Wednesday, 25 June 2014

+ an outdoor cinema +
the 1st event to make it to all over Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

My ever first time to the Outdoor Cinema after been to the Rainforest World Music which held in many years ago I had with my aunt in Penang. I was so fascinated by the world music which has brought in from overseas. I love to understand every musics' tribes and cultures.

It has been ages I never had a such good experience!
It is when I am in bored to death, I found something great...
FaceBook yeah but I can find it in my account
where I can send out my vote of wanting to win the STARLIGHT CINEMA!

not only but too.

After I read it yeah it is what I exactly wanted for!
So I non-stop to send out my vote hands!

Till I have won the tix yeah!

I received 4 tix! ~
Yes, another got 4 tix! -


All were 8!

I wonder how I was gonna to spend the nitey...
called my bunch of guys' friends!

It was at Bukit Equestrian @ Bukit Kiara.

1st Fri nite - was late by hurrying up, stuck in finding the place to park car, uhm..
luckily was on time not to miss the show.
It was Man of Steel movie.
Ordered Kaw Kaw Burger (lamb), so delicious!
whoa, RM15 for that!

Brought floor mat to place on the green pastures.
Nice to feel at all time.
After eating, I was resting and lying down
what a sweet time I had all my life
watching over the skies + stars all above there
breathing the good fresh air
so nature
so cold,
by God's creation

I miss the smell - fresh air yeah!

2nd Sat nite - great plan, had time to look round
stall by stall
good to see thingy.
It was The Dark Knight movie.
Ordered Crazy Potatoes & Drink
A long queue to buy.
Lying down on the mat
so loving with my loves one.
So chilly night...

The best outdoor night I have ever had!

Thanks to RevASIA!