Friday, 22 January 2016

#GREEN24 movement

Thank you Sir Tony Fernandes for the invitation to be part of AirAsia’s #GREEN24 climate awareness movement. They are embarking on a 24-hour climate change awareness movement, called #GREEN24 on the 29th and 30th January 2016, to educate and for all of us to make a conscious effort to take on issues surrounding to climate change; as part of AirAsia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Group CEO, Tony Fernandes has filmed a special invitation message inviting you to be proactive in protecting the environment and our Mother Earth. This video is available for viewing on AirAsia’s Youtubechannel.

Watch the video and join them by spreading the word on your blog, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to include their official hashtag #GREEN24challenge. Let’s do our part in creating a better future tomorrow for the next generation and also for our Mother Earth.

AirAsia #GREEN24 challenge

SEPANG, 15 JAN 2016 – AirAsia continues its climate change awareness intiative, themed
#GREEN24 which was first launched last November with a 24-hour climate awareness movement to educate and promote climate action, as part of the airline’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives throughout the Asean region.
The airline released a special invitation video by Group CEO, Tony Fernandes inviting the
public to be proactive in protecting the environment and the earth. In the video, which is available for viewing on AirAsia’s YouTube Channel, Tony Fernandes said, “On our side of the world, not many people know about the issues that climate change poses, and we feel that the best thing for us to do is to inform people. Many of us don’t really see the problems coming, but at AirAsia we have seen the effects of climate change such as Typhoon Haiyan that struck Tacloban in the Philippines, the floods that happened around the region and
massive climatic changes over the past two to three years.“We always look after our own mothers, and we always put our mothers first in many things. But now, it’s time we put Mother Earth first as well. It’s time we let the world know that we need to take better care of the planet we live in,” Tony Fernandes further emphasized. The main activities of #GREEN24 will be carried out from 29th to 30th January 2016 throughout all the countries which the AirAsia Group serves, inviting the communities across the region to participate in
promoting climate action at their respective home, workplaces, cities and countries.
The public can find out more information about this #GREEN24 climate awareness movement and how to participate by visiting initial activity held in November 2015 saw over 150 volunteers from across the AirAsia Group and Tune Group of companies come together to clean the Kanching Rainforest Waterfall in Rawang. Nearly 600kgs of garbage was collected in a short duration of 90 minutes during this waterfall
cleanup activity.

 About  the  AirAsia Group   AirAsia,  the  leading  and  largest  low-cost  carrier  in  Asia,  services  the  most  extensive  network  with over  100  destinations.  Within  14  years  of  operations,  AirAsia  has  carried  over  300  million  guests  and grown  its  fleet  from  just  two  aircraft  to  over  170.  The  airline  is  proud  to  be  a  truly  Asean  (Association of  Southeast  Asian  Nations)  airline  with  established  operations  based  in  Malaysia,  Indonesia, Thailand,  Philippines,  India  and  Japan,  servicing  a  network  stretching  across  all  Asean  countries  and beyond.  AirAsia  was  named  the  World’s  Best  Low  Cost  Airline  in  the  annual  World  Airline  Survey  by Skytrax  for  seven  consecutive  years  from  2009  –  2015.  AirAsia  is  the  first  airline  globally  to collaborate  with  INTERPOL  to  implement  the  I-Checkit  system  to  screen  the  passports  of  all  its  prospective  passengers  against  information  contained  in  the  world  police  body’s  Stolen  and  Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) database.


Tony  Fernandes  menjemput  orang  ramai  untuk  menyertai #GREEN24, gerakan kesedaran alam sekitar AirAsia

