Thursday, 3 March 2016

KukuKrap Shabu

Thank you 3BSkin for the Chinese New Year delightful buffet dinner over at Scott Garden.

I was glad to be invited to taste the good food. Everyone loves for bbq and steamboat. 

What a full of lovely month,
to spend Chinese festival all over Malaysia!

An evening dinner at KukuKrap Shabu I will appreciate the moment of enjoying the hot steamboat with friends, bloggers, media partners and others to end the Chinese New Year of the month season. 

That's my 3BSkin sticker to be invited for the dinner.

This is KukuKrap Shabu, the cafe restaurant logo now to be seen.

Shabu, known as a food type of Korean cuisine. But I think there is no much difference in tasting as they are combination of korean-chinese food in similiarity the way they have been seen in somewhere.

They do provide some pretty fresh fruits to eat after the full stomach. There are also other chilli sambals to choose.

A lovely well-arranged deco dinner buffet, I was so excited to see how good they are.

This is stir-fried Thai sauce fish, yummy!

A sushi roll dish.

Frozen meats/ fish to be store in well. Fresh.

Cocktail drinks much to offer. I prefer the sweet orange cocktail one.

This is one a must to recommend. A very delicious Thai Bbq Pork with its so savoury sauce to taste. I love it so much!

Seafood steamboat, I feel like being home to spend quality time with my family to enjoy the CNY tradition steamboat. 

The steamboat soup is quite flavourable, good to have the seafood to dip in the cooking and tasting good. 

Get the special of Thai Bbq Pork when you come by at KukuKrap Shabu!

KukuKrap Shabu
Lot 289, Jalan Klang Lama
(Scott Garden - 1st Floor)