Saturday, 16 March 2013

#A fascinating simple night#

#Bulgogi Brothers# `Korean Cuisine

My friend has called me for a dinner yesterday Friday night, she was making a plan to have some few friends with us. It was my first  outing in part of the Klang Valley. After my work, my man picked me up and headed to Paradigm Mall. It was too early to be there since the other friends arrived late. We went to the TESCO for a shop. There my friend, James Chua has ranged me up by asking us where we were. Soon, within 3 mins we all have met up together and went inside the restaurant. Guess what its? It was Bulgogi Brothers-Korean Cuisine! It has many kind of  food over in the menu, be it BBQ or normal one (rice & noodle).

It was a beautiful night in the atmosphere where i took this 2 different angle of photos. 

Another side of angle. it was an open-air restaurant where you can enjoy the night rather than in the air-conditioned one. 

        After a quick decision of selection over the menu, we finally we had for the dinner!

Here was the Bulgogi Brothers' Story

On our way to the restaurant...take a look!

Korean style... I like this.

My first Corn soup, it was tasty.

Another dishes served by Korean Appetizer

Part of Korean Kimchi and some bitter of vegetables...Healthy one

Beef raw to be cooked...BBQ time!

A glance of photo together

Our night dinner....we all had the fun!

Using the card member, we can to go to these restaurants.

We got free card member to earn was pinch of salt! Nice card. Thanked to James Chua for interpreting to us.

We bunch of friends took a photo together. Thanked to Kimberly for the wonderful photos!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

+2 #Food #My HomeMade Cuisine#

+2 #Food #Honey Soy Sauce Mushroom Chicken#

It is Honey Soy Sauce Mushroom Chicken. My ever first Chinese cooking. Sighs. It is tasty and healthy food too. It is for my luncheon at work.

Honey Soy Sauce Mushroom Chicken

+3 #Food #MyHomeMade Cuisine#

+3 #Food #Beef Mushroom Tomato Pasta#

It is Beef Mushroom Tomato Pasta. Good tasty! This dish smells so good appetite. And very delicious..yummy! Good start for me!

Beef Mushroom Tomato Pasta

+1 #Food #My HomeMade Cuisine#

+1 #Food #Alio Herb & Garlic with Crab Spaghetti Pasta#

A good try on dry spaghetti pasta. It felt good when it comes to a simple diet. Healthy one. 

Alio Herb & Garlic with Crab Spaghetti Pasta


+1 #my #crazytime @ Nail Salon #

Glitter Pink
Young Dark Orange

It was a real curiosity time for me where I could ever compared there and this the offers by the social media online. And there I spotted a good offer for manicure + pedicure spa, I was quickly to take a look. I called by SMS to make an appointment and it was done. Good service. The offer was going to do for 1 ½ hours by having had a nail cutting, buffing, soaking hands & feet and spa moisture gel for feet. I was asking to have square shape on my nails and there this a go. I was in a good relaxation mind by watching a movie which provided by the salon in a good air-condition environment surrounding the pink girlish decorations in colour. The staffs were very nice and friendly. I recommend you guys to try this salon. Go to Krystal Professional Nail Salon, Dataran Mentari!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

+#My CNY HomeMade Biscuits#

I was having a great time back home - in the meantime, my friend has bugged me where was his cookies which irateness me much. Thus I made a quick plan by buying some ingredients for the bake. Here was the go of my cookies right here ~ you could see the pics how it was look like. I have baked them for 2 hours = FINALLY I got 109 pieces of cookie! #Cranberry Cornflakes Biscuit# 2 bottles. They are sold for RM 21 each.