Saturday, 21 September 2013

#Surprise #Free Pass #The Flu #Klips

Remember I have mentioned I have won movie Free Pass to The Flu show? Well, last week Friday I chose the movie and share it to my FaceBook in the morning. When it came to close my working hours office, while I was waiting outside office, there this email has beeped to my mobile and I take a look.

Yeah. I have won the FREE MOVIE from Surprise for me. I never win any such before. So I whatssap Selina about it and we were going to collect the tickets at

On 20th Sept 2013, we both went to find the office at 1 Tech Park at Bandar Utama yet it is an hideout office. Then we have arrived there and got a security guard to get us the pass to lift. It was great to walk through the building, very structured one! And yet we were still on the search to the office.

Different office companies
Yeah there are of us taking photo together that I have won for 2 tix!
I won THE FLU movie, yeah!                   
The office...very awesome!
Then Selina took the photos around whilst I have asked the staffs on how work on such projects. Before we were leaving, I asked where was my cousin whom has been to the office for sometimes.

It was nice to see the!

Then we headed to Paradigm Mall for our dinner! Enjoy the pic of us having our scrumptious of Japanese cuisine. Yummy!

Watami Restaurant
Our dinner