Wednesday, 27 November 2013

"D'Apple Fibre - Constipation and 
Distended Stomach Solution!"


fat% Organic Apple Fiber

 Collagen + Stemcell

D'Apple Fiber (Collagen + Stemcell) flat stomach is spreading with a unique formula of natural D'Apple Fiber is rich in fiber.

Recommended to anyone who is having problems bloated stomach, constipation, overweight and bad breath. Regular consumption, a packet after dinner will be by removing the old.

Our products are proven research results can help overcome constipation and bloated stomach no matter male or female.

The solution to the problem should be sought before they become more serious. An obese person will be faced with the problem of the imbalance of the body. Legs and knees become sore because of heavy turbulence want to accommodate the weight of the body other than the risk of heart disease, diabetes and fatigue.

Disease is one of the reasons is that excess fat is not wasted until coating an important part of the body. For men and women, one of the body parts of concern is the stomach. Stomach is not 'care' is not only a significant impact on the appearance of even describe the health of a person.

Through a combination of organic apple stem cells and collagen fiber is said to aid the removal of excess fat without diarrhea.

Apple is considered the king of fruits that can control cholesterol levels naturally. High-fiber pectin in apples. It can combine with cholesterol and removes bad fat before the fat is absorbed into the body, controlling blood glucose levels, glucose fluctuations prevent sudden, maintaining normal blood pressure, prevent constipation, remove toxins from the colon and solve rheumatic discomfort by neutralizing acid crystals.

D'organic apple Apple Fiber has high collagen fiber and help regulate the bloated stomach, constipation and obesity. In addition to taking supplements, organic apple fiber is a daily necessity in our diet.

Every individual requires 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day to help detox the body.

Soluble fiber also helps to reduce excess fat of cholesterol in the body .

But many do not realize that is not easy for them to take the required amount of fiber each day before the fat is absorbed into the body.

Apple Fiber also acts to remove toxins from the colon and regulate bowel function and prevents constipation.

This product is different from other older products because it does not cause the user to feel like twisting abdominal pain and diarrhea.

In addition, the function of collagen in D' Apple Fiber prevent wrinkles and keep the skin texture .

This is because the collagen defend elastic skin , improve joints , bones and the skin becomes smooth .

Studies show apple stem cells also increase the growth of body cells, protecting cells from stress and reduce skin wrinkling.

How To Use D'Apple Fiber
- Mix and shake / stir with normal cold water and drink
   after eating.

(Effects after taking D'Apple Fiber. After 1-5 days ...)

1.During defecation many (probably stink and colored

2.Removal more than once (2 or 3 times)

3.Frequently farted out wind-Constipation improved

After 15 days ...

1.Toxic decreases

2.Fat will be reduces 

3.Distended stomach reduces and body to stay slim


D'APPLE FIBRE Customers' Testimonials 

I do not feel comfortable and does not have the appetite to eat with stomach wind. When my bother's girlfriend recommended me to drink this D'Apple Fibre product, she said this product would help my stomach to feel more comfortable. I drank this product after dinner, the next day stomach already feels very comfortable after a bowel movement 3 times. There is no wind in my stomach again! I am hungry and I have a good appetite to eat. This product is very helpful, thumbs up!

                                                                                                                                   ~ Doris ~


Bad health and stomach keeps me getting depressed. I always feel uncomfortable and sometimes my food is not fix. When my son's girlfriend asked me to drink D'Apple Fibre product, my stomach was already able to get through the removal of the old in 5-6 times! My stomach feels very light and my immune system does feel better and healthier. D'Apple Fibre product is very efficient and good!

                                            ~ Grace Vasuki ~


I have tried D'Apple Fibre product recommended by a friend of my boss. After I drank it, I feel much better than before. Removal of fat in my body has been reduced. I feel very fit and healthy. D'Apple Fibre product is very good and effective!

                                                                                                                          ~ Kelly ~


My body does not feel good and distended stomach has not been reduces. The body was getting me fatter. I could not wear small size clothes and I was tired of it! I drank this product, D'Apple Fibre to help me to solve the problem of constipation and 
distended  stomach. Removal of fat in the body has been reduced and I can wear clothes again. I feel so refresh and able to do what I want. This product is effective and healthier!
                                                                 ~ Syin~


My distended stomach cannot reduces which  I do not feel comfortable with my clothes. So I tried this product D'Apple Fibre, it's very helpful! My body immune system was feeling much better. Removal of fat is very effective too! I recommend to anyone whom is facing the problems. You will feel great when drinking this product!

                                                         ~ Peter J ~