Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ticket Voucher

While I was writing on my work thing, I saw a bright ticket on my table and I quickly took it to take a look after one of my colleague staff puts it on. Guess what its?

It is #Voucher for #JuiceWorks to buy 1 get 1 free!  Oh, it only can be redeem at OneUtama outlet. I feel lucky to get this one from office.

What a bright day!


#FamilyTime #Penang #Day2

Over the Weekend
       28th July 2013

It was the time I have to go back to the city to work, despite of time being away for home weekend a while. My both parents could not send me to bus station, thus I got my friend to help out.

It was a rushing morning where my all #Family is going to have their #Bak Ku Teh breakfast and I got mine in the way too. A quick packed and shower has rushed me out from the home and joined my friend.

It is Queensbay, a shopping mall where we can have our Japanese luncheon, #Azuma. It is near to the bus station to save the time short.

After a few hours chatting away, we rushed to car park to pay the ticket and headed to #Sg.Nibong #Bus station.

I was almost taking the wrong bus #Alisan instead of #Aeroline. What a sigh! Then I hopped to the bus without doing anything with my phone since my bill was out! What a pity!

Soon, the bus has left and went to Queensbay to pick up the passengers there. A few minutes later, we have departed for KL by 2.45p.m.. During the journey, I was given a good service. Be it an earphone, blanket, small pillow, a bottle of water and late luncheon a burger and wedged potatoes! I was able to avoid the boredom by watching a movie and listening to music for 5 hours!

#Aeroline downstair double decker

#Aeroline luxury comfortable of chair sofa

#Aeroline own freetime

Arrived Sunway Pyramid on the punctual time by 7.00p.m. Texted and called parents I was home safely.

FYI. Who love Japanese food, can assume to this restaurant one I recommended.

              Azuma Japanese Restaurant
                      No. 100-2-F87, Queensbay Mall
                            Persiaran Bayan Indah,
                              11900 Bayan Lepas,

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day1

Over the Weekend
       27th July 2013

The next morning day I was so sleepy yet the time was already 8.00a.m. So I get back to my bed and I have woke up late at 12.00 noon! I took a quick shower to get myself in dress fast.

After an hour of waiting for the luncheon time! Finally we family have moved on, there this Saturday all the roads to Gurney Paragon has changed to 1 way, sighs. All were in the bad jam!

We went to Tong Yuen Restaurant = #favourite Tong Yuen Mee #fried rice #chicken #vege + more

Filled stomach with delicious food. Then we went to the optician shop, I collected my lens & glasses to repair.

My parents and I were in hurry to get home to take another car and went to airport to pick up my another
#uncle Lam #aunt Carol #cousins #sisters Alexis & Rachel from Australia! When my mum and I have arrived the airport, and we have waited outside the arrival hall. And suddenly I asked her which hall shall we wait for them to come out? She said it should be the international.. I said "Are you sure?" Since I saw their flight is AirAsia. So how come it could be an international, mmm. Hence, mum asked me to wait at the domestic and hers at international. I have waited for few minutes up and there they were coming towards me I was almost hard to recognize them. Phew - we all hugged!

My #uncle Lam and #aunt Carol were in my dad's car while #cousin Alexis and #cousin Rachel were in my mum's car. We were on the way to Jelutong, the south of island Penang to get the black charcoal for my #aunt Jasmin.

Finally, we have reached home. The childhood of their own - #No.22

2 hours later - We finally have our #Reunion Family #HomeStyle Restaurant #Lembah Permai #dinner

#Ee Ee Mei Lan #Me #Mum #Cousin Alexis

#Cousins Rachel, Joel & Julianne

#Cousins Alexis & cutie Josephine (Josie)

Food are good! And after finished the dinner, we got home and had the #Family Loud Talk!

#Cousin Alexis shoot a crazy snap of us both while I was talking to!

#Ah Yee Jasmin stealing the food to fill up her stomach. haha!

#Uncle Chin #Dad # Ah Yee Jasmin on the scenario scene 

#Kum Ku Poh made the good dessert, Caramel Pudding!

#Cousin Josie #Mum

#The family scenario scene at No. 22

                      What a good feeling to be home!

(Those are looking for Ho Chiak Chinese HomeCooked Style, this restaurant I will recommended 5 stars)

Home Style Restaurant (家式飯店)

Chinese Restaurant in Tanjung Bungah
                                                 2, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4,
                                                 (Casa Permai)
                                                 Tanjung Bungah,
                                                 11200 Penang,
                                                 Phone: +016-475 9181

#Here I come. #Penang my #home sweet home

: Over the Weekend
       26th July 2013

I was sleeping till I looked at the clock, it was 5.00a.m. and yet I have wanted to sleep a little more. Guess what? I was called and it was 5.55a.m. and I was late!!! ~Phew. I took a quick shower and packed and off to Airport! It was 6.45a.m. I arrived the Skypark Terminal Airport, Subang. I went to the counter and took my flight pass. Luckily I was a bit earlier. Grins. My man and I have the morning drink at Starbuck. We ordered a hot Green Tea Latte with its 20% off offer by its Berjaya Air, good huh?. 

