Friday, 17 January 2014



Once I get used to win the movies from the KLIPS. I want to go to further a mile to explore more and there this makes me to think and wonder. I am a movie lover and I love watching and enjoying movies. Being a Deaf does not stop me to view more on movies and I love hearing the talking, sounding and seeing more graphic visuals.

I have seen FaceBook where people are tend to get their premier screening movies at famous cinemas and it makes me to have a curiosity out. And I found it after flipping many pages/ websites as I love reading. There this I get to know this. - - 

At, I get to register and fill in form and submit. Waiting for the invitation result. I finally gave it a try and finds it is interesting to have it in an another way round not only being at KLIPS but yet it is so fun!

While keeping me so busy and when I get home last night, I love beeping in with some messages which left for me. When I read all through and found that I got an INVITATION from KLIPS to view the movie, The Legend of Hercules  @MidValley on this Wednesday night!

I got this mail from KLIPS.
GUESS WHAT. You're in for our premiere screening of The Legend Of Hercules!

You and a buddy (2 tickets only) are cordially invited to join us premiere screening of The Legend Of Hercules on:
Date: 8 Jan 2014Wednesday
Time: 9PM (Ticket counter opens at 8.30PM)
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Please take note that the KLIPS counter will only be open from 8.30PM onwards for you to collect your passes. Let us know if you cannot make it so that your tickets do not go to waste. Otherwise, if we do not hear from you, we'll take it that you are IN and we'll see you this coming Wednesday for a great movie night!

Please do not forget to leave a review/comment on the The Legend Of Hercules movie page after you have watched the move. Or if you own a blog/website, we'll appreciate if you can host your review there. There is power in your opinions: what you say and think can influence what other people will think of the movie too. 

Till then, congrats and SEEYAH!

 Yippie, I am so happy! But wait a moment, I have never been to this kind of such event before. Thus, it is giving me a new experience! Yeah!

After my work, my man and I drove to MidValley, KL to watch the movie. I know it is a bit different to redeem the passes. So I tried to ask GSC staffs but none of them know where I can get from. Thus, I kept looking for the counter at the entering cinemas and I found there are few counters from several companies. They are namely a few,, STAYTREE, ChurpChurp & etc. But I could not find where is So I wait and I saw 2 guys talking to each other about as they got the passes in sign. The deaf guy is not into deaf environment but hearing environment. I get through in the line as I can read people's lips where is pointing at counter. There this Deaf guy talked to me, we had a nice conversation. He used to ChurpChurp before trying out He's the 1st Deaf into social movie media wow! And the crews of come, I got the cool passes to watch the movie!

The Legend of Hercules is filmed/ directed by Director, Renny Harlin.

I love watching the myths of Greece stories where they worshiped their idols since when I was young. It is interesting to know the story in the part of Europe. 

The trailer starts with an ancient Greece, King Amphitryion (played by Scott Adkins) invades the shores of a neighbouring kingdom. In the battle time, King Amphitryion strikes a bargain with the rival King Galenus. King Amphitryion easily defeats King Galenus and seizes his kingdom. He is visited by his estranged wife, Queen Alcmene (played by Roxanne Mckee). He boasts he won the kingdom for her, she protests he won the kingdom for himself and its gold. Queen Alcmene is disgusted by her husband's greed for power and warmongering. Thus, she prays to Hera for guidance. A woman appears declaring herself to be Hera, wife of Zeus and prophecies that Queen Alcmene will bare the son of Zeus and he will be the savior of her people. 
He will be named of the Hercules. Chiron, (played by Rade Serbedzija) the queen's loyal advisor has witness the wondrous event. 

On that night, King Amphitryion celebrates his victory, Queen Alcmene is visited by Zeus. She is discovered by King Amphitryion who believes the Queen Alcmene has taken a mortal lover. Alcmene soon then gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Alcides. She secretly acknowledges his true name, Hercules.

