Friday, 23 October 2015

Premiere Screening

Asterix - Cast.png

The ASTERIX movie Is what I first thought would be a good comedy animation to release my tension out. As usual, I got to win this movie and many thanks to KLIPS for this 2.
The cinema is at Midvalley. I got my name to verify for receiving the tickets. And I am told that I can choose any seats to sit. Free seats. Oh my, good thing!

My man and I have had 45 minutes dinner to be done before the show.  Knowing that free seats is FAST TO GRAB! So we bought popcorn and saw the people already queece up. And we were one of them.  

We found a good couple seats to sit. It is a big room cinema, THX. So comfort to the both of us. Asterix show has began and we could not wait to see how good it is. In the halfway we felt like sleepy, especially me. The whole story does not attract me very much though some of the characteristics are nicer and funny.

The moral teaches us to be eco-friendly towards environment. The more we love and care for green, the quality life we will live in a better place. 
Share your love for GREEN with people today!