Tuesday, 27 October 2015

M Cafe
by Meesha Shukira
It is M Cafe
(where I find it is so beautiful organizing area)
I'm so excited to be invited by foodinker to join the food review at M Cafe By Meesha Shukira locates at Plaza Damansara, KL. 

Though i was late 1 hour to get there, i never missed the food out of all 8 menu, which I have missed 2 food menu. 

The hazy weather never get me to stop for food hunting down, I still enjoy to explore more new food where I myself get a little surprised M Cafe offers us their Malaysian food you will never get good enough to satisfaction on yourself much though. 

The food I have tasted all so far is good to their standardize of our local food of introducing the Malaysian culture. 

Thanks to the cafe owner for bringing in our famous Malaysian Batik culture to enhance the Batik Industry to the international marketing for its own recognition.

M Cafe is a batik boutique cafe by Meesha Sukira. It has been two years since 2013. M Cafe serves home cook Malaysian food. M Cafe is an ideal place for private events such birthday, private function etc. Their cafe seating capacity is 50 diners inside and 16 diners outstide. Buffet menu is available too. 

It is Batik Boutique Cafe
where you can enjoy the pictures below. 

Beautiful part of the deco
Beautiful dining table with the Batik designs on the wall
Hainanese Chicken Chop RM 15.90
(very crispy chicken chop with good spicy sauce with freshly vegetables)
Nasi Lemak Crispy Fried Chicken RM 15.90
(the whole nasi lemak is so good in tasting and the crispy chicken is mildly soft to be chewed) & (the sambal sotong and ikan bilis are good to taste in mouth, it is sweet sauce) 

Mee Celup
(It is Kelantanse Beef Soup) & (It is good to eat the bee hoon with the green chillies after added in the lime juice)
Nyonya Curry Laksa
(The curry is so good to eat as it has the nyonya paste in a very strong aroma)
Drink Smoothie Vanilla RM 12.90
(so much in love to slurrp the thick smoothies with good white vanilla)
Drink Lemon Soda RM 7.90
(The drink is so great and its Soda helps to less the sour Lemon)
Chocolate Lava + Ice Cream Vanila RM 12.90
(the Chocolate Lave is good condition and even the cake you bite in can feel the chocolate sweet inside) & (yet soft enough to feel warm with the cool fresh ice cream)
Chocolate Lava + Strawberry Ice Cream
Wow, upstair has Batik gallery
The Cafe is not only to be diner in, but also able to enjoy local artcraft in the corner
In the soft dim light cafe, two Malay ladies are feeling all good to chit chat and knowing Batik is a precious thing to be remembered.
Up to the stairs, there are good silk in Batik in each pictures on the wall amazed me!
Yeah, my favorite childhood nostalgic Malay artist and singer, P.Ramlee 
A lot of things can be done with Batik to clothing, art, shoes, accessories and much more.

The nicely look Batik made of pillow

The cafe has functioned to welcome us as guests to know Batik inside and its purest art that I will never forget a Malaysian should be remembered. 
The whole Cafe is an awesome idea.
Thank you owner, a truly Malaysian!

M Cafe by Meesha Sukira (FaceBook)

To get here,
47Jalan Medan Setia,
Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Plaza Damansara Map

03-2095 9088
for reservation

7am - 10pm Monday to Friday
10am - 10pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

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