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Every once in a month, there will be a new boy

Protagonist Thomas is brought into a place known as the Glade, with no memories except of his name. He and other teenage boys call themselves Gladers, and have made a community in which each is assigned to a task belonging different departments headed by a Keeper. The Glade is surrounded by a gigantic Maze in which mechanical creatures called Grievers roam at night. Huge doors around the Glade close at sunset. Supplies are brought to the Glade every week; whereas at a new boy is sent through an elevator called the Box once every month. The day after Thomas is brought to the Glade, a girl is sent with a message that "nothing will ever be the same", and carrying a note that no children shall follow. Meanwhile, Thomas learns that the Gladers have tried to solve the Maze for at least two years and that the antidote to a Griever's painful sting can recover one's memories. He also befriends a young Glader named Chuck and the Gladers' second-in-command 'Newt'. Gladers exploring the Maze are known as 'Runners'.
One day the chief Runner Minho reveals to Thomas and the Gladers' leader 'Alby' that he encountered a dead Griever near the Cliffs (an edge of the Maze). The next day, Alby and Minho search for this dead Griever, but Alby is stung by it and Minho struggles to carry him into the Glade. As the doors close against Minho and Alby, Thomas joins them in the Maze. Hearing approaching Grievers, Minho leaves Thomas with an unconscious Alby. Thomas saves Alby; and with Minho, whom he finds, tricks pursuing Grievers into falling off the Cliff. Minho and Thomas return to the Glade as the doors open the next morning. As the acting leader, Newt calls a meeting to decide the fate of Thomas for going without permission, and it is decided that Thomas be made a Runner after serving one day in jail. Minho and Thomas, running the Maze, discover a 'Griever Hole' exposing the outside world. After returning to the Glade, Thomas is shocked to hear the girl speak telepathically to him. He realizes her name is Teresa, and she tells him that she has triggered an 'Ending'. Soon afterwards, Teresa wakes from the coma and befriends Thomas. The same day, the sky becomes a dull grey, and Thomas attributes this to the Creators of the Glade. That night, the Maze's Doors remain open, leaving the Gladers unprotected from the Grievers.
After Alby recovers from the sting, he begins to speak of his renewed memories. During his conversation with Thomas, Alby begins choking himself, and Thomas calls on Newt to stop Alby. When the Grievers enter the Glade, Glader 'Gally' throws himself onto one and the Grievers retreat. It is discovered that all the Runners' Maps of the Maze made by the Runners have been burned; but Newt and Minho reveal that they had hidden the Maps in the Gladers' Weapons Room, and left decoys. Thomas finds a code in the true Maps, but they are all unsure of how to use it. Desperate for answers, Thomas allows himself to be stung by a Griever to use any memories revealed by the antidote. Thus he realizes that the Gladers have been placed in an experimental situation to test their strength, and tells the other Gladers to go down the Griever Hole and enter the code in a computer to escape the Maze. Upon reaching the Hole, they find the Grievers are waiting for them. The Gladers attack the Grievers while Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck reach the computer, where Teresa enters the code while Thomas and Chuck fend off the Grievers. After entering the code, the Grievers are shut down and the remaining Gladers continue. They are greeted by Gally in a hooded robe, brought by a woman in a lab coat. Gally throws a knife at Thomas; but Chuck takes the blow, and dies in Thomas' hands. A group of armed people attack the Creators. The leader of the attackers guides the Gladers to a bus. Before Thomas joins the others, a woman proclaims that Thomas shall "save everyone from the flare", before she is pulled aside and killed. Then the Gladers are taken to a dormitory where they are fed and allowed rest.


WoW! I really crazy for this movie since I won the ticket from Nuffnang but sadly I couldnt make it. I gave it to my friend, a blogger Selina Ooi. Thank goodness, she didnt waste it and she enjoyed it so much! However I still hope to watch this Maze Runner, there my friend, Selina won the same movie from Klips, aww she gave it to me. We both fairly to get the rewards. Friends exchange movies free tickets, what a fun idea! ^.^

Yesterday, I browsed up the Cinema schedules. I got the idea, unsure which cinemas would allow the free ticket are marked* for free.  So I got my man to get to 1U which there are 2 different cinemas where we can opt for both hehe!

