Friday, 18 April 2014

Beauty Product

Quite sometimes ago, my friend has asked me to meet up 
I wonder what it is all about to talk....

Then, I have been a quite while for not meeting up with her.
Decided to see her!

Guess what?

I am quite surprised by her presentation demo
it is
a famous brand all over the world!

I have been following up this brand but have not take a deep look
into this yet.

I have never imagine I will ever have this REAL demo
Without wasting time,
she has conducted a perfect demo
for me
to fill form and started my face demo.

Love this demo as I am into beauty product.

Self demo on facial products
"Botanical Effects"
step by step
my skin is so refresh and good
nice smell
soft and sweet

-Good try & worth-

She has explained to me quite good 
and I am proud of her
being the Deaf beauty consultant!

Thanked her so much
for being set up
a good time
for me.

Interested, please SMS or WhatSapp her for more details
Amy. 012 - 9320662

More samples on Mary Kay products

Here is Mary Kay provides their website,