Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Truly Blessing Weekend Treat

Pho Vietz

Last weekend in the evening, my friends and I were going to give a little surprise for our friends' birthday in advance. There this new mall, Atria Shopping Gallery locates in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. I am told that Atria is actually was a small mall with the old things but now it has big transformation into a large of new lively mall with more shops and restaurant to look around. A very nice design in the mall, you will feel amaze and of course you will feel the cool inside. 

My darling and I walked around to look for the few choice of restaurants to decide for not wasting much time while waiting for the other friends to come over. Then no longer, I was call up for the meet up. And there, it was so nice to see my friend all there so happily. Then, my darling and I were introduced to Ms. Martina, a new FOD (Friend of Deaf) that is my friend, Kim teaches in Sign Language class. 

Then my friends, Ms. Selina and Ms. Woan Koon who are also my Deaf bloggers were waiting  for Mr. James who decides for his birthday on restaurant dinner. There he chose this Pho Vietz, a Vietnamese cuisine. There were a quite packed inside the restaurant. This Vietnamese restaurant is so popular. And luckily we all were able to get out table and ordered our food right away. When we looked at book menu, we have asked the manager and staffs for more details on dishes. Thanks to Ms. Martina for helping us to interpret. Finally, we got out dishes, what an amazing food in front of us. A real Vietnamese dish we tasted is so delicious and sweet. There is no spicy all over in the dishes. 

This soup may looks spicy for you but it does not. When I sip it by spoon, it tastes so sweet with some lemon juice and pineapple to have its aromatic of basil leaves and chillies in the bowl under a small fire where you can adjust the fire yourself. How good is it, right? And the other dish is caramelized fish, a very flavorful and savory in tasty you can feel the real softness in fish when it cook in steamed on a hot plate with having all the good smell of black pepper. To eat all this with serving two per rice bowls. It is fit for 2 persons instead of only for one person. All has tried the taste and everyone has agreed to this good dish. Good recommendation. Thanks to the restaurant chef.

Mango Smoothies drink is another way to straw all up in your mouth, you feel so fresh all the good ingredients to take all thirsty away with the love for Mango. It is so tasty. The tea is good to drink too, much healthier to our body to detoxify inside. It does not bring any aromatic but it does contain grain rice that you will see it in as tea.  

This pork rice is so nom-nom. It has the fat softness of crunchy pork meat having the good sauce that will fill in your mouth with much love for Vietnamese food. Its other dishes, vegetable, soup and rice that meet your desire. Good recommendation. Thanks to the restaurant chef.

Another dish is chicken noodles will bring you its complete of scrumptious in Vietnamese. The chicken is so crispy and crunchy to eat with the fresh noodles and vegetables. A big bowl that will sacrifice you. Good recommendation. Thanks to the restaurant chef.

To our little surprise, this curry beef noodles soup is not spicy one because when you taste it, it feels like you having the Ipoh Hor Fun Soup to recall back. The beef is quite a lot and its meaty so softy to bite in easily without having any difficult. You will have to taste it with the savory sweet sauce instead of having the chilies sauce to dip in together.

This set is special for regular or large pax ranging for 5-7 pax. Wow! It is a lovely set does bring you to feel its origin Vietnamese that we will have to eat like the Vietnamese people. Feel the sweet, crunchy, crispy meats and fresh vegetables and two good sauces to dip in with on Vietnamese transparent popiah.  How does a white popiah become transparent? You will have to dip the hard popiah to its water to get its transparent then only you will wrap it having all the delicious many combination to eat. What a way to taste!

Before ending our dinner we all have asked for the bill receipt while chit-chatting to each other. And we were informed that our bill has been paid off by a good Samaritan. We all were so shocked and we all did not want to. We shall pay for the dinner meals. We asked who is the good Samaritan and we were told that he has gone. We did not get our last chance to say thanks to him. The good Samaritan is the restaurant's regular customer to our surprise. We told the restaurant manager to thank the good Samaritan for our behalf when he comes over again. 

To the good Samaritan who have read my blog, I want to say BIG Heartfelt Thank You to you together with behalf of my friends for the dinner at Pho Vietz Restaurant at Atria Shopping Gallery Mall in Damansara Jaya on 12th July 2015, 7pm. At least we hope to meet you to say how much we thank you again. We shall always remember your generosity. May God bless you in many abundantly in your way.  

Cafe 9
(A Taste of Thai)
food review

Many would love to travel to Thailand, especially our local Malaysians for its a famous shopping haven, massage and of course the Thai cuisine. The taste of Thai cuisine is relatively fit to Malaysian people taste. Hence, most of the Malaysian tend to love Thai cuisine. 

The beautiful ambiance in the cafe

Cafe 9, a Thai cafe established by 9 family members. 9 in Chinese perspective means 'Forever'. The boss of Cafe 9 hopes to continuously serve their customer the best forever, as customer satisfaction is always the first priority of this cafe. Moreover, numbers is always more easy to remember than other words, the boss of Cafe 9 hope to give customer to easily remember them when they think of consuming Thai cuisine. 

One of the signature dishes of Cafe 9 would be Prawn Cake. The ingredients are relatively fresh and you may experience that is crispy outside, and the softness inside. The prawn cake will only be prepared after you place your order; hence it is fresh and might need a short period of time to prepare before it served. It is definitely worth for waiting. 

