Saturday, 21 June 2014


Have always wanted to go to Publika. 

mall in the city!

In the mall
you will be noticed by many
exotic arts

chairs. exhibit. cafe.

GREAT place
for all in 1.

in confusion mind
as the mall is whereabouts 
my friends and I could not find
place we want to look for.

the mall 
is definitely separated 
into many kind of areas

cafes. shops. etc.

We were hungry
quickly to hunt cafes all around
there we decided to try
a Japanese resturant

What is Shunka? Why it is called 'Shunka'?

the 1st Oden Concept in Malaysia

Shunka Kiosk Concept is launched and called as Oden in Japanese.
It is a Japanese traditional style kiosk, 
mostly located in mall, airport, MRT & so on.
 This concept has started 
in Japan, Taiwan and China.
The 1st Oden concept in Malaysia,
Shunka Yatai Ryori,
currently located @
1st Avenue Mall,

The food was a good appetite
to our stomach

Thumbs up
You may log on this url for more details
SHUNKA, Japanese Family Restaurant

For cooling our too big stomach,
my friend and I miss having had the 


And we got our healthy drinks
Boost Juice!
I had #MangoSenstation
healthy fruity
Loved it!

Boost Juice Website

My Favo 'Mango Sensation'!