Wednesday, 25 June 2014

+ an outdoor cinema +
the 1st event to make it to all over Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

My ever first time to the Outdoor Cinema after been to the Rainforest World Music which held in many years ago I had with my aunt in Penang. I was so fascinated by the world music which has brought in from overseas. I love to understand every musics' tribes and cultures.

It has been ages I never had a such good experience!
It is when I am in bored to death, I found something great...
FaceBook yeah but I can find it in my account
where I can send out my vote of wanting to win the STARLIGHT CINEMA!

not only but too.

After I read it yeah it is what I exactly wanted for!
So I non-stop to send out my vote hands!

Till I have won the tix yeah!

I received 4 tix! ~
Yes, another got 4 tix! -


All were 8!

I wonder how I was gonna to spend the nitey...
called my bunch of guys' friends!

It was at Bukit Equestrian @ Bukit Kiara.

1st Fri nite - was late by hurrying up, stuck in finding the place to park car, uhm..
luckily was on time not to miss the show.
It was Man of Steel movie.
Ordered Kaw Kaw Burger (lamb), so delicious!
whoa, RM15 for that!

Brought floor mat to place on the green pastures.
Nice to feel at all time.
After eating, I was resting and lying down
what a sweet time I had all my life
watching over the skies + stars all above there
breathing the good fresh air
so nature
so cold,
by God's creation

I miss the smell - fresh air yeah!

2nd Sat nite - great plan, had time to look round
stall by stall
good to see thingy.
It was The Dark Knight movie.
Ordered Crazy Potatoes & Drink
A long queue to buy.
Lying down on the mat
so loving with my loves one.
So chilly night...

The best outdoor night I have ever had!

Thanks to RevASIA!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

TIGER Translate
Happening @ Kenanga City KL on 14th June 2014

I joined this contest without any doubts and yet I have won this 2 EXCLUSIVE PASSES
to attend the unique of Art + Music (all in 1) = Beer! 
Tiger Translate, a platform is to celebrate global creativity in music and arts through the exposure of different cultures and experiences!

The event has held across 23 major cities worldwide.
Tiger Translate is finally land in Kuala Lumpur for the first time!
Celebrate a brand new experience @ Tiger Translate.
Rock 'em!

You could meet many creative artists all over the world where you will enjoy the music and art they bring up.

Displaying TT3.JPG

Displaying TT2.JPG

Displaying TT.jpg

Displaying TT1.jpg

Sadly, I could not attend the party which I have desired to go. So I give this passes away to my man's brother. Yeah, the party gave him a go of 2 hours beating the music rock there :)


Have always wanted to go to Publika. 

mall in the city!

In the mall
you will be noticed by many
exotic arts

chairs. exhibit. cafe.

GREAT place
for all in 1.

in confusion mind
as the mall is whereabouts 
my friends and I could not find
place we want to look for.

the mall 
is definitely separated 
into many kind of areas

cafes. shops. etc.

We were hungry
quickly to hunt cafes all around
there we decided to try
a Japanese resturant

What is Shunka? Why it is called 'Shunka'?

the 1st Oden Concept in Malaysia

Shunka Kiosk Concept is launched and called as Oden in Japanese.
It is a Japanese traditional style kiosk, 
mostly located in mall, airport, MRT & so on.
 This concept has started 
in Japan, Taiwan and China.
The 1st Oden concept in Malaysia,
Shunka Yatai Ryori,
currently located @
1st Avenue Mall,

The food was a good appetite
to our stomach

Thumbs up
You may log on this url for more details
SHUNKA, Japanese Family Restaurant

For cooling our too big stomach,
my friend and I miss having had the 


And we got our healthy drinks
Boost Juice!
I had #MangoSenstation
healthy fruity
Loved it!

Boost Juice Website

My Favo 'Mango Sensation'!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Decided to see the DURIANA eventually!

As planned. Had McD breakfast with my man. Forgot something. Made U-Turn. Picked a lovely friend of mine.
Headed to La Scala Restaurant
right away!

Its 12.45 noon
Arrived the venue.

Found car park within the building
Walked short distance 
to the main entrance
where all the Duriana staffs
having had their door gifts away.

Displaying D10.jpg

The Duriana staffs having had their hot shot ^.^

Displaying D8.jpg

Displaying D9.jpg

Received the gift surprisingly

What a little surprised!
Overwhelmed with the full colorful of
different vibrate stalls with many 
friendly bloggers and vendors!

Displaying D6.jpg

Displaying D4.jpg

quite a creative soho mini restaurant
they gonna to blast the skies
rocking up the Petronas Twin Towers!

 - A Market In the Skies -

We ladies took a quick tour around
shop by shop
many unique ideas came up 
among the pops and shiny
stalls in every in corners
sells thingy
from the only price as low as
RM 5!

