Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Winnie's Bid Farewell

Winnie, my good friend has called me to plan for last occasion with friends and I have joined two wonderful occasions night with her and family at Padi House, SetiaWalk Puchong on 7th February 2015 and Nando's, MidValley on 14th March 2015.
 It was nice and sweet to spend time with everyone and the kids are also had wonderful time too. The kids are making new friends too.  There are photos we keep as memories. My friendship with Winnie has been already 18 years since our first high schooling days.  When the day they are leaving for South Korea,  my friends and I went to airport to see them all the family off. There I bid a farewell goodbye to my dear good friend who now has just arrived South Korea with her family safely today.  They will start a new life there. Hoping  her children will adapt the lifestyle there well. May the Lord leads them in every way for God has planned the best for them. I will be definitely miss you all. 

The first occasion night

We had so much good time at the Padi House, SetiaWalk Puchong!
Beautiful women
A good time friendship frame!

The second occasion night

What a good reserved for us the night at Nando's MidValley!
Welcome to the dinner!

The kids have had so much fun!

Our night
An eventful night

A farewell goodbye 
to my dear good friend

of mine whom I have
known since our 
high schooling days

till we part our ways
but still there we find
somehow there are
ups and downs
we always share the love

it is so hard to say goodbye
you are going to a far far
away from home where you
are going to find a new home
With your family

This wonderful friendship
I have with you
All the years seeing you
A loving lady and mother
To three beautiful children

Never forgetting your happiness
Will be always in my prayer
May the Lord bless you and your family
In a new land, South Korea