Tuesday, 29 September 2015

        The Metropark Marketplace with the                     Tropicana Metropark Sdn Bhd
(colours of mid-autumn)

Tropicana Metropark Property Gallery locates near the Digi office, CSR Refinery and USJ Heights at Subang Jaya. It is after the Batu Tiga Toll.

Tropicana Corporation Berhad – Tropicana is a pioneer in resort-style home concepts with a strong track record in residential and commercial development. 90% of the Group’s revenue is generated by its property development, resort operations and property investment.

How it would be a great for you? 
It will be a future residential community today, the space for usage and benefit of Metropark Community, increase convenience and accessibility to each relevant local service and improve facilities available to the community in the central park.  

The TropicanaMetropark Sdn Bhd Is launching their current project new property serviced high residential and courtyard villas , Phase 1, Pandora and Phase 2, Paloma selling the price range from RM700k – RM3 million in Ringgit Malaysia currency. The buildings are still under in construction. Their sales gallery is beautiful and big landscaping and good for gardening too. So you can see how good of buying investment in their projects. This project will be going to make a newly township area of Subang Jaya where you see many factories around and it will be a good location for uprising new coming of properties. Come to know more about the investment property. Owning a property is priority in life you should have one.

Sales Gallery @ Tropicana Metropark
No.1, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Taman Perindustrian
Teknologi Tinggi Subang
40000 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Opens.  Monday to Sunday
9.30am – 6.30pm.
Call +603 5636 6888 / 5637 2018

Many thanks to the Wunderboom organized by Mr. Kesh, a friendly – outspoken man who welcomed all vendors and guests and customers and also to the Tropicana Metropark Sdn Bhd having had their property gallery sales that make a visit there.

They also held an activity to celebrate Mid-Autumn culture and spending quality bonding time with families. The Metropark Marketplace is bringing you the great of bazaars where you would go for shop and sight-seeing. What a good idea!

I am one of the vendors having had a selling bazaar there too, so I took the chance to explore the bazaar stuffs and how I can get some useful information at the same time though I have missed out my class on that day. Wow, what an interesting bazaar I have taken a look.  Despite of the bad haze, the event was quiet and we vendors did not stop making the movement and we all even make friends to know products better that we sell.
D20 Engine Oil (my stall)
There are vendors to name in the list you can see. Have a good reading their products.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Wunderboom, Mr. Kesh Sandhu has established this wonderful company. It is a consultancy and execution management company for those who are looking for expanding your business and marketing them to public in many ways they will pleased to offer you.  They are also in line of advertising, event and much more you will look for.

Visit Wunderboom for more info

Monday, 28 September 2015


What a good time to go home after many months since I last witnessed my cousin has got married. I knew it was a public holiday to celebrate the Raya Haji. I did not expect that it would be a packed week off. I bought an ETS Train at KLSentral in a short notice and found that all tickets were sold out. So I have no ticket for return. What a big sigh!

I bought the ETS Train after a quick study on the price and its condition on blog and comments from friends. At Kl Sentral, I could ask for few Q&A. There I got disabled price 50% discount for OKU(Orang Kurang Upaya) for purchasing my ETS Train. It is only RM34.00 for one way to get home. How good is the price! And of course is my first time taking train home.

Took gold class ETS train homebound from south, KL Sentral to the north Butterworth in the good speed 4hrs off to reach the destination despite of many pit stopovers. Good experience in the wholesome new journey that offers by KTM Malaysia. Hello my Penang home!

Upon on the day, after my work I can finally go home. At KL Sentral, I was like waiting for the boarding time at least about 30 minutes before the departure. So when the gate has opened, many of us passengers walked quickly to get down boarding the train. It was a quick glimpse I luckily noticed the coach train that show its sign, ‘D’. It was mismatching colours I could not see clearly. I would comment here that the colour for the sign should be so bold and clear or bright that matching to the train colour. I suggest for red colour.

