Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I am really happy to own domain for sure. After 3 years, has been mine! Thank you for being my free blogspot of those last 3 years. Thank you friends who know me, I do appreciate your tips on understanding of getting free blogspot and how to own a domain which they both are useful for a blog and website.

I have been a Google fan and am part of their blogspot for free too. Though my consideration of buying a domain for my blog website.  I finally went to for purchasing their domain for my blog website. They offered enough of good prices. I bought their promo price which only costed me RM 53.95 per 1 year/.  In end, I did not get DNS Management from because I thought it might be something else I could not want to include in the price. But I was wrong. Lastly, my blog website could not get in since I shall have to get DNS Management and I was much worried for purchasing the domain. And I even get myself a free DNS Management at which is quite popular. Thus, I was seeking advice from my friend. She helped me get through this all. And finally my blog website has worked out well. Thanked God, my price was all worthwhile then.

I learnt from this lesson, I should shall buy all domain offering includes DNS Management in future.

Thank you all my readers for being with all the time. And now you may enjoy reading at my new blog website.