Tuesday, 29 October 2013

#FREE movie I won #About Time #KLIPs

FREE movie again? It is About Time, I have collected it last Friday 11th October 2013. My man has brought me to there after work. It was a nice place to see the office again. And I met a very friendly and nice young lady. She has showed me around the weird office but yet it cool!

Alamak! I have forgot to take snap of the tickets and I was tired and blurry out of the day, was kind of sorry for not being able to show you all here. The tickets are actually looked cute in the small size and they are orange in colour. 

Well, day by day has been passing by, I have bought newspaper, The Star to follow up with the news on when to get the *marked free movie and its show time. There this finally I have made the chilly raining day to watch a movie #About Time with my guy at the Paradigm Mall yesterday!

I redeemed this tickets by giving my FREE ticket movies for 2!
The movie was great! It has the romantic, comedy and sentimental film. A good show way to go.

Thursday, 10 October 2013


When I am bored, I flipped through FaceBook pages to see what I can do with until I saw this FRISO. Finding this out a big curiousity. Thus I clicked it to get a FREE sample baby powder for my little nephew! I sent out my details and did not really remember what I did. Until my man told me, he got to receive such a weird parcel - BABY POWDER! Lols, I said it is me who asked for. 

Yes, there are 4 free samples of baby powder inside the box. I give it to my lil Raakesh. Hope he enjoy drinking the milk. Its powder imported from Holland. A good brand though...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Once a while I joined this ENCHANTEUR Contest in the FaceBook but I guess I will lose it, the prize is going to Paris for 2. So just let it be, I got a notice which the ENCHANTEUR is giving away FREE sample of perfume EAU DE TOILETTE VIAL 1.8ml to 5,000 participants. Why not? I want to have one to smell it how good it is. I sent details. Did not expect it to send to me. Lols.
Last week, I got the letter after I get home from work. A little surprise of parcel for me. 

After I opened the letter, found this small cute perfume mini bottle and I use it quite fragrance. The smell is good. The perfume is not bad. The smell lasts long!