After a few minutes waiting for my departure time. It was a beautiful mist in the morning. And soon we have left the cafe. Then I have checked in where I was almost forget how the place look like. Ahem. There I saw my departure gate has not opened up yet. So I keep waiting and within 10 minutes, it was the time. While I have passed my flight ticket and I walked passed through down a lane towards the plane, I quickly snapped a photo!

Berjaya Air

It was my first time using the Berjaya Air. I got  #small sausage bread #nuts #a bottle of water. After I have landed at the Penang International Airport by 9.00a.m. I got mum's car and went to market Mount Erskine together. 

#Hello Penang #Home sweet home

Breakfast #favourite fried bihun #hot barely drink without sugar. Aww, I have reached #Home sweet home. and I missed my #room #lovely

Rested down a while talking to popo... and there my #uncle Hoong #aunt Jen #cousins Julianne, Joel and Josie came over finally. Hugged!*

I was told that they flew all over for 32 hours flight from the US. Oh gosh! Julianne, Joel and Josie all have grown up so big now! They are looking gorgeous and handsome cousins.

Josie is a lovely girl and yet she is so sweet.
#Playing with her sexy tongue!

Later on the night, I was having a good time with family home to my Ee Ee Mei Lan's place for dinner. Wow, she has cooked the fabulous food on the table! Im going to eat it.. what a scrumptious!

#Aunt Helen and Ee Ee Mei Lan cooked those delicious dinner home!

And there I loved to see Shandy...but she was sooo busy to smell food everyone, even in the kitchen for so long! Phew.

#Shandy busy smelling food everywhere!

#Cousin Josie #Ee Ee Mei Lan

#Aunt Jen busy texting at her phone

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Little time for my coming home of the first weekend of Al-Quran PH, 26th July

Saying a little helo to my HOME SWEET HOME soon!

My mum has beeped me SMS saying that my two uncles from overseas are coming home. Aww, it'd be so sweet to be home to see them after all being for many years. My cousin, Alexis has what-sapped me that she asked me to make things to be home. I am being called for home!

After sometimes a few of decisions before the dates depart for home. I decided to go back for 2 times over the weekends since I have to work. So I quickly took my little time off to check online booking tickets. And I have bought 2 tickets earlier for the return home to the city and for my depart to home sweet home have not booked up yet the despite of my busy schedule.

Before the 2 weeks earlier of the confirmation of dates, suddenly I was beeped by what-sapp from my another cousin, Xinch telling me "SUPER IMPORTANT". I wonder what it is. I thought it is a joke. But after got the reply from her, I came to surprise and my plan going home has a bit crapped up! We both have discussed seriously that WE have to be home for da 'super important' stuff!

In the end, I am going home for 3 times over the weekends after got all my schedule tickets home are done!

What a good crap of time for me! It is a happy thing to see everyone is HOME especially my 3 cousins, Julianne, Joel and Josephine from the far north, US and another 2 cousins, Alexis and Rachel from the far south, Australia being the two places apart coming to Penang Home! I miss the LOUD talk among the family home with it is a lot of scrumptious food/drink which fills with the many loves and fun!

Looking forward to seeing them in a joyful face! Will keep you guys the posting up soon. Cheer me a good weekend ya!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

@Vacation @Fraser Hill @Pahang

Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia. The state occupies the huge Pahang River river basin. Its state captial is Kuantan, and the royal seat is at Pekan. Other important towns include Jerantut, Kuala Lipis, Temerloh and the hill resorts of Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Bukit Tinggi and Fraser's Hill.

The name, 'Pahang' has been said to originate from the language of a Siamese aborigines tribe, meaning 'ore'. The aborigines used to live here and opened up several mining areas, especially in Sungai Lembing. According to an old Malay story, at the place near the Pahang River, on the opposite side of Kampung Kembahang, a large 'mahang' tree fell across the river thus the name 'Pahang' originated.

There is also a population of native Orang Asli who live in the area, although most have been relocated from the forests to other areas.

Fraser's Hill is a highland resort destination nestled among the mountains of Pahang. It is about two hours away from the city, Kuala Lumpur. Locally known as Bukit Fraser (in Malay language), this cooling holiday retreat is popular for its nature activities and cooling climate, escaping the city heat. It is also one of the last hill stations of Malaysia, an imprint left behind by former British colonial masters.

Fraser's Hill has its roots in the 1890s, when the tin ore trade was bustling. After a failed gold mining venture in Australia, Scottish prospector Louis James Fraser arrived to explore the remote Titiwangsa mountains of Pahang.

