Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#Surprises #More to come

It has been a while I have blogged out to enjoy the good weekend rest + Public Holiday which has started from yesterday.

16th September 2013 - is a Malaysia Day, our Public Holiday in the country. It shows us that we, the multi-cultural are unites one in harmony. Peace be upon our country remembering we, as ONE forever!

Last week Thursday before the holiday has began, my friend Selina has called me to join the P1 event at PJ. So I did so. In the later night, I was asked for confirmation of RVSP to the P1 invitation. I sent the reply and got the confirmation already. The guest would be my man. The event is going to be held on 18th September 2013, Wednesday evening by 7pm. I hope this event will gives me a new experience as a blogger.

Later the following day on Friday, I was damn bored and I checked my online registrations. and I chose movies I want in KLIPS by Says.Com to share in my FaceBook. Then I saw my movies has been clicked by my two friends. I let it be till I was almost come to the office working hours has ended. There my mobile has been beeped an email saying that I have won 2 tix to THE FLU! I was surprised by this way being up in such in the late evening. After been trying for failed 7 movies, ha ha! Yeah, I now really have won it! Thanked to my friend, Selina for encouraging me to join such social media. It requires a lot of patience and keep trying and trying again. I will be going to collect the tickets soon by this week. ><

Stay tuned, my friends!