Sunday, 1 May 2016

TULIP by That Latte Place

It was awesome food review I make a visit to Tulip by That Latte Place with FoodInker. 
Marrakesh Lane is always my favourite where I would shop for food!

And Tulip by That Latte Place is in there too. Let me say to you a bit about the popular cafe. That Latte Place is started out as a breakfast place. From that since, they have expanded their operation and recently opened a cafe in Sunway Pyramid 3 months ago named Tulip by That Latte Place.

Tulip was officially opened on 9th December 2015. So the cafe is located along the Marrakesh Lane. Though is a new and different cafe, both the owners - Priscilla and Marc did not want to run too far away from coffee theme. Hence, they use the name "Tulip" which is a reference to tulip latte art. 

The owners stayed true to their laid back and casual concept at Tulip and also allocated a kid-friendly corner so every parent can dine in while their little ones are having fun.

The menu

The kid-friendly corner

The good homemade dishes I have ever tasted the best!

    Oh-My-Rib! (Prime Pork Rib) – RM35.90

The Prime Pork Rib is so good yet so soft texture and I love the chewy pork. 

Signature Pork-Chetta – RM25.90

Pork-Chetta is something new to me but it looks so great in making this one to taste with the good sauce. Dried crispy.

“Siu Yuk” Egg Ben – RM19.90

I love this new English Breakfast style where I taste the egg benedict with this sliced pork and good fried English mushroom. Yummyyyy! 

   Bacon Baked Egg – RM18.90

Good dish to try this one of kind.
I am Bacon lover. It has good lasagna inside with bacon baked egg on top.
The side is garlic toast bread, soft and mild in crispy.

    Combo Bruschetta Melts – RM23.90

Wow, it wins my heart to have them all.
I love the combo they put on this dish.
my favourite.
Bacon. Mushroom. Salmon.
Good choice.

Creamy Salted Egg Carbonara with Crispy Battered Chicken – RM18.90

Though I am not salted egg lover but am sure it has the good taste enough.
Creamy and crispy chicken you will find how perfect to your taste.

Iced Coffee Float – RM10

I really get to fall in love with this BEST Iced Coffee Float.
It has good caramel my favourite!
More milky and less coffee to feel on the tongue in taste.

With its extensive and heavier menu, customers can now expect to see some signature dishes such as pork-ribs and home roasted porchetta. To ensure their customers have the best experience, Tulip insist of making everything from scratch, be it the sauces they use or the patties and bread they serve.
(non-halal food)

So you can see they have three (3) cafes you can make the visits.
Make your time today.

If you are looking for a perfect spot that is cozy place to rest your legs and fix your hunger after a whole day of shopping, drop by the friendly and homey Tulip by That Latte Place to enjoy their homemade dishes. 

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