Friday, 19 June 2015

A True Inspiring Story

From School Teacher to Insurance Mogul

Madam's solo picture
Madam Yee Lee Lean's struggle from poverty to her success with APPS Sdn Bhd. A true story of rags to riches and overcoming adversity. This is what best depicts Lee Lean's tale. Lee Lean lost her father when she was only 3 months old, leaving her mother and siblings bereft. Things took a turn for the worse after that, as poverty and unfortunate experiences governed their early life. Her mother found it hard to make ends meet, having  worked only as door-to-door laundry attendant. Lee Lean's mother soon remarried and even though her stepfather provided a secondary source of income for the family, he was an alcoholic and as a result, he passed away in this early 50s, leaving 4 minor children behind including Lee Lean. To help sustain the family and her own living, Lee Lean had to teach as a temporary teaching at an institution in the morning, afternoon at a primary school, while she host her own tuition class at home till late every day.

Fortunately, things took a turn for the better when her brother introduced to her the concept of insurance. At the point then, Lee Lean as a temporary primary school teacher earned a meager RM278 monthly and was intrigued by the idea of how minimal savings can be turned into a significant amount. Lee Lean knew this was the turning point in her life; she took the leap and ventured into the insurance field leaving her days of hardship behind.
Lee Lean spent her early days in insurance as a life planner with AIA, in which she served the position for three years before moving on to agency management. It was during those initial years that AIA provided her with the training and essential knowledge of becoming an insurance agent. Lee Lean also decided to go the extra mile and continued her further studies; the AIA training program truly gave her the freedom in carving her own success. With her newfound knowledge, hard work and perseverance, this propelled her to succeed even more and she was even awarded second runner up nationwide for achieving the most number of individual cases, only after her second year of being a life planner.

Today, reluctant in adhering to the confines of a 9-5 job, Lee Lean boasts her own insurance agency called APPS Sdn Bhd, an abbreviation of Attitude, Personality, Perseverance and Skills, taken after what she believes is needed to be a successful life planner and entrepreneur. The APPS program educates its trainees on the true essence of financial planning through life insurance. Lee Lean believes that insurance is not just about selling a day-to-day consumer product, but also to educate consumers on the benefits of insurance and protection in the long run. 
Lee Lean believes that if the job is met with sincerity with the intent of wanting to help others, only then will consumers realize the true benefits of an insurance policy. This is parallel to AIA's motto of 'Doing the right thing, in the right way, with the right people,' which has become the very basis of her own success.
However, Lee Lean's journey to success has not always been smooth sailing; her biggest challenege was the lack of guidance and tutelage from another individual whom she could learn from. As she recalls, no one taught her the exact formula for success, she was left much on her own devices to find her way, which was time disheartening. However, she never gave up and used her smarts to figure out how to get things done.

Lee Lean has indeed come a long way since her poverty stricken days. She indulges in the life she has built for herself, traveling regularly to see the world, and enjoying the company of her family. One thing in particular that she is proud of as a mother, is being able to send both of her children to the United States for further studies on account of her own success.

Reflecting on her success over the last 34 years in the insurance industry, Lee Lean quotes Abraham Lincoln as her source of inspiration as he himself possessed a fiery passion for helping others and was never a quitter, something Lee Lean finds of relevance to her own self. When asked how would she see herself if she had never ventured into the insurance industry, Lee Lean states that she most likely would be a headmistress for a school or a kindergarten, because of her love for educating and wanting to help others.

Lee Lean’s advice for those wanting to get a head start in the insurance filed or for those looking to kick start their own business is that, as we get older our energy for doing work and labor will decrease and it is then, that our source of income will cease. To overcome this inevitable process, she advises people to build a self-sustaining career in which you can easily pass on to a successor to generate future incomes. For that, Lee Lean advises people to take up insurance as it typifies a successful business model when paired with good service, hard work and sincerity. Lee Lean believes that success is certain for those who yearn most for it.

For those who wish to follow in Lee Lean’s footsteps, and open the doors to having a balanced yet successful life, you may take your first step forward by attending her many motivational talks that she hosts all-year-round. Allow her to facilitate your growth and together, you can explore the endless possibilities the industry has to offer.

For more details, 
 Madam Yee and her team will also be present at the upcoming Career Builder Fair 2015 @ KLCC on 22th & 23th August (11am - 6pm)
Come over and visit to meet her face to face!