Cafe 9 will ensure the quality of every dish before they serve the food to its customer. In addition, the portions are relatively big. In short, Cafe 9 not only provides you with quality food, but also quantity.

Tom Yam Sup
The big prawn, nom-nom

Tom Yam Sup 
(you can choose the soup in red or clear)
Only Prawn > RM25.90 (R) ; RM45.90 (L)
Seafood > RM25.90 (R) ; RM45.90 (L)
Regular is for 2-4 pax , Large is for 5-8 pax

Massaman Curry Chicken
Massaman Curry Chicken
served with less sauce but packs a powerful flavor and can be tuned to be an ultimate spicy curry

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings

 Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings

Thai Prawn Cake

Thai Prawn Cakes (House Special) 

Dancing Fish

Dancing Fish
deep fried fish with meat cut to bit size serving in 2 sizes
small for 4 pax ; RM44.90
large for 6-8 pax ; RM49.90

Thai Otak-Otak

Thai Otak-Otak (Hor Mok)
a seafood combo served with sweet fresh coconut fresh

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns

Broccoli served in signature egg sauce

Broccoli served in Signature Egg Sauce 

Fish Cake

Fish Cake

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice 

The love for Thai cuisine
There is no service tax & GST. 
You will be able to enjoy the good food on Thai to love!

The location
No. 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
11.00a.m. until 10.00p.m.
(closed on Tuesday)

Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie 
An exclusively dinner invitation to Holiday Inn Kuala LumpurGlenmarie locates in the heart of Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan yesterday. Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie, the only international hotel in Shah Alam with sprawling 450 acres of landscape adjoining to Glenmarie Golf and Country Club. The hotel offers 14 fully equipped meeting rooms and 2 impressive ballrooms with space up to 500 guests make the good choice for corporate meetings, weddings and team building activities.

Many thanks to #P1 #P1Omanite who has organized a fantastic eventful Iftar night for bloggers and families and not forgetting the media partners and P1 OMA staffs to celebrate all together.  I am so excited to join in for the 4th party dinner night and it would be gonna a great day to remember. Thanks P1 for having my partner to bring in too.
Credit thanks to Chin Wong who has been in the charge of P1OmaniteIftar Night Facebook Page to inform all bloggers about the event. I am happy to follow up with everyone.

Thankfully to P1 for having the good location which is near to my workplace. When I arrived Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie, it is so big. P1 has welcomed my darling and I both to the Cenderawasih Ballroom after the registration. Yeah, I got a surprise receiving a letter, which I have won the first 50 to get 2 GSC tickets movie! Then I met two friendly P1 staffs to say hi and I am told to have fun by taking picture snaps at the photobooth in the hall. What a happy night to all including me myself. Then I took my line up in waiting for my turn and starting to take cheeky pictures with my love.

And we both have seated with my Deaf blogger friend and her family having the beautiful décor table. There we were sitting to listen to the gorgeous emcee, Atilia Haron speaking to us audience beautifully. The ceremony was officiated by COO Azizi A.Hadi and CMO Lai Shu Wei. I was busy taking pictures around to keep post up tagging the P1Omanite but too bad, my phone wifi has slow down. The ballroom was filled with celebratory atmposhere and colourful lighting all around and having had the best rock music band, DISCHORD that beat to our hearts along all the night. It brought out the liveliness of the Iftar festive. Dischord Facebook Page, a modern Malay music band has been into existence of 2006 that would rock your every night right away with the great moment to remember! Be it your wedding, birthday, party, business events that will bring its wonderful celebratory atmosphere to your friends, families, guests and clients all over to have the excitement and you will be gonna to love it! How would they melt your heart with having the musical instruments having their modern malay songs that will ever catch up your eyes in an awesome feeling! Let’s high jump jump and dance in your own move right now when you turn on to their music that will blast off to your ears!  Loving had time spent with the children from Darul Sakinah Orphanage together for raya celebration. 

Next, we were told to get more prizes for having the best male and female dress night and wefies photo together by putting instagram P1Omanite hashtag the faster the better! My deaf bloggers’ mother has posted up one of us wefies and we all continued the makan-makan night while having the P1 CMO gave his short speech. Then there was an announcement of the best male & female dress night winners. Congratulations to the winners! And then there was showing up of Ms.KooiMei, Ms.Selina and me myself have appeared in the screen projector to inform that we are the 1st winner! Oh my, I couldn’t believe that we won! Then we were walking up to the stage to receive the prize. It was a good night having a cute prize, and we opened it. There this a cute NEO x5 mini which it connects to TV or LED for having the movies to see all. Sadly, we all could not share one prize. Ha ha!

Then we take some more foodie to enjoy the rest of night to deepen friendship bond with everyone. And my darling and I have been given 2 sweet souvenirs home. What a truly night!

Thanks again to P1 again for their hard work teams to make this whole eventful a success. Thanks so much to P1 too for published up an article that covers up my story, read here OMA Featurette of me myself, a owner of SweetRainFall blogger.

How to participate this P1Omanite Program? Whoever is a blogger has always welcome to join in for SIGN UP and EXPERIENCE the truly blogger you will ever have had the best! Also, encourage your other bloggers to take part in too, you all will be having great time to get many good benefits all time, I am so sure for that! Easy, just CLICK HERE right away!