Thursday, 1 August 2013

Specialties Cuisine

I thought thinking of what meal to eat is much fun, but actually it is not! It is not an easy thing when it comes to food, especially we have to think what meal we want to eat. Admit it!

When I was home, I get a chance to ask mum over aunt's cooking special rice. Her cooking is my favourite dishes! - Always.

I try to cook the favourite rice and it is that! Last 2 days ago

Garlic fried rice

There was no meat at the dining table and only leftover are nasi lemak rice, sambal, anchovies and eggs! So I have decided to cook fish Salmon and vegetable. Thanked to the internet recipe menus over Salmon dish. Whilst preparing up and cooking the dishes, I have the good calm all over this situation. I even done with Salmon sauce. That it is! - Last night

Mushroom Lemon Creamy  Salmon

@ the Sauce, it will be :
    1. One tin of mushroom (Slices in perfectly)
    2. One tin of cream mushroom (add with some water to soothe it off well)
    4. One bottle of Dutch Lady milk (1/2 of milk)
    3. One pack of whipping cream
    4. A lemon juice (half of lemon juice)

@ the Directions,
    1. Put the cream mushroom in a saucepan (under a small heat)
    2. Put the slices of mushroom in (after it boils a bit)
    3. Keep stirring till it boils well
    4. Add milk and keep stirring
    5. Lastly, while it boils do add the whipping cream
    6. Keep stirring under a medium heat and serve with Salmon
@ the Garnish,
     Chopped Parsley

Good luck!