Friday, 7 October 2016

Thank you for bringing me the best

Have you ever wondered how do you like milk or not? It is everyone who loves to drink milk since it is so nutritious one. It helps you to keep look healthy and make sure you have a good calcium in your body all time. 

I am used to drink the low-fat milk DutchLady. However when I first drank the PureFarm DutchLady where I could taste the thick milk as it contains 3 formats (UHT Milk, Sterilised Milk and Pasteurised Milk). Wow.

I even learnt on how to use the 7 days Breakfast with the DutchLady Milk well. It helps me to build my body to keep good fit and healthy. 

I was so trilled when I received this big box! DUTCHLADY

This was awesome I could have the best breakfast ever! A healthy food delivery from Dah Makan, Tuna Sandwich and Oat with grapes and strawberries. They were so delicious!

Oh my! I got my 7 days to drink the good milk DUTCHLADY Purefarm! Such a healthy milk for me.

Thank you again for having me such a good product of DutchLady where I am tend to remember to have good nutritious milk in each day.

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