* kindly contact Ms.Ivy at or call in+603-7988 8043 *

Thursday, 18 June 2015

P1Omanite Invitation
A Movie Night to Jurassic World

Thank you P1 for bringing us #P1Omanite 2 to the Jurassic World. Wonderful familia of P1. 

It was a great movie dinner night at One Utama. We all were brought to the Jurassic World by P1. P1Omanite familia! Thanks for the beautiful organized. It was the 3rd P1Omanite event I have ever invited again! Glad to meet another blogger, Anne who is also a P1Omanite.

Yippe, the GSC tickets for 2 and popcorn combos

Thanks to P1 OMAnite

Thanks Wei Lee for the taking photo with me!
The GSC Glitters Cafe
Refreshment Meal
So delicious!

A photo together with Ms Selina & Ms Jocelyn (welcome to OMA) 
The GSC 1 Utama
Our P1 OMAnite Screening Room Yeah!
Welcoming the speech from P1 CEO
I have collected the movie and popcorn combo tickets from Dominic who has done his great job outside Glitters Café. I have the good light refreshment meal at Glitters Café for the first time. They looked so yummy and delicious! Drink orange juice, tea & coffee are served too. A good satisfied to fill our full stomach! There, my blogger friend, Selina and Jocelyn who has registered as a new OMA came along too. It was good to see them. And there we got our popcorn and soft drinks each. Thanks to GSC for their good service. We were too excited to get our favourite seats in the cinema and welcome our P1 CEO, Lai Shu Wei to give his short speech. No longer after that, we started the adventure night with the Jurassic World! The movie was so good! Thanks again to P1 for having us. 

How to become a part of our OMA family member with P1? It is here you go. OMA (Online Media Associates) is a great place where you will have the whole new experience with us all time. Come & join us!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Don’t just play the game

Are you too exciting to get ready to play with us? Knowing that it would be a great thing that you won’t miss! Well, the telco industry is getting you a game-changer which it will even more surprise you will get the best. What is so special about the game?

Let me get you in the first place. They are launching their latest campaign where you be going to love it. They are bringing you the good news.


The New P1: Now Ready to Play when You are

P1 launches new campaign, welcoming new customers to its enhanced 4G network
10 June, Petaling Jaya Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) today announced its new “Ready to P1ay” campaign that gives consumers a free month of Internet with zero upfront payment, welcoming new consumers to its newly enhanced 4G network.

The campaign launched today, underlines the company’s confidence in its network and its ability to deliver superior service to customers. During the campaign, new customers who sign up with P1 will enjoy zero first month subscription with zero upfront payment.
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Lai Shu Wei, who introduced the new campaign, said this latest offer was a culmination of improvements happening at the network on the back of the new partnership with TM and SK Telecom.

“We want to welcome new customers to experience P1 newly enhanced 4G network, because we are confident of giving them a better experience now. Why do I say this with such confidence? The partnership announced with TM last year has benefited us greatly in terms of providing additional resources that have gone towards improving network reliability and capacity. Thus, we hope to make it easy for new customers to sign up through our zero upfront payment promotion, so they can also experience the difference on P1 4G network.”

“In the long-term, we have already stated our plans to get our network mobile-ready through the deployment of 4G LTE. As we do this, we are simultaneously optimizing the network to increase capacity and enhance user experience. Thus, throughout this campaign, we encourage Internet users to try our services and let us know their feedback,” he added.

The campaign starts today with a limited time period. During this campaign period, customers who sign up for any plans from P1 are required to pay nothing up front (zero upfront payment). For customers signing up for ForHome®, ForBiz® or ToGo® bundled with MiFi devices with a minimum contract period of 24 months, a 1-month promotional discount will be applied for the first bill received (the rebate will be reflected in their bill).

During this campaign, the public can also participate through various activities and contests on P1’s Facebook Page – P1 Connect. For some contests, attractive prizes will be given away! Digital campaigns on Facebook will start from 29 June 2015 and end on 26 July 2015.

“Customer experience remains our main focus. As we move forward as part of the TM family, you can be sure that there will be more exciting announcements to come. This is all anchored around the customer, and we’re making every effort to deliver the best experience to the customer as possible by exploring new ways of working and doing things differently. Stay tuned.” concluded Shu Wei.

More information about this campaign is available on here. Are you ready to P1ay?

