Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A little article from my friend, a Deaf blogger

I won 1 pair of tickets to the Maze, Runner @ Times Square but sadly I could not make it. Thus not wasting good tickets away, I passed to my friend, Selina. She is also a Deaf blogger. Thankfully she can make it yeah! and she was a kind of surprised I got the tickets she loves to.  And I was happy to dedicate this to her as a gift whom she has helped me quite a lot to teach me about social media world. Yet she is a patient lady and helpful. She's smart and you can turn to her in anytime for the tips. hehe. 

Well, please log on to her blog for movie review, The Maze Runner SelinaWings' Blog

Hoping you all enjoy reading it and get yourself something worth by trying to get free tickets from any social media companies.  Of course, you will learn much from this. Good benefits, good experience to try out, why not you? 

                           Thank you for the day...