 SEPANG,  15  JANUARI  2016  -  AirAsia  meneruskan  inisiatif  kesedaran  alam  sekitarnya  dengan  tema #GREEN24  yang  julung  kali  dilancarkan  November  lalu  dengan  gerakan  kesedaran  alam  sekitar  24jam  bagi  mendidik  dan  mempromosi  kesedaran  terhadap  perubahan  iklim,  sebagai  sebahagian daripada inisiatif Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat syarikat penerbangan itu di rantau Asean. Syarikat  penerbangan  itu  telah  mengeluarkan  satu  video  jemputan  khas  oleh  Ketua Pegawai  Eksekutif  Kumpulan  AirAsia  Tony  Fernandes  menjemput  orang  ramai  untuk menjadi lebih proaktif dalam melindungi alam sekitar dan bumi. Dalam  video  ini,  yang  boleh  ditonton  di  saluran  Youtube  AirAsia,  Tony  Fernandes  berkata,  “Dirantau ini,  tidak  ramai  tahu  mengenai  isu-isu  yang  timbul  akibat  perubahan  iklim.  Justeru,  kami  berpendapat bahawa  cara  yang terbaik  adalah  dengan  memberitahu  orang ramai mengenai isu  ini. Ramai di antara kita  tidak  menyedari  kesan  dari  ketidaksedaran  menjaga  alam  sekitar  bagi  jangka  waktu  panjang, tetapi  di  AirAsia  kami  telah  melihat  kesan-kesan  yang  timbul  akibat  perubahan  iklim  seperti  Taufan Haiyan  yang  melanda  Tacloban  di  Filipina,  banjir  yang  berlaku  di  serata  rantau  ini  dan  perubahan iklim yang ketara semenjak dua hingga tiga tahun kebelakangan ini." “Kita  sentiasa  menjaga  orang  tersayang  dan  kita  juga  sentiasa  mengutamakan  mereka  dalam perkara-perkara  yang  ingin  kita  lakukan.  Namun,  sudah  tiba  masanya  untuk  kita  juga  mengutamakan bumi  kita.  Sudah  tiba  masanya  untuk  kita  memberitahu  dunia  supaya  menjaga  planet  ini  dengan  lebih baik, yang juga merupakan tempat tinggal kita,” tekan Tony Fernandes lagi. Aktiviti  utama  #Green24  akan  diadakan  dari  29  hingga  30  Januari  2016  di  seluruh  negara  di  mana Kumpulan  AirAsia  beroperasi,  menjemput  masyarakat  di  seluruh  rantau  ini  menyertai  usaha menggalakkan  tindakan  menjaga  alam  sekitar  di  rumah  masing-masing,  tempat  kerja  dan  negara secara amnya. Orang  ramai  boleh  mendapatkan  maklumat  lanjut  mengenai  kempen  #Green24  ini  dan  juga  cara bagaimana  untuk  menyertainya  dengan  melawat   Aktiviti  awal  yang  telah  diadakan  pada  bulan  November  2015  menyaksikan  lebih  150  sukarelawan dari  seluruh  Kumpulan  Syarikat  AirAsia  dan  Tune  berkumpul  bersama-  sama  untuk  membersihkan  air terjun  Kanching  di  Rawang.  Lebih  600kg  sampah  telah  dikutip  dalam  masa  jangka  singkat  selama  90 minit yang dibersihkan sewaktu  aktiviti membersihkan air terjun ini.

 Mengenai Kumpulan  AirAsia AirAsia,  syarikat  penerbangan  tambang  rendah  utama  dan  terbesar  di  Asia,  menyediakan perkhidmatan  rangkaian  penerbangan  terluas  dengan  90  destinasi.  Semenjak  14  tahun  beroperasi, AirAsia  telah  menerbangkan  300  juta  tetamu  dan  memperkembangkan  barisan  pesawatnya  daripada dua  ke  lebih  daripada  170.  Ia  kini  bangga  menjadi  syarikat  penerbangan  Asean  (Pertubuhan  NegaraNegara  Asia  Tenggara)  yang  sejati,  dengan  operasi  yang  berpusat  di  Malaysia,  Indonesia,  Thailand, Filipina  dan  India,  menyediakan  perkhidmatan  ke  jaringan  penerbangan  yang  merangkumi  semua negara  Asean  dan  juga  China,  India  dan  Australia.  AirAsia  telah  dinamakan  sebagai  Syarikat Penerbangan  Terbaik  Dunia  melalui  kajiselidik  tahunan  Syarikat  Penerbangan  Dunia  oleh  Skytrax  bagi tujuh  tahun  berturut-turut  dari  2009  –  2015.  AirAsia  menjadi  syarikat  pernerbangan  global  pertama yang  bekerjasama  dengan  INTERPOL  untuk  melaksanakan  penggunaan  sistem  I-Checkit,  bagi menyaring  pasport  para  penumpang  melalui  perbandingan  maklumat  yang  terkandung  dalam pangkalan  data  Kecurian  dan  Kehilangan  Dokumen  Perjalanan  (Stolen  and  Lost  Travel  Documents: SLTD) badan polis dunia itu.   

