Thursday, 14 May 2015

A very warm welcome to the 
new life of marriage! 
I am still a little awake of this kind of, ha ha!

.15th April 2015.
Goat Year

It was a beautiful sunrise of Wednesday morning, I was getting ready for the simple and amazing feeling all around. I wore a nice beige lace of dress in color with the shiny of golden heel shoes meanwhile my man wore a formal white shirt with its grayish pant in colors and matches to his greenish shoes.

Finally, he and me have getting married in the 21st century of year! – A modern era where we live in the present of time.

We had made our Registration of Marriage (R.O.M) at the Plaza Massalam in the Selangor State with our close families. We have exchanged our rings of vow. We are now officially as the new husband and wife. We both are still newlyweds of 1 month to this today.

There is no more single status title for me anymore. Now I am still forgetting to call out my husband by sign because it has been long we have been together now for 7 years. I call him, ‘boyfriend’ and even call his family ‘the aunt/uncle’. I know how weird and strange of feeling when such of thing has come to my new life towards marriage. So I have to remind myself a married woman. Ha Ha!

A thankful to the Lord for He hast make my special day by His Heavenly blessing in our marriage.

 I am the new wife,
Mrs. Henry J.