Friday, 26 February 2016

an online shopping

ensogo, is a quite popular online shopping where Malaysians now can order and take it in anywhere and anytime. Similar to, hermo and etc. 

ensogo - is a brand of Southeast Asia's premier online shopping destination, featuring an exclusive selection of products, services and travel offers at the most competitive prices available.

When I open this ensogo website, I surprisingly to see that there is a neat and plays strong colorful and well-arranged some of icons to get notice easily. And not only that, fonts are well-readable which shows good typography and its color as well. 

Feels like I am surfing online in the Japan website girly feeling
You can see the their advertising on the top marked they are selling 50% off to use code and its term and conditions to be spot easily.

 You will notice the red highlighted "Best Sellers" easier to spot through which in categories that we want. Save our time and do not get lost easily.

A well-organized website
How well-organized is in this website above that you will be able to get through easily, each by each. For eg, there is this health & diet and groceries at the different color of bars to be shown. Besides that, this website also shows how important they have to give you a good view online shopping, you may notice a many columns that you will be going to through many floors to check. For eg, there is a column bars on the left with many good simple icons to know that. 

It is also gets clock to know how fast you want to get your stuffs, do not wait. The prices are good enough to be cheap on the line. The promotion discounts are also on the mark.

I choose groceries category > healthy & diet food; Chia Seed. I find out how cheap they are too good enough to purchase off right away. Wait a minute, there is another details below where I can get the good information on buying chia seed. Ain't it a good website though?

The brief of buying item

At the end of website, you will stop by where to finish your shop and buy them online. Here is the steps you will check in there. And in other way, you can sign up and save your budget of becoming ensogo member.

Not forgetting InvolveAsia which is also a part of online shopping where you are able to have good benefits to get from. 

Let me introduce you how this InvolveAsia - an Ecommerce Affiliate Network works out at here.

This is how InvolveAsia website works through the affiliate network program
InvolveAsia has now changes their name to this

SHOPSTYLERS, a brand new where everyone gets to enjoy of its every way you can earn from this affiliate network program at the same time meanwhile you are on online shopping. 

How cool this looks onto you?

Want to join SHOPSTYLERS as a new member?

You will feel amaze when you shop in their ecommerce affiliate network website, you will feel to the top by choosing any online shopping websites you are looking for. 

It does help you to earn some good pocket money. It even saves your time and cost not 
necessarily needed to find where to get something. They do provide you in general of shops
to look at. 

Look, how it works out in this way

Ensogo online shopping, one of them

Shogun, another online shopping 

ChristyNg, for shoe lovers.
How interesting it is, right?

Let's share this newbie ecommerce affiliate network with your shopaholic friends over, why not?

Happy Online Shopping ^,^

Sunday, 21 February 2016


The Concept.
Real gelato meets at 41 degrees north latitude
Captial of Italy, Rome and Hokkaido's Hokaodate
The two towns are connected at 41 degrees north latitude:
one being the gelato source reigon
and the other home of gelato's basic ingredient, milk.

Hokkaido Hakodate Gelato Da 41'N
Startin the sustenance from Hokkaido,
to preparing a variety of unique tastes found in Italy, 
they aim to provide you with the richest
and most delicious local flavor of Italy.

Naming consisting of the highest quality milk

'Issimo', the finest Italian milk, is combined into our brand name, 'Milkissimo' to show their persistence for quality from the finest milk origin. Since Hakodate and Rome run on the same latitude of 41 degrees, hence "HAKODATE GELATO DA 41'N" has been arranged under the logo.

Flavorful, highly nutritious milk used

Their milk series Gelato is made with high quality milk from Hakodate countryside. Highly similar to fresh milk without pasteurization or adjustments to the milk fat to preserve the most natural taste and nutrients. Milk is obtained from healthy cattle raised and fed under stress-free environments.

Fruit and vegetable from Hokkaido

Raw materials are seasonal fruit and vegetables from Hokkaido. To enjoy the subtle difference in taste, they have selected the most delicious varieties. Take their Strawberry ice-cream as example, over 70% of the ingredients is raw fruits. Raw materials is secured under the guarantee cultivation for "Milkissimo" to ensure food quality and safety.

Glamorous decoration to enhance the overall experience.

Each and every one of their ice-creams served is decorated beautifully with fresh fruit and vegetables to enhance the overall experience at Milkissimo. Their glamorous decoration aims to provide their guests with visual enjoyment while they satisfy their taste buds with the finest quality Gelato.

Now MILKISSIMO has 3 shops in ASIA besides than other in Japan.

:Singapore NEX:

The menu you will see there.
There are 18 kind of flavorful gelato ice-creams

*Green Tea Milk
*Sicily Pistachio (premium)
*Mellow Melon (premium)
*Banana Yogurt
*Black Sesame Milk

*Almond Chocolate (premium)
*Coconut and Passion Fruit
*Hokkaido Strawberry Milk

*Caramel Macchiato (premium)
*Purple Sweet Potatoes
*White Peach
*Tiramsu (premium)
*Cherry Blossom

My husband and I get the chance to taste the double and triple of our Hokkaido Gelato Ice-Cream.