Check out for more at our Blogs: or

For media inquiries, please contact:
Hilda Juliana binti Shamsul Bahri, Brand and Communications
Phone: +603 74508375


Wajah Baru P1 : Bersedia untuk ‘ReadyToP1ay’ bersama-sama anda
P1 melancarkan kempen rangkaian 4G terkini, khas untuk pengguna baru
10 Jun, Petaling JayaPacket One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) hari ini mengumumkan kempen terbaru, “Ready to P1ay” yang menawarkan penggunaan Internet secara percuma pada bulan pertama tanpa sebarang bayaran permulaan, sekaligus memberi ruang kepada pengguna baru untuk mencuba rangkaian 4G P1 yang telah diperbaharui.

Kempen yang dilancarkan hari ini menampakkan keyakinan syarikat P1 terhadap keupayaan liputan rangkaian serta komitmen di dalam memberikan servis yang lebih baik kepada pengguna. Sepanjang berlangsungnya kempen ini, pengguna baru yang mendaftar bersama P1 akan menikmati servis percuma selama satu bulan tanpa sebarang bayaran permulaan. Lai Shu Wei, Ketua Pegawai Pemasaran P1 yang memperkenalkan kempen terbaru ini berkata, tawaran terbaru ini merupakan kemuncak kepada hasil peningkatan prestasi rangkaian P1 setelah perjanjian bersama TM dan SK Telecom dimeterai.

“Kami ingin mengajak pengguna baru untuk merasai pengalaman menggunakan rangkaian 4G kami yang baru dipertingkatkan, kerana kami lebih yakin dengan kemampuan kami untuk memberikan pengalaman pengguna yang lebih baik sekarang. Mengapa saya begitu yakin mengenainya? Ini adalah kerana kerjasama dengan TM yang diumumkan tahun lepas telah memberikan kami manfaat besar dari segi penambahan sumber untuk memperbaharui kekuatan dan kapasiti rangkaian kami. Oleh itu, melalui promosi tanpa bayaran permulaan ini, kami berharap untuk memberikan pengalaman lebih mudah untuk pendaftaran pelan kepada pengguna baru supaya mereka dapat mencuba merasai perbezaan rangkaian 4G P1.

“Untuk jangka masa panjang, kami meletakkan perancangan untuk memastikan rangkaian kami sedia mudah alih melalui perlaksanaan 4G LTE. Dalam masa yang sama, kami akan mengoptimumkan rangkaian kami untuk meningkatkan kapasiti penggunaan dan menambah baik pengalaman pengguna. Oleh itu, kami menggalakkan pengguna Internet untuk mencuba servis kami dan berkongsi pendapat mereka sepanjang tempoh kempen berlangsung,” tambah beliau.

Kempen ini bermula hari ini dengan tempoh tawaran terhad. Sepanjang kempen ini, pengguna yang mendaftar untuk mana-mana pelan terpilih tidak perlu membuat sebarang bayaran permulaan. Selain itu, pengguna juga dapat menikmati diskaun promosi satu bulan percuma, yang akan dipaparkan di dalam bil bulan pertama. Tawaran kempen adalah sah untuk Pelan ForHome®, ToGo® dan ForBiz® yang merangkumi kontrak 24 bulan.

Orang ramai juga boleh menyertai aktiviti dan pertandingan di halaman Facebook P1 – P1 Connect, di mana terdapat hadiah-hadiah menarik yang menanti pemenang di sepanjang tempoh kempen ini berlangsung.

“Kepuasan pengguna kekal sebagai fokus utama kami. Seiring dengan langkah seterusnya bersama keluarga TM, terdapat banyak lagi pengumuman menarik yang akan kami umumkan tidak lama lagi. Semua inisiatif kami memberi keutamaan kepada pengguna, dan kami akan bekerja sekeras mungkin untuk memberikan pengalaman yang terbaik dengan menerokai cara bekerja yang baru dan menghasilkan sesuatu yang lain daripada yang lain,” kata Shu Wei.

Maklumat lebih lanjut mengenai kempen ini boleh didapati di sini

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Brand and Communications
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About Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1), is a leading wireless broadband provider determined to become a formidable mobile telecom by making access to the Internet an awesome experience for every Malaysian. P1’s aspiration to deliver awesome is anchored by the synergistic tripartite partnership between TM, Malaysia’s broadband champion and leading integrated information and communications group; Green Packet Berhad, a global leading developer of 4G devices & solution; and SK Telecom, Korea’s largest telecom and the world’s first mobile carrier to launch LTE-advanced.

