Friday, 26 February 2016

an online shopping

ensogo, is a quite popular online shopping where Malaysians now can order and take it in anywhere and anytime. Similar to, hermo and etc. 

ensogo - is a brand of Southeast Asia's premier online shopping destination, featuring an exclusive selection of products, services and travel offers at the most competitive prices available.

When I open this ensogo website, I surprisingly to see that there is a neat and plays strong colorful and well-arranged some of icons to get notice easily. And not only that, fonts are well-readable which shows good typography and its color as well. 

Feels like I am surfing online in the Japan website girly feeling
You can see the their advertising on the top marked they are selling 50% off to use code and its term and conditions to be spot easily.

 You will notice the red highlighted "Best Sellers" easier to spot through which in categories that we want. Save our time and do not get lost easily.

A well-organized website
How well-organized is in this website above that you will be able to get through easily, each by each. For eg, there is this health & diet and groceries at the different color of bars to be shown. Besides that, this website also shows how important they have to give you a good view online shopping, you may notice a many columns that you will be going to through many floors to check. For eg, there is a column bars on the left with many good simple icons to know that. 

It is also gets clock to know how fast you want to get your stuffs, do not wait. The prices are good enough to be cheap on the line. The promotion discounts are also on the mark.

I choose groceries category > healthy & diet food; Chia Seed. I find out how cheap they are too good enough to purchase off right away. Wait a minute, there is another details below where I can get the good information on buying chia seed. Ain't it a good website though?

The brief of buying item

At the end of website, you will stop by where to finish your shop and buy them online. Here is the steps you will check in there. And in other way, you can sign up and save your budget of becoming ensogo member.

Not forgetting InvolveAsia which is also a part of online shopping where you are able to have good benefits to get from. 

Let me introduce you how this InvolveAsia - an Ecommerce Affiliate Network works out at here.

This is how InvolveAsia website works through the affiliate network program
InvolveAsia has now changes their name to this

SHOPSTYLERS, a brand new where everyone gets to enjoy of its every way you can earn from this affiliate network program at the same time meanwhile you are on online shopping. 

How cool this looks onto you?

Want to join SHOPSTYLERS as a new member?

You will feel amaze when you shop in their ecommerce affiliate network website, you will feel to the top by choosing any online shopping websites you are looking for. 

It does help you to earn some good pocket money. It even saves your time and cost not 
necessarily needed to find where to get something. They do provide you in general of shops
to look at. 

Look, how it works out in this way

Ensogo online shopping, one of them

Shogun, another online shopping 

ChristyNg, for shoe lovers.
How interesting it is, right?

Let's share this newbie ecommerce affiliate network with your shopaholic friends over, why not?

Happy Online Shopping ^,^