Double of Banana Yogurt and Green Tea Milk
 The Banana Yogurt tastes so sour than I have tasted, Green Tea Milk is mildly good enough to be tasted. 

Triple of Tiramsu, Caramel Macchiato and White Peach

The 3 flavorful ice cream are so nice to taste. So good enough. 

They even offer us their special waffle. Look what we have got you here.

Signature Waffle
 The signature waffle is too good to eat in with mouth to feel its sweet fruits kind of type, Mellow Melon Gelato Ice Cream on the topping. The waffle is made with milk in tasty and yet it is soft. Overall of this dish is too cute to stare at.

Wafu Tuna Waffle
The Wafu Tuna Waffle is so much to my favourite food but good addition enough of another piece of Japanese sour kind of pickle and its seaweed and Japanese cucumber on top. The tuna is added with some salty to taste. Its other side of crispy potatoes is already too much salty to taste together with the tuna one. I prefer to have it with other more sweeter dish.

The environment space is too nice to sit in with.

They even introduced us their PARFAIT. It is a kind of frozen dessert.

NEW Caramel Coffee
I love the Caramel Macchiato Gelato Ice-Cream on top with its sweet fruits and bitter of coffee to get spoil with, What a lovely dessert.

NEW Berry Berries
 The dessert you will have the sweet of strawberry bud taste which is not so bad for strawberry lover with its lovely of Cherry Blossom Gelato Ice-Cream.

I have been Gelato lover for it is a healthy ice-cream and I would recommend this to everyone to try this there. Please do spare your time with your loves one.

*4.5/5 rate*

For Gelato lover, you now can get the promotion BUY one and 50% discount on SECOND beverage!

Thank you Milkissimo and FoodInker for the food review invitation over.

You can find their newly open of MILKISSIMIO shop at the new mall.

Da Men Shopping Mall
No.1, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1,
47600 Petaling Jaya,

Please find the map at here.

3BSkin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask

3BSkin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask,  I have received as my beauty review
My skin is dying from any cleanser or mask products which I have been used all are finished. And I knew I am going to get my new 3BSkin product to be my 1st pamper of facial time. 

I was glad to have 3BSkin Water Splash to be my lovey of the month! It even surprised me on how much I could not wait to get spoiled with it. 
What a cool packaging I have ever seen
Unpacked the box packaging, there this is the Water Splash
Holding the cute mini round glassy of 3BSkin new product I am gonna to use
It is a safe product where it does protect your skincare from any harm
Now I am proudly to use of this new launch product, WATER SPLASH Hydrating Jelly Mask. The product comes with a cute mini round glassy box and covered with cool printed design. I do love graphic and its attraction of packaging design has been my attention so well. 

My face had been cleanse after washing the foam cleanser
Look at what I have get myself to enjoy my little pamper time, the newly launch product 3BSkin
Firstly, when I have applied the Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask unto my face after washed up with cleanser foam. 

The beautiful amazing blue ocean jelly
I do not know what is Water Splash hydrating jelly mask. Nevertheless, when I first opened it and there is amazing blue ocean jelly in colour I could not resist for more to get fall in love with. The blue ocean jelly smell is so fragrance! Of course, the jelly mask is covered with its slim of foam to protect its product to be stored in well. I love it. 

I read its information on how to use it well.

Here it goes as:-

Hydrating Jelly Mask
Recommended for oily and blemish prone skin types. It replenishes, restores, and revitalizes the skin with intense moisturizing ingredients. Skin becomes visibly refined and resilient while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. It transforms your skin into dewy, soft and fully moisturized. Regular weekly application keeps skin plump and helps protect against dryness.

Apply in the evening after cleanser, toner and moisturizer steps. Portion appropriate amount on nose tip, cheeks, forehead and chin, and enjoy the scent for about 3 seconds. Gently spread over the face from inner to outer part along the skin texture. Rinse off in 15-30mins or go to sleep after the product is absorbed without rinsing off (Rinse off the next morning)
Use once or twice a week. 

Aloe Barbadensis, Chamomile Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Lecithin, Natural Bearberry Leave extract, Tocopheryl Acetate.

Yes here how I have applied the Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask
The jelly has been absorbed to my face skin so well while I could feel the cool like mint and they are dry up fast
Wow, what a refresh look I have after rinsed with lukewarm water. My skin face is so rejuvenate and clean.

I noticed that my skin face has been so clear and clean unlike before. Even with few weeks without any cleanser or moisturizer or mask, my skin does not get effect but gets to improve so well within a few seconds only. 

And my skin face gets the chilly feeling after rinsed with lukewarm water.

The whys?
My nose area has no black pores. I love it. It has even protect my skin within 24 hours without getting oily skin all over my face. My skin can even go survives with the little longer days without having complaint. The water splash does help a lot. And even improves my skin cell which I need it so badly whenever I go. 

I have been using it one, twice or triple times in a week row. Which my skin face does not need to go to facial salon that saves my cost and time. I am now happily to know 3BSkin to be my part.  

I love having water splash to be with me all time because water splash has been my favourite. I would get it for more as I could not live it without you. 

3BSkin Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask
*4.5/5 rate*

: for buying 3BSkin products :