After I boarded the train, I have looked for my seat. Everything is new. The problem is there is no phone charger where I could not charge my phone during the long journey. May be it is at another coach train. And the restroom is not in the coach train but to other coach train which is more further from my place. And good thing, I brought home cooked salad to eat in the train, saving my cost.

During the long hours, I was feeling so cold, like the winter. I recalled back to my travelling backpacker in oversea where I do experienced long hours on train. I could not see anything through the window but it was a pretty quiet night I only could see many pit stopovers at train stations. Founding that the train has announced the place for stopping but to me, I could not hear the speaking audience or any sub online on TV. It was bad for me as a Deaf person could not get any special attention for this case. However, thanked to my eyes that I could see the train stations that have the sign board to show where the train stops at.

Once I get passed by other train that brought a strong high in echo to my ears, ouch! A short pain. It is like I take the high fly above in the skies. Overall, I was like sitting boring and get connected to my friends to pick me up from the Butterworth where the train will last stop its destination. It was a quiet late night I traveled all alone, feeling like I am nobody else.

Yeah, finally 4 hours long journey has been my up and a good speed at about like 80-120 kph. I was impatient to get out from the cold train and met my friends. And I have landed my home island, Penang. 

ETS Train is the best option you would be going for. Why?
Price is cheap, travel safe and fast.
Food cate is in too.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Travelling Beruang Campaign 

Inline image 1
AirAsia now is proud to be part of #travellingberuang campaign to raise awareness about children diagnosed with cancer in Malaysia. Let's join hands towards this cause and bring cheer to their lives.

This adorable #TravellingBeruang has visited various countries so far to be the eyes and ears for children with cancer who are not able to travel, and it is now available for sale on AirAsia's flights!

All proceeds from the #TravellingBeruang will be channeled directly to MAKNA to help these underprivileged children whose families might not be able to afford the costly cancer treatments.

Come, fly and give your support to buy this cute teddy bear RM65 to show your caring for the children. They will always be grateful how kindness and generous you are to be remember.

Let us together as one Malaysia heart to spread this love for those unprivileged children with cancer.

The Grand Opening Launch

TEN YEARS Restaurant
The Ten Years Launch Restaurant is having had a grand opening last 2 weeks ago on 10th September 2015, Thursday. Thanks to the Founder of restaurant, Mr. Victor Bong to bring our local Malaysian cuisine to the top of street foods you can ever to find the best.

Malaysia is well-known as food haven, with famous culinary destinations all over the country. From the Char Kuey Teow of Pulau Pinang to Sabah’s Nasi Kuning, Malaysia’s flavours span acorss various states and cultures, a treasure trove for foodies and critics. To enjoy the best of Malaysian cuisine under one roof, the founder Mr.Victor Bong and his business partners thought to establish a specialty restaurant which aims to welcome diners of all ages to savour the nation’s most famous street foods.
- T & T Prawn Mee, Tiger Char Kuey Teow, Yati Nasi Lemak, and Abu Pasembur Rojak -

Menu Book
Beautiful under one roof

The part of Ten Years' interior
Customers to enjoy every part of the newly restaurant 
Looking back to the old day time
Other side of Ten Years Restaurant
The motion of nitey where the Ten Years has launched
Crowd people could not resist the full function night
Berry Cooler...this drink is good to slurp
This is Minty Watermelon...a bit sour to drink it.
Tiger Char Kuey Teow from Penang, the food is not too dry, recommend to have it
Nasi Dagang origins from Terengganu, the tuna fish is good to taste with the small rice 
This is Milo Dinosaur drink. 
Carbonarna Pasta
This is Prawn Mee Laksa...The tasty is not so bad, like Nyonya one.

Wefie time with friendly blogger Ms.Kolin
The wefie of us to go back to the old day time
Yes, how we welcome you to the Ten Years Restaurant...
Visit Ten Years restaurant with your loves one and you will feel good to be in the old day time nostalgic there at,