Saturday, 14 December 2013

Review : MyTeksi

What is MyTeksi?

I came to know this kind of app, MyTeksi through my FaceBook. It is for all the  participants of Blogrrr: Most Wanted to review about experiencing the using app of MyTeksi. The review will be selected to receive RM20 cash and a chance to win the grand prize.

MyTeksi is a very useful app where we nowadays can have the smartphone technology to connect passengers to drivers and transforming the taxi industry. For having such a good app to download, install MyTeksi on App Store, Google Play and Windows!

There is no much worries to no more! Book a taxi via your smartphone right now! FAST! Stay SAFE! Save COST!

At MyTeksi, I believe in driving change – It improves lives where we can have the best of completely new user experience and the promise of speed, safety and certainty to a whole new. Thus, they have created Malaysia’s most innovative taxi-booking app. They will get you the change of schedule to be updated from time to time. Be it at their FaceBook and smartphone too.

At MyTeksi, we can have always access to the app for the booking a taxi to ride us to the place we want to go at. At such technology, we even can know how much cost we will be charging for to and fro from a place. The call to the driver is a super fast to come to us at a time where we can feel there is so punctual we are good to feel all about.

It is very convenient and efficient to use MyTeksi in anytime and anywhere you want to.  Why not you all get MyTeksi for your own good to ride in to get the best efficient of transport all the time? Try at MyTeksi!

Enjoy the ride with MyTeksi at its best of transport all across Malaysia through the smartphone technology right now!