

I JUST WON this another movie, 47 RONIN within 10minutes ago, whoooohaaaaa ! 

Here I have already redeem the tickets today!

You should try this to win some movies, why not?
Go to this


Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The Big Bad Wolf is known as BBW. It is held at the MIECC, The Mines, Seri Kembangan from
6th December 2013 (Friday) to 15th December 2013 (Sunday) opens for 24 hours!

Wow, BBW is the largest selling book all over Malaysia I have ever saw in my life! I used to love MPH and Popular but they are too expensive to buy. When I came to know this BBW which will be my ever FIRST tour in the city where I am able to explore the more to find out how good this BBW is.

When I entered the BBW hall and it was so amazed how it look big and big space to have the books everywhere! And I was even mpre surprised they sell from RM3.00 and above. They are good prices to buy! Yeah, I am gonna to buy some!

I bought 3 books
The names will be revealing soon... 

- The Headmaster's Wager, Author by Vincent Lam -
- Leaving the Heart Behind, Author by Joan Foo Mahony -
-Travelling : Culture Shock (China) - 

I spent around RM20.00 for those, how cheap they were!

After paid at the counter, I read at the receipt properly and spotted the important point and I asked one of the crew to know where I can redeem it at.
There this I approached a young lady showing the receipt and she said yes it was and gave me a form to fill up. Once I was done, I passed to the counter and asked to have the wheel spin! 
Then I spined the wheel and again I got another spin again! Be it the 3rd time! Sweat! People were lining up waiting... There I finally got a mystery gift and I got a cute crystal ball to take home.

this I need to present this voucher of
BookXcess Membership Privileges
1 years
to collect the card @ Amcorp Mall

They offer cheap for the books where it sells at BookXcess, Amcorp Mall, cool yeah!

Read more for details

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Malaysian Bloggers, assemble!

Join the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia ever! We're calling all geeks, fashionistas, blogoholics,
hipsters and avid blog readers to join us.

My friend, Selina has beeped me that there is a Malaysia Blogrrr organization by the government agency will be held at the MIECC, MINES on 14th December 2013. She has asked me to think what is the new theme for the blog award for the disabled people as I was in such so busy at work. In a quick decision and our discussion, we came to have this as 'The Best of Disability Blog'!


I was curious what and who is MYNIC? Here is the details of MYNIC.

An agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia and is regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commissions (MCMC).

They do admin the name space for the .my top level domaiin (TLD). This involves the registration of domain names as well as the maintencance and operation of a domain name registry (a central database for .my domain names). 

There are eight (8) domain name categories, namely: -
 .my - for Malaysian individuals and organizations - for commercial organisation/ activities - for network-related organisation/ activites - for organisations/ activites which do not qualify for other catogeries - for Malaysian educational organisations only - for Malaysian government organisations only - for Malaysian military organisations only - for Malaysian individual's personal use only. 

 The internet registry & registrar for .my domain names. MYNIC Berhad promotes the coolest web address in the world.

Log on this url website for more details


I never think that I would have it by now which I only have just created my own blog in this year earlier. Thanks to my wonderful journey of experience where I can write/ share and tell my time over here. 
Thank you, my friend Selina again for the good chance to take the part. Thumbs up!

METRO HARIAN, 13 Dec 2013 has published out!
Big congrats to Ms. Selina!

Ambassador MYNIC, Ms. Selina Ooi

When I was having my own leisure time, there this my friend, Selina has popped up a surprise mesaage to my FaceBook and I was so hardly to believe that I was ONE of the Top 5 Nominees Blogrrr Awards in the Disability Blog category!

I keep following up with the news on Blogrrr event and here is the schedule that you audience won't miss it the FIRST Largest Blogger Gathering 2013 in Malaysia!

And I got the SUPER FREE Blogrrr T-Shirt by registered up!

I was late to get to there. Traffic-jam has went all crazy at the MINES. Here is the fun-time of my own moment taking up the picture with the big advertising  that I was the one among them :)

Congratulations to 1st Runner Best Disability Blog, Mr. Amir Hamidi!

Congratulations to 2nd Runner Best Disability Blog, Mr. Mohd Azahar!
Congratulations to 3rd Runner Best Disability Blog, Ms. Qistina Low!

My gratitude congrats to other bloggers as well. To keep this a big success in the new coming up in next year I hope.