Friday, 20 June 2014


Decided to see the DURIANA eventually!

As planned. Had McD breakfast with my man. Forgot something. Made U-Turn. Picked a lovely friend of mine.
Headed to La Scala Restaurant
right away!

Its 12.45 noon
Arrived the venue.

Found car park within the building
Walked short distance 
to the main entrance
where all the Duriana staffs
having had their door gifts away.

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The Duriana staffs having had their hot shot ^.^

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Received the gift surprisingly

What a little surprised!
Overwhelmed with the full colorful of
different vibrate stalls with many 
friendly bloggers and vendors!

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quite a creative soho mini restaurant
they gonna to blast the skies
rocking up the Petronas Twin Towers!

 - A Market In the Skies -

We ladies took a quick tour around
shop by shop
many unique ideas came up 
among the pops and shiny
stalls in every in corners
sells thingy
from the only price as low as
RM 5!

Leaving my man behind, 
had his own time 
his first intention...

Hot weather thirsty everyone
papers to cool the temperature
he then quickly grab a cool juicy bottle
grapefruit passion

I loved girly stuffs!
Food. Accessories. Fashion. Beauty

Pastas; Cookies

African style
Necklaces; Bracelet;

Back to 80's
Vintage Sunglasses
Cool Modern Lego Pins

MakeUp Products

 Met few vendors and bloggers
which I have read a blog among them, PuiYan
and there I met her with her partner. 
Another vendor...
I am told Am I a Malaysian?, 
one of them asked me
Numb in my mind a while
I said no, I am not. 
Am a Malaysian.

 After few times walked spins round
Things were details in my mind and eyes
Hardly to decide
There I finally bought
 the most favorite knitted clothe type 
at only RM 30

Displaying D7.jpg

Whilst my friend bought
a lovely rock belt
just for RM 10!

So cheap but yet quality stuffs!

So hot under the skies,
We took a while to sit on 
the sofa with lovely pillows.

We had to leave the wonderful place
for our next lunchie time!

Thank you so much 
for the great so creative event
you have created for us everyone
to feel much alive 
in the buzz city!

Hoping to hear 
Your another next a big gig event!

Thumbs up


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