Thursday, 9 January 2014

a real-life group of masterless samurai

I have loved how a samurai warrior as a hero especially samurai is known in Japan. Samurai, referred to in Japanese as bushi, were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan. By the end of the 12th century, samurai became almost entirely synonymous with bushi, and the word was closely associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class.
The samurai followed a set of rules that came to be known as Bushido. While the samurai numbered less than 10% of Japan 's population, their teachings can still be found today; in both everyday life and in modern Japanese martial arts.

Somehow, 47 Ronin is a true story inspiration in Japan and all over the world

Checking on which cinemas, my friend and I are gonna to watch
HERE we choose MBO cinema,
Citta Mall @ Ara Damansara.
After we have presented our ticket passes to the counter to redeem the tickets.

The MBO Cinema at Citta Mall is so awesome where we could enter the wonderland and really like the cool creative at the cinema.

There are only 3 room cinemas at the mall.
The chairs are awesome, just two-two!

After entering the room cinema, I have missed out the first show! Oops, too busy looking at the WoW newly MBO cinema.
Luckily my friend has shared tips of the story with me which I am quite not understand - complicate
And I am flowing in with the story went on...

47 RONIN, one of the most celebrated in the history of the samurai. Samurai class is where it is struggling to maintain a sense of itself - warriors with no war, a social class without a function. The tale is to be said  which it has begun with the teaching of Yamaga Soko (1622-1685), an influential theorist who wrote a number of important works on the warrior spirit and what to meant to be samurai.

47 Ronin film was directed by Director, Carl Erik Rinsch

Oishi Kuranosuke Yoshio (played by Hiroyuki Sanada), a samurai and retainer of Asano Takumi no kami Naganori, who led a branch of the powerful Asano family.

When the Lord Asano was chosen by the shogun, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi to be the one of a number of daimyo tasked with entertaining envoys from the Imperial family. To assist him in this new duty, the Bakufu's highest ranking master of protocol, Kira Kozukenosuke Yoshinaka who was assigned to instruct him
matters of etiquette.

Lord Asano
In feudal Japan, Kai (played by Keanu Reeves) is a half-Japanese
and half-British outcast who lives in the village of Ako. The village is
ruled by the Lord Asano Naganori (played by Min Tanaka), who one
found a  young Kai lost in the woods and accepted him into his

Kai saves Yasuno being killed by a monster during a fight in the forest. When Lord Asano and Oishi and their armies arrive, they congrats Yasuno for defeating the monster. Yasuno hates Kai for his race.

Despite of being rejected by the samurai led by Oishi due to his ancestry, Kai becomes a skilled warrior and falls in love with Asano's daughter, Mika (played by Kou Shibasaki)


The film is so awesome and show how its beauty of artistic, creative and graphical. I was so impressed and influenced by its true Japan culture in the Asia!

Ahead of the arrival of Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), Ako is visited by his master of ceremonies, Lord Kira (played by Tadanoba Asano) who becomes attracted to Mika. He arranges a fight between his best soldier, the Lovecraftian Samurai (played by Neil Fingleton) and one of Oishi's men, Yasuno (played by Masayoshi Haneda  who is later found under the spell of Kira's advisor, the witch Mizuki (played by Rinko Kikuchi). Thus, Kai takes his place and fights the Lovecraftian Samurai, but is defeated and humiliated. Kai is trying to tell Oishi that he saw a fox but Oishi does not believe him. Yasuno is angry at Kai for taking his place. 

Later at the night, witch Mizuki spells on the Lord Asano into believing Kira is raping Mika which causes him to attack Kira, an offense punished by death. The Shogun allows Asano to die honorably by committing Seppuku and brands Oishi and his men Ronin. It is too cruel to die in this such a way in Japan. Kira demands to marry Mika but the Shogun grants her one year to mourn the death of her father and forbids the Ronin seeking any revenge. Oishi is regretted for not trusting Kai at the first place but he has failed his duty to protect the Lord Asano from the witch. He has warned the Ronin to standby whatever it will be during the 1 year off. At last, Kira traps Oishi in a well. Oishi later believes Kai because he himself knows the truth.

A few months later, Oishi is imprisoned and rescued by his son, Chikara (played by Jin Akanishi) and reunited the Ronin, including Kai who had been sold into slavery to revenge for Lord Asano and save Mika. The local blacksmiths deny them to help out of loyalty for Kira. Oishi needs Kai to help out by telling the Ronin. They need a lot of weapons but still not enough. So, Kai leads them to the Tengu, a place he once escaped from as a child. Kai told Oishi not to hurt the Tengu when entering the land. Oishi puts under a test in which he is tempted by illusions, by remembering Kai's word to never draw his sword, earning the respect of the Tengu Master (played by Togo Igawa) who awards the Ronin with swords.

Chikara, the son of Oishi
Tengu Master
On their way back to Ako, the group is ambushed by Kira's army, led by Mizuki and the Lovecraftian Samurai. Several of the Ronin are killed and Mizuki is believing  to have slaughtered them all, steals Kai's sword and returns to the village where she taunts Mika with her death and attempts to manipulate Mika into killing herself. 

However, Kai and Oishi are survived and reunite the remaining 47 Ronin to continue their mission. With the help of a band performers who travelling, Kai and Oishi infliltrate Kira and Mika's wedding, giving Mika an opportunity to flee. They did a good strategy to defeat Kira's land. Yasuno asks Kai for the apology and they befriend. Kai and Mika are escaping together but attacked by Mizuki who changes into a form of a giant serpent and killed by Kai at last. Meanwhile Oishi and Kira fight and Oishi beheads Kira, avenging his friend, Lord Asano.

The 47 ronin are sentenced to death by committing murder and allowed to commit Seppuku to preserve their honor, leaving behind their wives. The Shogun is impressed by their bravery, he allows Chikara to live to preserve Oishi's bloodline. After the death of the Ronin, Mika finds a letter written by Kai in which he promises to find her once she crosses into the 'other-world'.

A love developed between Kai and Mika
 A scroll with the blood of the 47 Ronin is preserved as a symbol of their unwavering honor, strength and dedication to justice.

The Oishi Kuranosuke and his ronin has became the stuff of legend, and continue to spawn books, movies and television shows at a prodigious rate. The Sengakuji is still a popular spot in Tokyo and a place for modern admirers of what many feel were the finest examples of samurai loyalty to emerge from the Edo Period.