Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Anyone's hungry?

This night dinner I made seafood mushroom with the fragrance of bay leaves, oregano and basil!  

Added with cheese on top after put some spaghetti on 

                                     A dish is ready to serve YOU right now!

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Everyone is exciting for the polling day which is just around the corner soon.

How far you know about the elections? Will it ever make a change to the Malaysian for a better future?

Let’s us to pray and vote for the peace and harmony in the country.

~* Happy Voting*~

Sunday, 14 April 2013

B'day Dinner#Alexis Restaurant@Gardens

                                            Alexis Restaurant@Gardens

Last Thurday, I've finished my task at office. While I went down from the lift and waiting for my man to pick me up. There I got beep from my friend has called me out for dinner and I was in the stuck of time despite of in such last minute. My friend who hasn't the mind to pick me up from my workplace. I told her I would check up with my man and he told me we were gonna to have a dinner which a bit surprised me. I was in blurry. Thus, I told my friend I couldn't make it. 

And I kept looking at my book to read while waiting for my man who was in the stuck of jam - LDP. Damn it. I was waiting for 2 hours and it was raining. Bad timing. It was almost 7.30pm in the dark he has finally came up. We were both rush to the dinner. Supposed to be at Bangsar for the dinner but it was cancelled due to some reason. So we were ahead to the Gardens. 

            There this, surprised me big with having cake on the table dinner ~ roftl.

It's Mixed Fruit cake. Scrumptious cake.

 A piece of cake

There are some delicious dishes to be served on the table

Nasi Kerabu

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Laksa Sarawak

Dont know what its....fried bihun something like that

           The Alexis Restaurant interior design landcape views ~ Interesting works


                                                     New Mall + Facial Time

It's Setia City Mall and Setia City Convention Centre is just the opposite la.

Open space park

I have been to the newly mall in several times already. It was opened in the last year of 2012. It was Setia City Mall is located in the heart of Shah Alam, Selangor. It was a very big mall, similar to the Mid Valley one. The mall has became quite a popular with the good accessible of everything where it has the Setia City Convention Center and an open space park where you can see the colorful light of water fountain. There
is a cinema in the mall too. It is GSC. There were many kinds of food to choose from. There are housing property areas nearby too. One of the housing property is quite popular with the new development by Setia Alam Sdn Bhd company, they named it Setia Eco City Park. There was even had a newly an international school. It was International Tenby School.

It's Jurlique shop which I don't have the photo in my phone, so I got it from  its website.

To the facial rooms

I got this Jurlique Products for free

I was wondering what I am gonna to do without my facial here. Since I was a facial regular customer to my aunt back hometown most of the time. When I have been here for the last few months, it was a strange city for me where I have to search throughout the whole city and places I should look for and familiar with everything here. When I was back home, I told mum I need a facial badly. She has kept asking me why I don’t do one in KL. I said I was not familiar but I knew I have to. However, I found a good offer with a good choice. There was it how I found here :-

I was late for my facial appointment after been postponed due to the inconvenience cause. It was in the evening, still so sunny. Once I entered the shop, Jurlique I presented my voucher and I have filled up the form. It was gonna to be 1 ½ hours. I was waiting and guided by a young lady to a room. I was told to have a cloth change. It was clean and nice in an air-conditioned environment. There was a water sink, a medium-sized mirror was hooking on the wall, a half of tall cupboard to keep bag and it was safe security after being locked up with a provided of a handbag/key together besides a bed covers its facial and body towels with the facial of equipments in order nicely.

Soon, the lady untied up my hair and started to have a scalp massage. I was wondering what is scalp massage. And I understood how it was done. It was just massaging my hair to relax and then she covered my hair to tie up in proper with a small towel. I was starting to have a good cleansing over my face. It was cool feeling. There was a very real warm fragrance towel to wipe up my face. My face was under a warm fan which stayed for 10 minutes. I then was having had a pores cleanse out by putting 2 wet cottons on the both of my eyes. After that, my face and shoulder were massaging with good oil. It was a very cold of recovery mask put all over my face and leave it for 15 minutes and my lip was even put some balm on which surprised me. While enjoying my relaxing body, she then massaged my legs and feet with its towel. Then I was sleeping in a damn dull of waiting long. Suddenly, my face’s mask has been peeled off and wiped up with a warm fragrance towel. I do like the way of feeling. There was some creams to make my face to feel fresh, a short scalp massage and a bit of strong massage at the back of my body after it was being done in the end.

I quickly had a change of my cloth and looked up in the mirror and my face looked good after last month I had my last facial back in my hometown. I came out from the room and went to have a short consultant with the lady. She was asking whether I can hear and speak a bit. I said yes I was. She then gave me 3 small bottles which helps to soothe my face as I was told my face was on dry skinned. She even taught me on how to apply the cream in the correct ways. It was cool one I bought it in the online.

They are good and professionals. It was the good facial service since my last home made facial.

Do visit the shop for more details. Log on to :

After the facial time, my man and I went ahead for our dinner. It was the Khao Restaurant, a Thai cuisine. 
A good atmosphere dining. Reasonable price too. Try it out, guys!

'Citta Mall'

I have been to the newly open mall, it is Citta Mall, which is located at Ara Damansara. Ara Damansara is known as a township in Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It is near the Subang Airport and the opposite side of Saujana Golf and Country Club.

The car parking are now free entrance at the moment. So it is much convenient area where you just can access to the mall without being any troubles/ difficult. The mall are 3 storey levels, with a good accessible to all. Presto is the mall’s ever first supermarket among the others, especially in the Klang Valley.

There are few of photos I took, enjoy them!

The different perspective of view during the late evening

It is the cinema mall, MBO

I found this gallery is very interesting

Nice design for the signboard 
The creative way of putting on the wall
Cool of creative design on the wall promoting its education towards children

It's the night of perspective view of the mall

It's the Times ~ Book Shop

It's the MeatWorks..a restaurant with its unique design
It's the ice-cream shop where you can choose
 and mix with different of flavours.
It's the WonderMilk...a restaurant and cafe. Cool design
It's Baci, an Italian cafe. Nice logo with its unique of wood design
It's Unique Seafood Restaurant (delicious food)

The mall is quite a good place where you can enjoy the fresh breeze, peaceful, views of the atmosphere, which is similar to my back hometown malls, Island Plaza and Straits Quay. It is not too crowd mall. 

An addition to delight you by this small appetite luncheon

        This is an another healthy luncheon ~ Tuna Carbonara Tomatoes Pasta

New design to add its weirdo sign of parking?

There is parking everywhere where you feel that there is no special about it. You drive to every malls most of the time, arent you? Till I spot this..... Guess what it looks like?..

You can see its the ladies only in the parking bay

This mall I found at Tropicana Mall. And it's a bit too weird for me. I wonder is it safe for the ladies those park their cars there. What if a lady with a man can park there after its sign for only ladies?

Not only this at Tropicana Mall, another mall KLCC I think is the same idea of parking bay for the ladies only.

You guys out there any ideas/suggests/opinions about it to share with me.