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Proper is an app where you simply click to look for properties within few minutes/ hours. By later, you will be able to get a quick response from agents on which you are interested to check in those properties to experience their latest and fastest property concierge app.

It is so nice to have such an app to get a property you will be interested and save your time, of course. Though has been much among people’s favourite website online but I am sure this new app, PROPER will be a great accessible for all to those who need a quick response and facts on info which will get you to nowhere.

In PROPER app, it’s an easy tool where you will find its good to choose over many properties in states and the contracts of colour make it too bold to choose in anytime and make you happy to have your own search of the day.

You will notice their PROPER APP which appears on your mobile phone.

Ø   IF YOU OPT TO CLICK; ‘LIST A PLACE’ – Fill in the form
Ø   Then SEARCH HISTORY DETAILS will appear to you – You ‘GET AGENTS’
Ø   You will be keeping on updates from agents if your searches are still on.

Ø   If not, you may ‘CLOSE REQUEST’ to stop receiving notifications from agents.

Is that easy to you, right? Come to have their PROPER app on your mobile phone right now away!

How to get PROPER app?
v  Get to their website,

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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Monday, 11 January 2016

(male grooming brand)

It is so surprising thing that now we Malaysian can have the good brand product that partnered with the Manchester City to reach out throughout the country.

MCFC are delighted to announce a new club partnership with Dashing -  Malaysia's leading male grooming brand. 

As part of the two year deal, Dashing will become City's Official Personal Male Care Partner in Malaysia.

Launched over 25 years ago, Dashing was heralded as Malaysia's first ever male body-care brand and has since gone on to release a range of fragrances, deodorants, skin care, shower and hair styling products, making them the market leader among young Malay men.

With a product profolio ranging from EDT, antiperspirant deodorants, roll-ons, body showers, facial cleansers, hair gels and talcum powder, Dashing now have their sights set firmly on football.

Under the terms of the partnership, Dashing has acquired wide-ranging licensing rights to use the Club crest and player imagery in national TV marketing and social media campaigns. 

Lucky Dashing customers will be also in with the chance to win a series of all-expense paid trips to Manchester to watch Manuel Pellegrini's men in action, live at the Etihad Stadium.

Winners will also be able to get up-close-and-personal with City stars such as Sergio Aquero, Vincent Kompany, Martin Demichehs, and David Silva at an exclusive blue carpet experience. 

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Business Officer for Manchester City, Tom Glick said

Dashing is a major player in the Malaysian skin and body care market, which has gone on to become one of the nation's leading brands. Having built up a long and trusted reputation among the millions of young men in the region who also love football, Dashing is the perfect fit for Manchester City. 

"When the Club visited Kuala Lumpur during a previous pre-season tour, we were blown away by the passion and commitment of our Malaysian's fans. We look forward to working with the Dashing team and to welcoming our loyal Malaysian fans to the Etihad Stadium throughout the season."

Rishi Pahwa, Marketing Manager for DASHING, said :

"Dashing is the only Head to Toe Male Grooming Brand in Malaysia that allows young modern men to exude confidence and become dashingly cool." We realize the love and passion for football and especially English Premier League and are proud to present DASHINGgoesMancity contest whereby we look to reward DASHING users with Once in A Lifetime opportunity for a VIP experience of the English Premier League. 

"To bring this opportunity to every single football fan : the contest has been kept very simple in the form of SMS and Win with no restriction on purchase. We also look to reward every DASHING user with assured prizes with every purchase during the campaign."

For more information about the contest, visit 

Thank you Dashing for the beautiful packaging design products. Each design pack comes with its own fragrance of nice smell. 

My man has no shown interest in taking in any facial cleanser to keep men's skincare at often. Thank you, Dashing for introducing to him. He  now loves Dashing facial cleanser products because he can experiences it in every day. How good is it, right?

Applied the facial cleanser foam onto face - wait for 5 mins

Rinse with water, he looks so good in white clear
It has mentioned that his face skin is cool and nice when he applies facial foam onto his face. He has been using DASHING facial cleaner products for weeks. His skin now is always keep clean and stay away from the air pollution which effects to his skin easily. Once he uses them, his oily skin has been cleared off away. 

His skin is refresh and healthy right now for the better. Every man should always protect own body to main its own beauty too. Skincare is a part of man's life.

- Thank you DASHING -