Leaving my man behind, 
had his own time 
his first intention...

Hot weather thirsty everyone
papers to cool the temperature
he then quickly grab a cool juicy bottle
grapefruit passion

I loved girly stuffs!
Food. Accessories. Fashion. Beauty

Pastas; Cookies

African style
Necklaces; Bracelet;

Back to 80's
Vintage Sunglasses
Cool Modern Lego Pins

MakeUp Products

 Met few vendors and bloggers
which I have read a blog among them, PuiYan
and there I met her with her partner. 
Another vendor...
I am told Am I a Malaysian?, 
one of them asked me
Numb in my mind a while
I said no, I am not. 
Am a Malaysian.

 After few times walked spins round
Things were details in my mind and eyes
Hardly to decide
There I finally bought
 the most favorite knitted clothe type 
at only RM 30

Displaying D7.jpg

Whilst my friend bought
a lovely rock belt
just for RM 10!

So cheap but yet quality stuffs!

So hot under the skies,
We took a while to sit on 
the sofa with lovely pillows.

We had to leave the wonderful place
for our next lunchie time!

Thank you so much 
for the great so creative event
you have created for us everyone
to feel much alive 
in the buzz city!

Hoping to hear 
Your another next a big gig event!

Thumbs up


Displaying D11.JPG

DURIANA FB Page is a fun and addictive app 
with the alike 'pinterest' stream 
of stunning photos, easy social sharing 
and location-based searches to find 
the beautiful things near you. 

Available for both Android and IOS users.
Download it now and join the Duriana community. 


You can have the start - run
to do the list roll down 
right away...

It is where you can begin to

Displaying D12.JPG
Displaying D14.JPG
Displaying D15.JPG

 Here we all can share our Duriana family news
one by one
to the people out there 
just simply
download the app and start
cool, isn't it.

Displaying D13.jpg

 Do follow this cute-lovely badge by Duriana
 to access to browse and view 
my latest closet listings (pre-loved & much more)

Displaying D16.JPG

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Duriana                                   Meet DURIANA.

The great event is just around the corner!

Are you planning to have a rock event this coming up weekend? Here, DURIANA.Marketplace is the ONE – you will be exclusively to enjoy the awesome event!



A market in the Skies

Duriana, Malaysia’s favourite social marketplace app, is inviting you to their A Market In The Skies event on Saturday, June 14th at La Scala Restaurant, 12-6pm

Just to furnish you a little on what our company is about - we are a mobile-first shopping platform, which merges functions of Instagram and eBay into one, allowing users to discover a world of wonderful products around them from vintage trinkets to pre-loved clothes.

Following the success of our first major event 360 Kuala Lumpur Bazaar in April, we are coming back strong with our third event of the year! This time around, we’re bringing the market experience to the skies on a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers.

The event will include a host of attractions such as a curated fashion market + bubbly brunch + and DJ set by The Other Party. There will also be a champagne pong competition. Meanwhile, Uber will be handing out free rides to new users (Code : UBERDURIANA)
(let us know if you are interested in taking part…)

We would also like to propose a special giveaway for your readers. The first 30 readers who come by our media registration booth and flash us our app and the password: BLOGGERS IN THE SKIES will receive a goodie bag from FH Club, our official giveaway sponsors.

Here is our Facebook event page: I attached a pre-event release, a few pics of La Scala's rooftop area and our poster...

Please do inform us if you are able to attend so we can prepare a cheeky glass of champagne and a goodie bag of some of our app's most loved items. If you have other blogger friends who would be interested in coming along as well, let us know, we would love accommodate them as well!


 I have never know much about DURIANA until I am told by this company who will make one stop for all shop online center for anyone. I download the app and it is amazed me with a lot of stuffs where I can shop for more! *WoW*

You guys may be do not want to go around malls or think what you need to get yourself a thing, buy your friends and family some gifts. There this Duriana will helps you to save your time, distance and cost too! They even give you with its many choices to choose and they even give you a place to sell off you old or new items. You have the ideas to make it all happen at one store over here app - what more can one ask for. 

The Duriana offers me the best app where I can shop and look for stuffs with its cool and new face design where it gets me all in organized of categories! Be it, the Tech; Fashion; Deco and much more. Thumb up to the great team work for making the Duriana app a success! - EASY.SAVE.GOOD.FAST.

Just simply download the application DURIANA to your smartphone and start to explore its many categories right away through your fingers flipping!

Do follow up their  DURIANA EVENT PAGE

A classy of beautiful rooftop terrace,
 La Scala Restaurant overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers!

For parking this weekend, please park opposite Wisma HB (next to Menara AmBank) on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Exit through the car park's side entrance and walk through the mamak and you will see LA SCALA's main entrance! 

Let's meet and rock the party, see you guys there! :P