Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What is it?

Fashion Culture Box is CLOTHING kind of business where you ladies will shop here the most of time. 

There are kind of brands you may option for. 
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You can shop, choose YOUR STYLE, FREE delivery and SHARE to your friends!

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Fashion Culture Box


Friday, 18 April 2014

Beauty Product

Quite sometimes ago, my friend has asked me to meet up 
I wonder what it is all about to talk....

Then, I have been a quite while for not meeting up with her.
Decided to see her!

Guess what?

I am quite surprised by her presentation demo
it is
a famous brand all over the world!

I have been following up this brand but have not take a deep look
into this yet.

I have never imagine I will ever have this REAL demo
Without wasting time,
she has conducted a perfect demo
for me
to fill form and started my face demo.

Love this demo as I am into beauty product.

Self demo on facial products
"Botanical Effects"
step by step
my skin is so refresh and good
nice smell
soft and sweet

-Good try & worth-

She has explained to me quite good 
and I am proud of her
being the Deaf beauty consultant!

Thanked her so much
for being set up
a good time
for me.

Interested, please SMS or WhatSapp her for more details
Amy. 012 - 9320662

More samples on Mary Kay products

Here is Mary Kay provides their website,

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hey, I'm back on the track after have been sick for many weeks. Ups and downs!
Hate cough.flu.headache.

I'm getting much slightly better right now.

I have always wanted to do my work but sick is bothering me too much. 

GETTING stronger.

I miss blogging! hehe!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

"BOOK UP" (online bookstore)

Books...Books...are everywhere in the world, you can stopping by here to VIEW, BUY & SHARE the online book store!

Book Up, is the new online bookstore in Malaysia where you can experience the good buying and selling of second hand and used books from here only in my blog, RainFall! The good price they offer you and you will get the best quality and absolutely quite cheap! It will save your money too! Why not?

A short introduction of Book Up
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Mike Chu and Jacqueline Khoo!
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They are into many categories of such as :-
Business & Finance, Accounting, Law, Fiction & Non-Fiction, School textbooks, Language, Engineering and much more to name a few. 
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