Thursday, 30 May 2013

#My #Photography

Klang, an old alternative spelling: Kelang, is the royal city and former captial of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is located within the Klang District in Klang Valley. It was the civil captial of Selangor in an earlier era prior to the emergence of Kuala Lumpur and the current captial, Shah Alam and Port Klang, which is located in the Klang District, is the 13th busiest transshipment port and the 16th busiest container port in the world.

The beautiful little wonderful night of Klang
- by Pudding Camera -

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

#Time #Photography

I'm excited to take those photography to look more into life! 

I have been wondering why the people love taking lomography (creative and experimental analogue film photography), instagram (add filter to make a photo look good) and etc. 

I have started to like to have them shooting off by using my phone and they looked awesome!

Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


It was a rushing moment after I got my thing, there HJ's friend has called me up. I went to his car and left the house to get his wife together. We all having our late lunch before go to this place, 

A Digital Mall, where you can look for the bargain prices for  IT

Then after that, Dinner - we were going to this new place called, The Broadwalk aka. SYOPZ which located at Jalan Taylors, Subang Jaya. 

It's Taylor Uni!
It look rich in building

The Taylor Uni has everything - be it Starbucks!

Shops along the street meanwhile the up are hostel dorms for  students
The Taylor Uni - the Campus
A part of the Uni

        It is Ecoba restaurant & bar to name a few...the more
                  restaurant & fast food (Subway and etc)

A few sample of signage I took, enjoy the photos

 We found that it was not the ideal place for dinner which it is actually the Taylor Uni's accommodation, Oh NO! We do enjoyed to visit the Uni.  Syopz is newly introduction to this place for workchillhangout. Nothing much to do there unless you like the view there.



Thus without wasting the time, we headed to another place - it is Oasis Square, a new place at Ara Damansara. It is newly commercial place where it is quite attracting people to this place. A good place to hunt some food. It looks similar to my hometown, SQ but Oasis Square has its own unique style in building.

The beautiful photos I took some
Finally, my RAKUZEN ~ Japanese cuisine for the dinner!


A pit stop over to read my blog, I add some of another cooking style.

Salmon Carbonara Pasta

Beef  Steak with Potatoes

Fresh salad dipped with Japanese Dressing


The day I was so exhausted after lepak at Ikea with friends. When we were exited out from the Ikea car parking and we were headed to dinner. We all were hungry! So, there this we chose after failed to choose a good dinner but it was a good choice of the night :D

It is British Malaya Coffee House --- 24 hours cafe
located at SS2, Petaling Jaya

Nice in an old English style

Nasi goreng
Beef rice
my Salmon Pizza

The coffee house is a clean with its air-conditioned and an open-air both. You can have the choice to dine-in for your own luxury time. The far better than going to mamak restaurant which is lousy one. The prices are reasonable.


It was in the evening after work, and it was still in early when HJ and I have reached the Citta Mall. We took the chance to try the coffee. I am tired of Starbucks when I was in Penang, there were only two coffee brands I barely went for - Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Here in Selangor, I could try new some, why not?!

I intro you to this new coffee, FIGARO. 

FIGARO Coffee Company is from the Philippine where Filipinos could get whatever they needed for coffee making; from the bean, to the equipment and paraphernalia, to the drinks ---- The PERFECT COFFEE!

They do sell the cakes, looks delicious

The inside of atmosphere

Many kinds of coffee

It's Butterscotch Latte

It's Caramel Latte

Come and try this new coffee, have a time for yourself to indulge the moment...

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A good time to catch up with loves one at home. It was like something missing in my body. It was FOOD!  I was quickly to grab the bites which my friend has brought me the Japanese snacks! 

It is a Japanese plastic bag, nice design
Those the bites I got for myself

A Mt. Fuji fridge magnet
A soft sponge of  ball made from milk

It was the cream milk inside...yummy!

A small cute biscuit plastic bag

It was raisin with cream..
It was square chocolate biscuit 
Chocolate cream..Tasty!