Thursday, 12 September 2013

#New Launch #Emergency App #SaveME 999 for the Disabled

I have always wondering why we, Deaf people do not have such app for emergency call since my cousin who has had set up iOS app such as 'Watch Over Me'. It is quite popular among us, especially in the hearing world. 

We, Deaf people are also in need for own safety all time. Thanked to the Malaysia Government, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and Telekom Malaysia for this setting up for the disabled people.  

The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia (TMB) and supported by Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development today has launched a new smart phone application for emergency service, aptly named SaveME 999.

This purpose of setting up of SaveME 999 to benefit People with Disabilities (PwDs), specifically for individuals with hearing and speech-impairment, is the latest enhancement to the Malaysian Emergency Response Services 999 (MER 999).

How does this app, SaveME 999 works out for you?
The SaveME 999, an application utilities the Geographical Positioning System (GPS) in smart phones to identify the location of the user. When the application is activated, the location of the users is identified through GPS and it will be transmitted to the MERS 999 Response Center (MERS 999 RC)

It is a smart other way to be used by this app to witness the robbery, rape, fire and much more cases, you may report to the emergency call center immediately without any worries. This app does not necessarily require any voice sound to make call/ speak up but to type and send the HELP!

Those who are still not sure on how to use this app. SaveME 999. You may download the app through on these:-
*Google Play
*iOS Apple

          Do visit this website for more information

Hope this tip help you to use this. Be alerted all time.