It will even provide you the best service, P1 4G Network with the good reliability and capacity. Let’s change the game together! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Do you love a fresh morning & healthy ice cream that will look good to you?

Here you may go for:



Half of Dragon Fruit
2 ½ Tablespoon Honey
4 Tablespoon Plain Yogurt


1.  Make sure the dragon fruit cut in slices (small pieces) and store in frozen for about 2 hours.
2.  Add the frozen fruit, honey, yogurt to the bowl of a food processor.
3.  Process until creamy for about 5 minutes.
4.  Serve the frozen yogurt immediately or transfer it to an airtight container and store it in the freezer overnight if it still not frozen.

You will love it so much as it tastes so good! Have well in making it for your loves one.

Need to detoxify your empty stomach in the morning?

It is for you.



Half of Dragon Fruit
2 ½ Tablespoon Brown Sugar
2 ½ Tablespoon Plain Yogurt
1 small cup Milk


1.        Add all the ingredients to the food processor for about 5 minutes.
2.        Pour into to 2 ready made bottles
3.        Store in fridge and have a fresh drink in the next morning. 

Drink it and you will feel so fresh. Your good energy will fill you much for the whole day.

They are healthy diet you can have no worries. Keep exercise up. Your skin will look great and back to shape!

The Movie
I just had watched a great movie, San Andreas with my husband last Saturday in the late evening at 1Utama. I have been telling him how good San Andreas is. There he has decided to get us for our weekend off away. We had our so-comfort seats, with our favorite popcorn, cheesy sausages with soft drinks.

The film is emphasis on a devastating, magnitude 9 earthquake, the largest in recorded history. I have been wondering how earthquake looks like. We Malaysians are very much fortunate to have beautiful earthy to live on.  Well, this movie talks about a beautiful family of 4 was living in a modern sentimental life. It does touch everyone’s heart and you may be couldn’t hold a tear watching it when you are in their situation. How scary it is when you lose someone…  

The husband, Ray
The wife, Emma
The only daughter, Blake
The husband, Ray works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot and the estranged wife, Emma have a beautiful daughter, Blake. Blake's elder sister has died from falling into the river when she has a great time playing the water rafting with his father, Ray. From the incident, it was a big grief to the family that broken to pieces. Ray has blamed himself and he gets to focus on his work so dedicate and keep him busy away. Of course, he is not forgetting his another precious darling, Blake. Blake has grown up into a very lovely lady with intelligence, brave and independent. Emma got herself a new man, Daniel as she is going to file a divorce with Ray. It leaves Ray in a very depression way too much and he is still firm. Emma is not telling Ray about moving out to a new place and new family to San Francisco from Los Angeles. Ray keeps wondering oh why Emma has to do that. Ray tells Blake to have fun on her trip.
When Emma and Blake are in San Andreas on their trip. Daniel took Blake to Daniel’s company. After had a short conversation between Daniel and Blake, Blake probably understands why her parents are not together. Blake accepts but in fact, she is not accepting Daniel the new father. Ray is on his duty, he gets the chance to call to Emma when she is having had lunch with her friend. Ray and Emma have hardly to express out their feelings toward to each other. No longer after that, Emma heard a strong earthquake that explode everything and everyone could die. As the earth cracks open and buildings start to crumble. Ray feels so much anxious but yet he is calm to ask her where she is. And ask her to walk up to the rooftop of building so he could see her. Then she is in so frighten and couldn’t imagine all this happen so sudden. She is not ready to die. She runs for life. Ray has come to rescue her immediately without a second thought. Emma is not that strong woman but Ray keeps encouraging her to go on whatever she has. He got her finally. Emma is like she is hard to believe it is the man she once married comes to her.

