Thursday, 3 April 2014

"BOOK UP" (online bookstore)

Books...Books...are everywhere in the world, you can stopping by here to VIEW, BUY & SHARE the online book store!

Book Up, is the new online bookstore in Malaysia where you can experience the good buying and selling of second hand and used books from here only in my blog, RainFall! The good price they offer you and you will get the best quality and absolutely quite cheap! It will save your money too! Why not?

A short introduction of Book Up
has been setting up
by the founder and co-founder,
Mike Chu and Jacqueline Khoo!
- A friendly online bookstore - 

They are into many categories of such as :-
Business & Finance, Accounting, Law, Fiction & Non-Fiction, School textbooks, Language, Engineering and much more to name a few. 
for more information.

Readers out there, to get a cheaper price by buying a book online, you may use my special coupon code, ("Book Up", online bookstore) as a side bar on the left which you will get 5% discount on books! What you need to do is to type  "RAINFALL"  during the checkout.

You may sign up for your newsletter to get this special coupon too!

The valid of special coupon is till 31st May 2014!

So, readers - GRAB and BUY quickly!
Hurry Up ~