Twenty years later on, a strong and handsome Alcides (played by Kellan Lutz) rides along the countryside with his woman, Hebes (played by Gaia Weiss) who he loves. Alcides admires Hebes's necklace which was given to her by her mother. She gives it to Alcides. They both are discovered by Alcides's older brother, Iphicles (played by Liam Garrigan). The group has look for Hebes, the princess of Crete. Hebes returns to the palace along with her guard while Alcides and Iphicles follow. Along the way, they are attacked by a lion. Alcides wrestles and crushing the lion . Iphicles takes all the credit and arrives to the royal banquet clutching the lion's pelt showing he has win but he attempts to humiliate Alcides, calling him a coward. Hebes knows the truth. At the banquet, King Amphitryion announces the engagement of Hebes and Iphicles. Hebes are sad , Alcides and Hebes decide to run away together. Hebes is nearly drowns and saved by Alcides. He is taken back to the palace and is sent away by his father to join a war in Egypt.

As Alcides prepares for the journey, Queen Alcmene tells him of his true linegae. Alcides wont believe it easily and departs to vow to return to marry Hebes in 3 moons. Alcides is under the command of Captain Sotiris (played by Liam McIntyre). Sotiris sends to two scouts ahead to scour the desert but they never return. The group is ambushed, leaving Alcides and Sotiris as the last survivors. The leader of the ambush recover's Alcides' helmet and demands to know where the prince is. Sotiris pointing to the body of a slain soldier saying he is Alcides. Alcides refers himself as Hercules to protect his identity.

It is revealed that King Amphitryion planned the ambush in hopes of killing Hercules. They both are sold off as slaves to a viscious promoter (played by Stefan Shetev) who organizes gladiator style fights. Sotiris and Hercules fights to death with other slaves. They convince the promoter to send them to Greece to fight in an arena battle with six undefeated gladiators. If the promoter agree to bet on Hercules and Sotiris, he would have riches beyond his wildest dreams. The promoter agrees. Before that, they have to fight with the other two gladiators first, Half Face and Humbaba. Sotiris is injured. The promoter refuses to take Sotiris since he will be useless in the battle but Hercules convinces him to set Sotiris free and he will fights all six gladiator himself.

Meanwhile, Queen Alcmene and Hebe mourn the death of Hercules. Queen Alcmene seeks an guidance from Hera again. King Amphitryion discovers and confronts her about Hercules' parentage. She reveals it is Zeus as her lover so she would bare the child overthrow him. King Amphitryion in anger stabs Queen Alcmene with her own dagger. Chiron found and King Amphitryion said the Queen Alcmene has committed suicide in her grief. It is not that true.

Hercules arrives in Greece and beats the six gladiators in battle easily. The people celebrate his victory and Amphitryion's army join him and Sotiris. Chiron gladly meet Hercules and brings him the news of his mother who vows to avenge her death. Sotiris and Hercules seek refuge in the home of the human vessel of Hera tells Hercules' destiny. Hercules seems now understand what his mother told him.

Hebes tries to leap off the roof of the palace but is saved by Chiron who brings her to Hercules. The two are reunited. On the way to Hercules's safehouse, Amphitryion's army begins to find a fight with Hercules which lead Hercules and Sotiris to against Amphitryion's campaign of tyrany, angering King Amphitryion who seeks to destory them. Iphicles with the help of mercenaries, murder Sotiris' wife and use his son as a bargaining chip. Sotiris reluctantly leads them to the safehouse. Iphicles is angry why Hercules is none other than his own brother. Later Hercules, Hebes and Chiron are captured. While Hercules is chained and publicly flogged, Sotiris and Chiron are brought before the crowd. Hercules watches on in horror as Iphicles murders Chiron under King Amphitryion's command. Hercules there he acknowledges his father and calls upon him for strength, he breaks free from his chains and crushes Amphitryion's guard. King Amphitryion and Iphicles are escaping off.

Hercules and Sotiris gather the army and enter King Amphitryion's palace . Lastly, Amphitryion's guard join Hercules to fight them. Hercules calls upon his father who infuses his sword with the power of lightning. Hercules is almost defeats King Amphitryion but Iphicles holds Hebes and threatens to kill her if Hercules attempts to kill King Amphitryion. Hercules hesistates. Hebes thrusts the dagger through her shoulder killing Iphicles. Hercules finally avenge his mother, Queen Alcmene's death and kill King Amphitryion with the same blade that killed his mother.

Hercules rushes to Hebes and she uncounsciouness. Nearly a year later on, the cries of a baby are heard whom Hebes gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. They are now a happy family. Hercules watches over his kingdom peacefully.

MORAL : It teaches us how to be strong and convince we have the potential to be the good leader to our own team and country be the independent leadership!