Saturday, 31 August 2013

#Malaysia Independence Day

It was an unfortunate day! - All water supply has been break down due to the leak of oil rubbish from Rawang. All within KL/Selangor & part districts of Selangor were badly affected. It has been 3 days from Friday night to Sunday Morning ( No Water!) imagine da?

I was so helpless during the day/night on Merdeka Day! Everyone knows water is very precious. We cannot live without water. 

I have not showered for the 1 whole day! Luckily the weather was not so hot, but rainy all the lovely evening!

Thanked to the Selangor Dept, Elizabeth Wong to solve it fast and the water supply came back to normal. 

Moral : Water is precious. Do not waste water every second.!

Friday, 30 August 2013

#56th Merdeka Day #Malaysia's Independence Day

Happy to Malaysia 56th Merdeka Day(our very own Malaysia Independence Day) in this coming Saturday tomorrow on 31st Aug 2013 . May we remember how we were grateful to our Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman who has brought the peace upon our country. Malaysia is a blessful country indeed where we live together in harmony with the wonderful people, food and cultural.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Goodbye to #FamilyTime #Penang #Reunion #the Last batch of US-AUS

After send off the cousins to Aus going back to their home. I was late for my appt dinner with friends, damn it. Luckily, my grandaunt has dropped me off to mall and I was on time for the happy dinner. And we then had our coffee chat time and late to midnight time. It was starting to rain. I was home then.

I had a good sleep and the next morning was my journey back to the city, KL after 3 times stayed in Penang with the family. My mum dropped me off to station and I was headed to the city and the journey has delayed another 2 hours, what a terrible raya jam back home!

I have reached KL at late about 4pm, after had a long of 7 hours in the bus. What a big of sigh!

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day8

It was in the afternoon where we family were having our outing time. to Prima Tanjung. Before we send off our Aus family back home in the late afternoon. Gonna miss everyone who make home a cheer and good time@No.22.
Till we meet another time here in Malaysia for an another sweet home visit

Mushroom Soup
Jumbo Cheddar Sauage with mashed potatoes
Beef Stew with mashed potatoes
Mutton with Nasi Beriyani
Chicken Salad

Recommend this Asian Local and Western cuisine, a worth-try!

98-1-26 Prima Tanjung, 
Jalan Fettes, 
Tanjung Tokong, 
11200 Penang, 
Biz Hours : 6pm-11pm (Weekdays)
                : 12pm-3pm/ 6pm-11pm (Weekends)
Close : Tuesdays. 
Halal status : *Pork free*

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day7

My cousins have gone back to the US a day after. Left the Aus cousins whom I was gonna to spend time with. I brought Alexis and Rachel to One Stop and Paragon for their last shop before their flight home the next day. I met my friend there too, at the same time saving my time together. We all were having Taiwanese luncheon. Delicious one!

And by night we went to our aunt's place for dinner. We had fried pork glass noodles/pork rice steam to name a few. We had a lovely night there, family chat time be it far from the oversea we got to video camera with our grandaunts who live in Amsterdam and the UK at the same time. It was good to feel the family warm all the years!

What an exhausted day!

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day6

On the first day of Raya Celebration at my grandaunt's place with everyone. 
It was nice to see her face to bring back the cheers by everyone does by saying hi. 

More loving photos to see here...


#Cousins #Julianne #Rachel having had their good meal, Pizza!

#Aunts #Cheryl #Jen having had their bit talk of the health fitness :)

Raya scrumptious food over the table><

Busy #Grandaunt #Kum Ku Poh was talking over the phone whilst makan
Happy family
Busy chitchatting
Yeah Laksa, I miss it so much!

Black sleeping cat
#Cousins #Siblings sister #Joanna #Priscilla
After a while staying by, suddenly I was told that my cousin, Julianne they were about to leave Malaysia for their flight home. In a such hurry, we family have our set-off time to drop them to airport.

#Cousin #Joel ran away from the shy camera
#Cousins #Before their bid farewell off to the US

#Cousins #A quick snap of photo moment
#Cousins #Moment time
#Mum #Cousin Josie trampling on mum's foot haha!
 After visited the house raya, on the way home we stopped by a roadside where my both parents and aunt dropped by to buy durian for my Aus KowFu Lam. He is fond of durian very much!

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day5

After I have arrived my Penang home from Sg.Nibong station, both parents have picked me up. Headed to Gurney Drive having had the Bak Ku Teh luncheon with the family together. It was nice to be home at the last before the Raya has began. 

We everyone had a good time and headed (cousins/aunt/mum) to Gurney Paragon, the newest mall on the island. It was awesome!

Here are some of shoots of the mall.

Friday, 16 August 2013

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day4 (The Shooting Day)

It was lunch time with the gang family at Zhong Hua Dim Sum Restaurant, One Stop. Had good food home.

The bit cam-whore of the family hehe

Recommend this Dim Sum restaurant.

Zhong Hua Dim Sum Restaurant
Middlands Park Centre (1-Stop)
10350 Penang.
Tel : 604-229 9818

After the lunch, went home for 2 hours before the real shooting family time. Everyone was rushed to get in ready with own make-up and went to the Botancial Garden in the hot sunny time.


#Lovely cousins #First Sisters
#The 5 gal cousins

#Mafia dad with cousin Joel
#Cousin Joel with KowFu Lam
#Irritated Josie

#Beautiful Chin family
#Gorgeous US family

They looked awesome, updated including Josie, the last young generation to add to this family. After 10 years later! All cousins have grown up.