Saturday, 30 July 2016

(techology review)

I have received ABS powerbank last few days ago for the technology review. It sound so good to me. In a nice and great condition I have ever had.

 I thought of getting myself a new powerbank would be good because I need a good and new one. Since I have 2 powerbanks with me for long term. One of them has not work out. Another one is good but makes me lazy to bring it out because it is heavy.

Let me introduce you to the newly ABS POWERBANK. It imports from China. 

This ABS Powerbank can be used for power bank, cable and car charger. Good functions, right? This ABS powerbank has warranty for 2 years 1 to 1 exchange, first in the market for powerbank.

My original ABS Powerbank Model is J18G 12000mAh with dual fast charge UBS Outputs.  It is white in colour. It has an input (5V-2A) and two outputs (5V- 2.1A). It even comes with LED power capacity light and lightning. It is 12000mAh capacity and also ensure the powerbank delivers all that power safely. I like the dermatoglyh finish design which makes me to touch and carry it easily and smooth. It is also stylish, light and thin and compact design.

My ABS Powerbank now will have few good pictures to be shared with you.

My LED power light

The LED lightning

Now I can see and find some stuffs under the LED Lightning easily without having any difficulty in the dark. Moreover it is so light to carry up. 

The small thin button is to switch off the Led Power Light and Lightning both at the same place.

To off the LED Power Light, press it twice times at once.
To open and close the LED Lightning both, press it hard a little longer. Do it repeatedly for the shut it off too.

This video will bring you to show on how I use my ABS Powerbank. Hope it is useful tip for you.

I have been using this powerbank for 5 days now and I am loving it so much because it fits to my requirement, especially a lady like me likes to bring light stuffs in small bag while on window shopping, events or meeting up with friends. I even surprised that it is also can go inside my small cute bag and I feel so light. It is also can be kept in my short pants too without unnecessary needing bag to bring out too.

My phone battery is good in condition with having this ABS Powerbank charge for 2 hours or so to fuel up in so fast. Yes, it saves my time. And it wont be running out of battery fast. It stays a little longer after being charged.

Everyday I will be holding and carrying this ABS Powerbank with me everywhere I need. ABS Powerbank is my survivor of my phone!

C Two Gadget is the sole distributor of ABS Malaysia.
What ABS Powerbank has to offer you their models.
You may view the different models according to the pictures below.

Now ABS Powerbank at 11street official store has opened, they are now launching the Merdeka Sale with 20% - 30% discount and promotion until 31st August 2016.

Where to BUY ABS Powerbank,
please go to this link below for more details.