Saturday, 14 March 2015

13th March 2015, Friday Morning

A lovely dedicated to my late grandaunt,
Mdm Fatimah @ How Teen Chung

A goodbye to my grandaunt,
Mdm Fatimah @ How Teen Chung
Whom I have known
When I was a child

She was used to be
A gorgeous elegant woman
Once upon a time

A jovial lady
Being the eldest child
In the family

A loving grandaunt
Who I have used to spend
With sometimes long ago

I never forget how the
Way she used to drop by
To say hello in a sweet smile

All the time
Loves to see her
During the raya celebrations

Until she has her
Last golden age
On a beautiful morning

A silence prayer
Lay upon her soul
Rests in peace
My dear grandaunt