Friday, 4 March 2016

Since I have enjoyed being a blogger and NOW I get the chance to join the RUN as a supporter to the campaign which I would like to do so. It would be a great thing for me to experience like a queen. I never run any further than 10km but this stuff I would be getting to explore myself on how much fun I will get to experience the whole journey as a runner.

Let’s join together to support this good cause campaign to feel fresh up and we all will be having a healthy lifestyle. The theme of event we will be more likely to being a DIVA.

I RUN for my DIVA. Run like a DIVA.
Do you run like a DIVA? There is this upcoming you will get to excite.
To support our good cause to fight against domestic abuse by participating thus #divadkl
Let’s together to RUN like DIVA.

Open to 5000 participants for registrations until 1st July 2016.
Hurry up!
Booking up for yourself right now!

Share this good cause with your friends, family and company-organizing.
Join MORE, the fun you will get to love for.
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