Sunday, 14 April 2013

B'day Dinner#Alexis Restaurant@Gardens

                                            Alexis Restaurant@Gardens

Last Thurday, I've finished my task at office. While I went down from the lift and waiting for my man to pick me up. There I got beep from my friend has called me out for dinner and I was in the stuck of time despite of in such last minute. My friend who hasn't the mind to pick me up from my workplace. I told her I would check up with my man and he told me we were gonna to have a dinner which a bit surprised me. I was in blurry. Thus, I told my friend I couldn't make it. 

And I kept looking at my book to read while waiting for my man who was in the stuck of jam - LDP. Damn it. I was waiting for 2 hours and it was raining. Bad timing. It was almost 7.30pm in the dark he has finally came up. We were both rush to the dinner. Supposed to be at Bangsar for the dinner but it was cancelled due to some reason. So we were ahead to the Gardens. 

            There this, surprised me big with having cake on the table dinner ~ roftl.

It's Mixed Fruit cake. Scrumptious cake.

 A piece of cake

There are some delicious dishes to be served on the table

Nasi Kerabu

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Laksa Sarawak

Dont know what its....fried bihun something like that

           The Alexis Restaurant interior design landcape views ~ Interesting works