After upon arrival the place, we both rushy to the cinema to check up and we booked now the time after we arrived, we entered the movie showtime. What a day!

I cannot eat too much, sob sob! I got eczema, a sensitive skin! (.*)

But I do enjoyed the movie as it will help me to rebuild my mind...

The Gladers saw their group to come back from the Maze's doors

Run for life after entering the Maze '7'

Nobody understood what does this word mean...

The bravo Gladers ran for their lives to come out from the Maze Map

It is the Maze Map that traps everyone to live in the Glade!

Good movie to review this, yeah! 
Maze Runner really gives me an inspiration at where it plays "MINDSET". 
To think go beyond

Where I am a regular blogger who loves to write and sharing. Not only doing that, I love going beyond more than that. Attending events can be a whole new experience to me. I did and enjoyed it very much. But it still does not give me the good enough in satisfaction. Thus, I am looking for that much more into other sources. Earning some pocket money is a good thing to save money despite nowadays with good small pay does not keep one to pay all in all so much at this cruel world. Everything is not free. 

We have to think beyond what we can do using our abilities - skills, eyes, hear, physical and much more. 

Without its foundation, a company wont establish without us everyone who works for each other to have the good money to make a living.


Challenge you will be facing in everyday...

Learn from mistakes, do the better and much BETTER!

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Selamat datang ke
 Kelab Kereta Impian Rajakereta 
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia)

kami di Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB telah menghadiri jamuan makan malam + seminar yang terhebat!
di mana?

- Shah Alam Convention Centre -

Tuan Pengurus CEO dan Tuan Pengurus memberi penceramahan
Cabutan Bonanza 2014 & Baucer Diskaun Rm10,000

Kini ahli Rajakereta boleh mendapatkan muka baru baucer diskaun berharga RM38,000!

Baucer diskaun RM38,000
Untuk mengikuti perkembangan di Program Rajakereta, sila melayari FaceBook,


En. Henry
(WhatSapp/ SMS)


Welcome to
Rajakereta Dream Cars Club 
(Versi Bahasa Inggeris)

Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB, we have attended the good dinner and seminar!

- Shah Alam Convention Centre -

Mr. CEO Manager and Mr. Manager give their speeches
 Bonanza 2014 Lucky Draw & Discount Vouchers RM10,000

And now member of Rajakereta can get the new face of discount vouchers worth RM38,000!

Discount Voucher RM38,000

To follow up the information of Rajakereta Program, please visit FaceBook,

Rajakereta Dream Cars Club


En. Henry

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Selamat datang ke
 Kelab Kereta Impian Rajakereta 
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia)


kami di Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB boleh membantu anda mencapai kereta impian
anda dalam masa yang amat singkat!
merialisasikan kereta impian anda

Program Usahawan
Automotif 2013
juga jana pendapatan lumayan.



Tak suka bayar ansuran kereta setiap bulan?
Memang kita tidak suka walaupun ansurannya cuma kecil tapi terpaksa membayar selagi
belum habis hutang dengan bank! Bank semakin kaya, suka cekik darah kita dengan naik
bunga! Namun ada satu jalan penyelesaian, iaitu TIDAK PERLU MEMBAYAR ANSURAN
SETIAP BULAN WALAUPUN ADA CTOS, BLACKLIST, TIADA SLIP GAJI, GAJI KECIL, TIADA DUIT dan lain-lain... Oleh itu jika anda benar-benar perlukan penyelesaian untuk segala masalah anda, sila baca dengan tenang dan fahami di halaman lain...


Ingin... tetapi anda

* Mempunyai masalah Blacklist, CCRIS, CTOS & MUFLIS
* Masih belajar
* masih menganggur
* Ibu tunggal atau suri rumah
* Baru berniaga dan tiada pendapatan tetap
* Tiada penyata bank
* Berpendapatan rendah atau sederhana
* Berpendapatan tinggi tetapi mempunyai komitmen dan tanggungan yang tinggi

Atau... Adakah anda juga masih tercari-cari terbaik untuk anda meningkatkan nilai
kewangan anda? Adakah anda mungkin masih bertungkus lumus mengusahakan kerjaya anda dengan harapan pendapatan anda terus berganda? Adakah anda juga mungkin masih
tercari-cari satu sumber yang mampu meledakkan nilai pendapatan anda mengikut nilai
yang anda impikan?

