Saturday, 21 December 2013

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Foo Siew Choo

me with Mdm. Foo Siew Choo

The person that I most grateful in life is my grandmother, Madam Foo Siew Choo
She is in her late 70s. She is 78 years old lady with the beautiful smile she has. Many of my friends are hardly to believe that she is my grandma. It is because she looks young for her age. 

She was born to a poor middle-class family where she has another 3 siblings and parents. Her grandparents came from China and her father does look like a China man when she showed me the photo of her family portrait. She is the 3rd daughter in the family. 

She has even experienced the Japanese war during in the year of 1940-1945.

She has had the bitter and sweet memories of her young childhood until she has married to my great wonderful grandfather, Mr. Chung Yeng Cheng at the age of seventeen! They are match-made in heaven.  She is so beautiful in her 17 years old when she has had her elegance Cheongsam costume. She looks like a young beautiful Japanese Chinese lady. She has 4 beautiful children who now are all married couples and have 8 great wonderful grand-children. She is now a happy wife, mother, aunt, grand-aunt, grandmother to the all of us in a big family. 

I am the first young grand-child who was born and being the only Deaf person in the family. When I was a baby, my grandfather and her have been taking care of me that since. My parents were away to work and they came to visit me home every 2 weeks. So the most of the time, I was under my grandparents' care!

Despite of me being a Deaf grand-child, my grandmother did not know a single word or Bahasa Malaysia language. It is ME, she has learnt the language to speak to me. I went to a Deaf school where I learn all the oral-speaking and sign language too. I communicate with my family by oral-speaking. 

I was kind of a very spoiled child, my grandmother has taught me the manners and raises me to a good young brainy woman.  I was so lucky to be well educated where she even cannot have her completion of secondary school.  Whenever I need, she is always there. She has many wonderful stories to be told of. It is good and knowing that she has her great epic of journey in her life! There are no boundaries between us but we are a-like sisters/best friends I could ever had in my life. 

We share everything in bitter, sorrow, pain, laughter & happiness. She has always lend me her shoulder to share with. 

She is a very lovely grandmother and best friend whom I have ever had the best in life!
`I love you my grandmother`

I WANT to have HTC One smartphone for her to share the beautiful Christmas with me!
HTC One smartphone is the best quality and design equally as the Samsung smartphone but yet I still want HTC One. It does have the 4G Lite. I want to show how good of functions in HTC One use to her! HTC One is the BEST of all!

Sale, Smartphone, Tablet & Year End Sale