Saturday, 17 August 2013

Goodbye to #FamilyTime #Penang #Reunion #the Last batch of US-AUS

After send off the cousins to Aus going back to their home. I was late for my appt dinner with friends, damn it. Luckily, my grandaunt has dropped me off to mall and I was on time for the happy dinner. And we then had our coffee chat time and late to midnight time. It was starting to rain. I was home then.

I had a good sleep and the next morning was my journey back to the city, KL after 3 times stayed in Penang with the family. My mum dropped me off to station and I was headed to the city and the journey has delayed another 2 hours, what a terrible raya jam back home!

I have reached KL at late about 4pm, after had a long of 7 hours in the bus. What a big of sigh!