Sunday, 5 January 2014

Won for 2 tickets,
 the 6th time to
by the KLIPS Team

I did not expect that I will win movies, however I am quite grateful that I have learn this being a part from the social media community and it teaches me to explore the more - the more I understand how social media works especially in this technology-savvy world modern nowadays. 

Social media plays an important technology in many ways to interaction among people in which they create, share and exchange and ideas in virtual communities and networks. They can be into many as such for e.g.:-

1. Collaborative projects (e.g.: Wikipedia)
2. Blogs and Microblogs (e.g.: Twitter)
3. Content Communities (e.g.: YouTube & DailyMotion)
4. Social Networking sites (e.g.: FaceBook)
5. Virtual Game-worlds (e.g.: World of Warcraft)
6. Virtual Social-worlds (e.g.: Second Life)

It is so interesting to take part in. I have had a lot of fun (trying it out) and it is a good thing to explore and gain more knowledge. People, try this and you will wont miss the special and you will get to enjoy it the way you want in every way. Take and try it!

To stay tuned, will post photos soon...
Thank you for your patience.