…… dari terus merunsingkan fikiran anda! Anda kini perlu berasa lega kerana Kelab Kereta Impian RajaKereta membawakan kepada anda satu peluang hebat yang akan menyelesaikan masalah anda, seterusnya akan meningkatkan dan meledakkan pendapatan anda seperti yang anda impikan melalui Program dan Sistem Yang Amat Unik serta yang pertama di Malaysia & Asia.

Program ini:

* Boleh dilakukan oleh sesiapa sahaja
* Boleh dilakukan secara sambilan mahu pun sepenuh masa
* Boleh dilakukan mengikut masa yang anda tentukan sendiri
* Boleh dilakukan di mana sahaja tempat anda berada
* Boleh menghasilkan pendapatan        
   lumayan dengan pantas berbanding kerjaya anda ketika ini
* Boleh menghasilkan pendapatan mengikut nilai yang anda sendiri tentukan

Tidak kira siapa pun diri anda. Tidak kira bagaimana pun latarbelakang anda. Tidak kira apa pun status kelulusan anda. Tidak kira apa pun kerjaya anda. Tidak kira apa pun status ekonomi anda. Tidak kira sesantai mana pun anda. Tidak kira sesibuk mana pun anda…. Sememangnya anda memerlukan Peluang dan Program ini kerana ianya mampu:

  1. Merealisasikan segala impian anda terutamanya memiliki kereta idaman anda
  2. Membebaskan anda dari belenggu masalah kewangan anda yang tidak pernah putus
  3. Membebaskan anda dari belenggu hutang yang kian menjerut ekonomi anda
  4. Membebaskan anda dari kesibukan kerja yang semakin membosankan anda
  5. Membebaskan anda dari kekangan masa yang sentiasa menghadkan kebebasan anda
  6. Meningkatkan kualiti kehidupan anda
  7. Menggandakan dan meledakkan nilai kewangan anda

Hanya satu langkah sahaja lagi, maka anda akan berpeluang memiliki kereta impian anda serta kebebasan kewangan dengan lebih PANTAS dan HEBAT! Anda juga bakal memiliki perniagaan anda sendiri dan bekerja dengan keselesaan dari rumah anda atau dari mana-mana sahaja yang anda suka. Apabila anda menyertai kami nanti, maka anda akan berpeluang menentukan sendiri berapakah jumlah pendapatan yang anda inginkan setiap bulan, dan sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda boleh menjana seberapa banyak wang yang anda inginkan, kerana dalam sistem terhebat ini, pendapatan yang boleh dijana oleh sistem ini adalah tanpa had.Bila anda melihat sendiri program ini serta kehebatan sistem yang telah dihasilkan, maka anda mungkin tidak akan dapat tidur nyenyak malam ini, sehinggalah anda memastikan kesemua kenalan anda menyertai program ini sebagai rakan niaga anda.

Anda Adalah Antara Yang Terawal, Jadi Jangan Biarkan Rakan Anda Mendahului Anda!

Jadi jangan berlengah lagi
untuk menghubungi kami untuk membantu anda!

Kuncikan tempat anda dengan kami di Kelab Kereta Impian Rajakereta supaya anda boleh mendapatkan kereta kegemaran anda dengan mudah! Kami membantu anda mendapatkan apa yang sudah dibayar di samping 

memenuhi impian anda.

Rakan Kongsi :


Hubungi kami, Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB untuk maklumat lanjut. 
+011-1282 5967 (SMS/ WhatSapp)

Anda boleh melayari Laman Web dan FaceBook di

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Welcome to
 Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB!
(Bahasa Inggeris version)


Our Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB can help you to achieve your dream car in a very short time! 
realizing your dream car

Entrepreneur Program
Automotive 2013
generate good income.



