Friday, 18 March 2016

Here I come, Putrajaya!

Thanks to the Skyrides Festival Park for inviting me for the balloon in conjunction with the launch of SkyKids Warrior experience last two weekend. Last Saturday I could not make it due to the unpredictable weather. Oh no! I have missed it the other half I make it on Sunday a day later. So my friends and I were on the way to Jln P2M, Prescint 2, Putrajaya in the late evening.

We even surprised there are booths in the park and we couldn’t see much around since the time was getting dark and darker. 

However, I quickly get my friends to the skyride counter for registration up and we were told to wait another 30 minutes. Finally the time was up, we entered the gate and walked up on the bridge and saw a big helium balloon at the centre. It’s shiny that sparkling at night. I was wondering what it is.

The pricing of entrance fees
That's helium balloon

Nevertheless, I just hop in without any hesitate.  I was feeling oh, I was going up to 500ft above, huh. The helium balloon is protected with its white silver wires that connected to the high generated machine where it has to support us to go up in the 360’ panoramic view. 

The view when I left the center
 I later learnt that the helium balloon is so special and why it has to be put in the audience public for experiencing a wonderful fly in the higher skies. The FIRST tethered helium balloon. It has the Malaysia book of Records. It can seat up to 30 pax. The tethered helium balloon alone that costs one million!It is a special construction from the United Kingdom (UK). And even its underwater platform is the only one in the world. It is semi-constructed as when they remove it in 4 years time. It will not degrade the lake ecosystem or lake base. It is at the side you can see there. It has the backup power generator too. It is SAFER for adults and kids. The feeling is amazing where I get to see the whole of Putrajaya districts.

Once we have landed after few minutes about 10-15, we returned to the center where we spot this SkyKids Warriors which is it a game challenge for the children. The game will help to build the kids' mind and physical to get in fit and health. Bring your kids to there.
And Skywarrior is also a challenge game for teens and adults where you will get the chance to experience awesome feeling. Bring your spare clothes. You will have a lot of fun there I am sure.

SkyKids Warrior

What a beautiful glow coming from the biggest tethered helium balloon I would be posed at.

The park celebrates in another 4 years to come once. 

Here is the fully information you can get here at the link bottom.