The story how it began as the following is : -
One day, he came across rich tin ore deposits embedded in several ridgetops, hidden by a thick drape of mossy forest. Opening up a mine, Fraser hired Chinese labourers and used mules to transport tin ore down a steep mountain track (Gap road today) to Raub town for trade. Eventually, Fraser himself moved up the hill and operated several gambling and opium dens, for the miners to find entertainment after work. Sometime around 1915, he vanished just as the tin deposits dried up and everyone moved away. Fraser's Hill became overgrown as nature reclaimed the mined land while Fraser himself became somewhat of an enigma, as his mysterious disappearance has not been solved till this day. In 1917, the bishop of Singapore rediscovered Fraser's Hill on a hunt for the man. His suggestions for the area to be developed into a hill station were brought to fruition by authorities. The rest of ensuing history are minor details to describe the growth of this nature resort destination to present day, with its collection of refurbished colonial bungalows and luxury resorts for visitors to stay.

The entirely of Fraser's Hill is a protected nature reserve and gazetted wildlife sanctuary. Temperatures usually range between 22 28'c during the day and 16 - 20'c at night; with more rain, the environment becomes cold and misty.

I went down to the hill with my guy's family and enjoyed the stay for 3 days 2 nights there.

The road to Fraser's Hill was a very dangerous one. The road is a very steep and narrowed which fits only a single lane which we have to keep a close watch as we are travelling down the slopes of hill.
It was so beautiful and relaxation weekend away from the Kuala Lumpur's dirty pollution air and dusty. The air at Fraser's Hill was soooo fresh! and I cannot tell you how much beautiful environment it is.

We all were having the good BBQ for dinner. We brought it from home to the Hill. It was so cold in the night however the smokes from the bbq and it keeps us all away from being bite by mosquito. 

Then we were having our drink in our apartment after the bbq dinner. The air was so cold, down to about 17'c which my body felt like frozen meat! HaHa!. There was no air-condition nor fan everywhere. How good we can use it for the eco - green environment, huh?

The next day, we were having our breakfast and took a visit to those places. But actually there is not much things to see at the Hill. Unless you are gonna to have it for the best relaxation week!

It is Taman Awam, a public park in Fraser's Hill. Entrance is free and it is a popular spot for families with children. There are playgrounds, beautiful garden landscape with exotic conifer trees. There are some small shopping arcade, sundry shops and food court too. 

We didn't do the trekking due to some kids, a bit hard to carry down
It is 1.5km to the trekking and visiting the birds.

It is Allan's Water. We can see some fishes and do paddle boat to the small lake. Originally, it was used to collect and supply mountain water for British residents, back in the early days when Fraser's Hill was a colonial hill station.

It is Paddock, where it's for horse ridding and archery place. Unfortunately, it was closed due to raya season fasting. 

We were having good dinner cooked from apartment and relax during the night. Then the next day is our last stay. We were able to visit some places during our journey home to Kuala Lumpur. 

It is a house, an English style. I managed to take a snap of this.
It is Jeriau Waterfall. A popular nature is about 4km away from Frasers Hill's town center.

The stream comes from the waterfall

The small road from the little waterfall

Kuala Kubu Bharu is a near to Fraser's Hill. KKB is a dying town.  

I ordered this special for my dear from T'ganu via post laju

Friday, 12 July 2013


It was Friday morning and I was late to buy my bus tickets for going home. And I get my man to keep me accompany there. We both did not know where the office is locate at. I managed through to ask at the reception counter where is Aeroline office. And I found it opposite the Sunway Lagoon at Sunway Pyramid. The office looked nice and elegance.

After I done with the lady at the counter to buy dates home and it is my first time trying the Aeroline service. Will tell you more after I use the bus soon.

We both were rush to get our breakfast at a coffee shop nearby before I pack my thing for relaxation away from this city!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

DeafMoolah Financial & Career Fair 2013 @ Sunway College/Universiti, PJ

DeafMoolah has organized a "Smart Financial & Career Fair 2013" for OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) on 2 days (6th and 7th July 2013) held at Sunway College/University in heart of Petaling Jaya.

We, as D2O Booster team were having our sales there. I, myself never work in the business line all my life and after I have been learning and taught to understand and know kinds of business. I shared the ideas with Selina and she popped up "why not grabbing a booth to sell?" I gave it a second thought and after all, I decided to make it a booth for my man's team as a starter for FREE. Why not we try it>?

I was given a short brief of preparation of the day. Then we all were ready and met up Selina to guide to our booth and I was surprised to bump in with Deaf friends popped up some of surprised questions. We were in the good and high of spirit as a team to sell our product towards the people.

Within 2 days, we were able to sell our product which was totaling up of around approx. RM1,750. What a good income to our business! It was a good start! Thanked to the Lord for His grace upon us all.

I would like to thank my friend, Selina for the good organization of DeafMoolah to make it happen. Thanked to you, Selina for my team's behalf.

We hope to keep good co-operation to work with you, Selina and your team again in the near future. Keep it a good hard work and let the Deaf people see how bright of side that holds their future. 

FYI, do visit this website : or facebook at

Get more details from for your own benefits. It helps you to get more gain of knowledge how to invest your own saving and it is good for your future as well. You can get more information about Deafness too.