Do not like paying car installment every month? 
Of course we do not like even if it is just small installments but had to pay as long as 
unexpired debt to the bank! Banks are getting richer, like to choke up our blood with its interest! But there is a solution, that is NO NEED TO PAY INSTALLMENT 

ALTHOUGH EVERY MONTH THERE ARE CTOS, BLACKLISTED, NO PAYSLIP SALARY, SMALL SALARY, NO MONEY and others ... So if you are really need a solution to all your problems, please read it and understand calmly on another page ...


Want ... but you 

* Having trouble Blacklist, CCRIS, CTOS & bankruptcy 
* Still learning 
* Still unemployed 
* Single mothers or housewives 
* New business and no regular income 
* No bank statements 
* Low or moderate income 
* High-income but have the commitment and high 

Or ... Are you still looking to increase the value of your 
your financal? Are you perhaps still struggling with the work of your career at its expectations continue to double your income? Are you still
looking for the one that can blow up the source of your income to own of 
you favorite car dream?

From worrying your mind! You should now feel relieved that RajaKereta Dream Cars Club brings you a great opportunity that will solve your problems, would improve and extreme your income as you have dreamed through this Program and System Highly Unique and the first in Malaysia and Asia. 

This program:

* Can be done by anyone 
* Can be done part-time or full time 
* Can be done by the time you set yourself 
* Can be done anywhere you are located 
* Can generate income lucrative career faster than you currently 
* Can generate income determine the value of your own

1. Realize your dream of owning a car of your dreams.
2. Free yourself from the shackles of your financial problems never-ending. 
3. Free yourself from the shackles of debt that the economy is strangling you. 
4. Free yourself from busy work bores you.
5. Free yourself from the constraints of time always limit your freedom.
6. Improve the quality of your life.

7. Doubling and blow up your financial issue.

Just a step away, then you will have the opportunity to own your dream car and more financial freedom with FAST and GREAT! You will also have your own business and work from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you like. When you join us later, then you will have the opportunity to decide on how much income you has wanted for each month, and are pleased to note that you can make a lot of money you want, because of the greatest system, the income that can be generated by this system is without limitation. When you see this program as well as the system was generated, then you may not be able to sleep tonight until you make sure all your contacts to join this program as your business partner.

You Are The Earlier, So Do not Let Your Friends Are Far Behind of You!

So do not delay
to contact us to help you!

Lock your place with us at Rajakereta Dream Cars Club so you can get your favourite car easily! We help you to get what is paid in addition to fulfill your dreams.


Contact us, Rajakereta DREAM CARs CLUB for more details. 
+011-1282 5967 (SMS/ WhatSapp)

You can visit our WebSite and FaceBook @

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Introduction of COWAY products

Malaysia has the bad air and water pollution, yet the haze are still not getting away. We need a good breathe and drink clean water to maintain our body to stay healthy all time.

Need good air purifier or water purifier or good skin?
for you?
for your family?
for your own home environment?
for your SOHO office?

Those all of you are having asthma, not breathing out well, sensitive skins, and much more, especially for young babies, kids, children and old people or crowd people in your home environment.

There are dusty in everywhere, be it at our homes and offices. Air Purifier products will be the one you all need to use to get rid away from the bad and dirty dusty. Thus it will be a healthy home for you and your family in good conditions.

Drinking water from the old pipe? Is it safe to consume boiled tap water? Of course, they will be water boiled but yet still are not the good taste and you might get disgusted when drinking them. The water pipe should have be filtered first then only will drink.  Water Purifier products are the best you will have the good drink after all. You will taste the water quality. Your body feels the full of energy and healthier. Use them for your newborn baby, kids and children and everyone else to have the healthy body. 

There is an another essential way to smooth your skin. Sensitive skins are always an issue to us. Sometimes we can get annoy finding hard to cure and cleanse to have our skin feels the radiant and glow again! This Water Softener and Bidet products will be your best choice. You will feel great and loving them as they are always cleanse your body and skin. 

To have good diet and digest your body after eating? They will be always organic fruits where you can make on your own diet schedule. This JuicePresso product gives you its best shot of using this slowest juice press which you will drink and your body will feels great and good as it is a healthy product. 

You will feel much better and healthy using them.

They are good products only can be found in COWAY.

the products

WhatSapp/ SMS
# 011-12825967 (Henry)
# 011 - 38153952 (Sue)


-: for more information :-