The moment they knew they are destined to each other
As a team
Meanwhile, Blake is another place waiting for Daniel. From there, she has got to know two cute brothers, Ben and Ollie. Ben has interview there and he knows how famous Daniel is. When Daniel is about to leave the building, he called Blake to go home. They board to the car and suddenly Blake looks around and observes knowing something is not right. She said it is earthquake and Daniel shouted to the driver to drive out fast. And they are trapped in the car basement. Daniel told Blake to wait and he gets help. Blake said please do not leave her, whispering to her own silence a moment in crying and frightening. When Ben and Ollie are about to leave the building, Ben saw Daniel is roaming around in frightening and he is so much selfish. Ben is worrying for Blake who is trapping down there. Ben has told Ollie to get Blake now. They have rescued her and get out from the building. They are together to find an electrical shop so she could get contact to her father, Ray. And Ray has picked up the call and spoke to her. To his relief, Blake is safe with Ben and Ollie. Emma is there to hear too. Disappointed Emma to know that Daniel left her daughter alone. Emma screamed to Daniel in a leave message call telling him, useless man! Emma is about to realize only Ray is the true hero and sincere husband who are always there for family who is in trouble.

Ollie, Blake & Ben
Family comes first in Ray’s mind. They realize how much they are so meant for each other still and never once to lose everything again. They work together as a partner team, best friends, soul mates to rescue their daughter, Blake. Blake is so strong person believes in her father’s guidance that keeps her to stay calm and positive during the worst situation she faces. Ben and Ollie are amazed at Blake’s true character. Ray has his many technical experiences that saved Emma and Emma has to admit that he is a good partner, leader and husband. Emma falls in love with Ray once again. They finally found Blake, Ben and Ollie who are trapped in a building and Blake is nearly drowning in water she has no much oxygen left. Ray has determined to save her from drowning that he needs Blake much more than anything. They all together have found one love in a family again. 
Family is the best place where you can place your trust in.

One Family
Moral in the film gives us to realize how we appreciate someone whom we love and care. We should build a good family with the base of foundations that we only have one chance from all
we have first married to our loves one. When something happens fast, we couldn’t get back what we have regretted. It is nothing.

Every couple should feel so grateful to each other. Everything with someone who you first love is always the best. It is the first and last you will fondly always remember all your life to the end. Everyone is not so perfect.

Reason is not the point to end up but destiny brings you together and you live with the true love. It is not too late than never. Start now to build a healthy and happy life with loves one and family. A relationship never fails but you can always renew in anytime and anywhere.

And not forgetting to educate a child is an important part role in your life of being a parent. How can a child be educated well? A child is educated to understand the meaning of life. Life is unpredictable. Thus, a child should always have the good guidance from parents with a lot of patience, understanding and get through the challenges with a great of courage. Life won’t wait for to start a path but you have to start now with an open-minded. There is a must always HAVE in every of parenthood to do the good testing, observation, mindful, logical and technical in all aspects you take and it is very useful in life you will be facing of with your child. A child learns as well. Never ever neglect to each other one or you will regret to lose one precious. A child will always have the respect to look upon you as proud parents. At the same way, a partner shows how much affection for her/ his love.

Always remember the precious moments with your family. Do spend time, work out the relationship and it will lead you completely understood what a life means so much to you. Not being only in a marriage life but also to your own parents and siblings.

Some are not unfortunate to have a good family, losing family, and so on. Those have family is much luckier. Thus, not to make more demands or you will lose something important you will never know. Appreciate what you have.  

This rule is always important keys you should always remember: -
Ø       Always believe in no matter what
Ø       Have faithful, trustworthy and understanding
Ø       Patience & Courage
Ø       Encouragement with full of love
Ø       Support

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Laces are becoming a very popular choice among women due to its soft delicate element which helps portray a feminine character. However, women should make sure that they own three must-have lace clothing in their closet at home. Why? This is because when you feel you need to add a little girly touch to your outfit, lace is the easy way to go. There are three lace must-have pieces which every woman should own. The first one will be the lace dresses which is perfect to be worn to dinner parties, a date with the special someone or even a casual lunch with the girls. Choose from the various lace dress designs available in the market and flaunt it off according to every setting or occasion. Perk up the laces with jackets or cardigans to add that innocence or add a little edge into it. 

Women who are looking for a skirt can select a lace type design instead. Whether a midi skirt or a maxi skirt, match it with your top and strut down the streets feeling amazing. It is a perfect way to switch from lace dresses to lace skirts for a casual mood. Besides that, women can play mix matching their lace skirts using coloured tops. 

Another lace piece of clothing for women to add as part of their look is a nice lace blouse. Choose from the variety of colours and designs which match your personal style. Pair it with a skirt, jeans or pants anyway you like. These lace blouses are flexible for women to flaunt it off without looking out of place. Lace blouses are perfect for women of all age groups and it is a timeless fashion piece which is worth your fashion investment.

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